Day 29: Ohio, Coming Back Home to Columbus

By Aman Ali | 163 Comments »

Dr. Malika Haque is one of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met.

Her family is best friends with mine and she always believed in everything I’ve ever done growing up.  When I was in high school and wanted to become a reporter, my parents were supportive but somewhat reserved about how stable the career could be. Growing up in Columbus, there really were no Muslims at the time that had gone into the field, so I was essentially taking a huge risk in their eyes.

My parents no longer live here, so breaking my last fast of this remarkable journey made sense to spend it with one of the aunties in this community that literally helped raise me.  During dinner, Malika Aunty reminded me of the speech she gave during my high school graduation party in 2003 that I completely forgot about. It was the speech that helped comfort my parents who were worried about my career choice.

“Do you remember what I said during that speech?” she asked. “I said, ‘You’re going to grow up to be a great journalist and one day I’m going to see you on CNN.’”

She was right.

I’m not bringing this story up to pat myself on the back (yuck!). I am simply the reflection of people like her and her husband Azeez that pioneered the Muslim community here in Columbus. I grew up attending the Islamic Center in downtown Columbus and I laughed hysterically when Azeez Uncle told me  the story that I didn’t know about how the mosque was established.

In the 1970s, there was no mosque in Columbus at the time and a group of Muslim families had their eye on a downtown property that cost $55,000. The Muslim families were able to raise about $30,000 and were worried they’d have to take out a loan for the remaining $25,000. Islam forbids Muslims from paying interest and everyone was afraid they’d have to if they took a loan out.

But then, a Kuwaiti student got word of the dilemma and came to a planning meeting for the mosque …. with a briefcase filled with $25,000 in cash.

“That’s one thing the Arab students were good for,” Azeez Uncle said with a chuckle.

That mosque is old but still active. These days though, the shining light of the Muslim community is now the Noor Islamic Cultural Center, the new colossal mosque that the Haque family also helped pioneer.  It seems to be the only place in town that can contain the Muslim population that seems to be growing exponentially.

I haven’t seen Malika Aunty in quite some time and wanted to catch up with what she’s been up to. I was completely unaware of a remarkable new endeavor she help spearheaded called The Noor Community Clinic. The clinic is staffed entirely by Muslims and gears its services to anyone uninsured – regardless of religious affiliation. She doesn’t do any of this work for praise, but I’m glad someone like her is getting recognition for something like this.

I’m fascinated by this much needed endeavor she’s taken on but our conversation is pleasantly cut short by the arrival of her daughter Masu and her husband Badr. The couple live in Houston with their two children and Malika Aunty hurried to the door to greet her adorable grandkids. It’s the night before Eid and the family excitement is already reverberating around the house to celebrate the end of another amazing Ramadan. Malika Aunty’s face begins to glow as she sits her granddaughter Rayya down and decorates her hands with henna and outfits her in some fancy clothes.

I want to stay longer, but Bassam and I have to hit the road for our own Eid plans in the morning in Detroit. Before I get into the car, I think about all the places we’ve gone on this 13,000 + mile journey. Then I look at Malika Aunty’s magnetizing smile and remember one of the reasons why I was able to take this trip to begin with.

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  1. September 10th, 2010 | Widy Jantiko says:

    Assalaamu’alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh -
    May God’s peace and blessings be upon you

    Wishing you a very Happy Eid Mubarak.

    May the Mercy & Blessing’s of the Almighty be with you, your family, and friends during this auspicious Eid Blessings Day and continue to be always, and May Allah (swt) have accepted all our prayers/duas during this blessed month of Ramadan, insha’Allah

  2. September 10th, 2010 | Barbara says:

    Truely touching, brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for the great journey! Eid Mubarak

  3. September 10th, 2010 | azeem says:

    Eid Mubarak Guys !!!
    Have plenty of sheerkorma, fruit salad or whatever you have on Eid.
    May Allah give us the taufeeq to continue praying Fajr and Tahajjud even after ramazan.

