We’re back!!!!!
by Aman Ali

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For Ramadan this year, what would happen if we ALL came together and shared our own stories? Anything you post on Twitter/Instagram/FB with the hashtag #30Days, we’ll be able to grab it and feature it on our site! Now you’ll be able to find out how kids in Denmark or Indonesia or even Mulletville, USA are spending the month of Ramadan.

And throughout the month, the 30 Mosques team will be releasing short films for you all to enjoy with your family and friends every week in addition to other content leading up to each release.

Stay tuned, we are literally hours away from relaunching our brand new site!

Ramadan Mubarak!

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  • Zignat Abdisubhan

    Why no Google+ love? You can use hashtags there, too!

    • Aman Ali

      Because only 5 people actually use Google+ lol. I kid I kid, that’s a good point, we’ll try and see if we can incorporate that too. We just said FB/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr because we figured they were the most popular

  • Ibn Percy

    What happens if Ramadan is only 29 days?

    • Aman Ali

      Good question, but it’s no big deal, our 30th day will just be Eid then

  • Mbahrunich

    subhanallah…may Allah swt be with U brother…

  • Agusms

    We are waiting for you both in Indonesia :  Masjid Markazul Qur’an : Jl. Kenanga II Kalisari, Pasar Rebo Jakarta Timur. You will find something special.
    Contact : Agus Marsono, 08129686199

    • Aman Ali

      Thanks for the invitation Agus! Don’t know if I have enough frequent flyer miles saved up to make it out there though lol. But if you guys could get people to contribute photos/tweets/stories/videos throughout the month, that would be fantastic! I’m sure so many people would love to learn about what your masjid is all about :)

  • Musadhik Mohamaed

    What kind of short film ? Related to ramadhan ?

    • Aman Ali

       Yep, first one comes out on Sunday!

  • Sarah Hemeida

    So giggity for the encour tour! 

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