Day 30




by Aman Ali

With everything going on at home, I couldn’t bear being away from my family any longer. So instead of celebrating Eid alone in NYC, I decided to hop on a plane at the last minute and fly out to surprise my family. My Mom’s reaction was priceless.

After Eid prayer, it is customary in my family to hit up as many houses as possible for brunches then ending off the day with our cousins and go bowling in our fancy Eid clothes. I took a bunch of Polaroids to share with you guys these moments that will stay warm in my heart until the next time I’m home again.


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  • Naima

    Looking at your pictures made me miss not being able to be with my family even more (I go to college in the states and they are back in my country). Looks like you had a lot of fun tho! Glad u did, you deserve it after the long trip :)

  • Rahime

    yes but was the last of it??????  Beautiful!!!!  Eid Mubarak!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Melibee Global

    How much fun was that!  I loved that you shared photos – they told a beautiful story.  Great job! Get some rest!
     (PS – where was Bassam?)

  • Mustapha Abdelouahed

    AA, great initiative and inspiring project. First comments
    for visiting (for now) your last day Eid photos with family: I can see in you American Thoughts with your own cultural patrimoine in harmony. All the best, -MA

  • M~ Celik

    thank you for sharing and adding commentary to the pics.such a beautiful, fun loving family you have!
     to be honest.. your father reminded me of my baba!
    they favor…like looking at my own. such handsome men.. unfortunately my baba is no longer with us.
    My eyes filled with tears seeing the picture then cried laughing reading about the shoe dilemma! :0)
    thanks again for bringing a smile to my face… PLEASE continue the awesome work~

  • S Sjah

    omg yall know uncle arif!!! send my salaams

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