  4. September 10th, 2010 | Missy says:

    Such an inspirational woman…and such an incredible journey you have been on. And by the way, I have to admit, I like my interview of you better than CNN’s (LOL!) Here it is for anyone who is interested:

  5. September 10th, 2010 | Ashfaq Ahmed says:

    Aman and Bassam,

    Thanx a lot for being on this journey and letting us know about mosques in US which otherwise would never had known. Was addicted to reading your posts daily and Alhamdullilah this journey has been safe for your both. Happy Eid…Eid Mubarak. -Ashfaq from Dubai

  6. September 10th, 2010 | dave in key west says:

    One of the best travelogues I have ever read! Fantastic stuff. Will definately be looking for future content from team Aman/Basson!

  7. September 10th, 2010 | Julie Summersquash says:

    Eid Murarak & thank you so much for your blog, which I’ve enjoyed following this year and last. I’m overjoyed that you’ve gotten so much great coverage this time–for the mainstream to see a positive picture of everyday Muslim life in America is a great antidote to so much scary negativity in the news.

  8. September 10th, 2010 | Jill Hudeihed says:

    I just saw you on the CNN interview and I so wish I had known about your adventures at the start of Ramadan–of course now I will stay on your site and read the entire blog just to catch up.

    I celebrated my first Ramadan with my new husband–he is Muslim and I am Christian–and I have been so sad to hear and read all of the anti-Muslim clamor that is going on in the media. And so ashamed of some of my fellow Christians and their ignorant behavior.

    Your story and journey have renewed some of my faith in my fellow Americans and I only hope that acceptance of Islam and Muslims in general will grow over the coming years. We wish to raise our future children as Muslim and I pray that they will be as accepted and embraced by our society as both of you were while traveling across our great land!

    I can’t wait to share your site and blog with my husband, he will be happy to hear such positive experiences in this new country that he now calls home!

    Eid Mubarak and thank you both so much for your energies and efforts to bring a “different” America to the world!!

  9. September 10th, 2010 | Sandee says:

    I wish I had heard about your adventure in the beginning. Now, I will go back and read about everything from the start. I’m glad your experiences were (mostly) positive. It gives me hope.

  10. September 10th, 2010 | Mary says:

    I’m glad you discovered what many of us continue to rely on: the people stirring up trouble are not our country. They represent an extremely small group of people who lack critical thinking skills.

  11. September 10th, 2010 | Marcie Seery says:

    I just watched your interview on CNN and will be back to read more. I work for a mentoring program in Tucson, AZ and loved the tie in to the influence of Dr. Malika Haque on your life. All kids should have at least one person who sees them, really sees them, and voices belief in them. So great.
    Thank you for sharing your journey.

  12. September 10th, 2010 | Fazal says:


  13. September 10th, 2010 | Cate says:

    Thank you for doing this blog. It’s nice to know harmony can exist here in the US :) I hope your EID is wonderful!

  14. September 10th, 2010 | Christina from Columbus says:

    Like many, I read about your site on CNN. What a thrill to discover that you are from Columbus! I’m proud that you represent our town, and happy that the national media can give other Americans a tiny taste of how many dynamic, intelligent, creative people are from Columbus.

    30 years ago, virtually all of my friends and neighbors in Columbus were white Christians like me. Today I get to interact with a genuinely diverse population everyday, and my life is much better because of it. Part of the reason Columbus has become such a great place to live and raise a family is The Ohio State University. It’s such an integral part of our community, and OSU’s excellent leadership in the last couple of decades has attracted great minds from all over the world, many of whom fortunately stay in Columbus.

    Thanks for having the guts to start your trip and the resolve to finish it. Thanks for giving a voice to the quiet majority of Americans who value religious freedom and deeply respect the beliefs of others.

    Best wishes to you, and Go Bucks!

  15. September 10th, 2010 | MSC says:

    Just watched the wrap up video on cnn. Very interesting what you guys did, been reading your blog. Glad you found rural America to be tolerant.

  16. September 10th, 2010 | read says:

    Wow. Congratulations. Ya’ll made the headline story at Keep up the good work!

    Assalaam ‘alaykum

  17. September 10th, 2010 | Sarah in Alaska says:

    Wonderful endeaver, fantastic stories, beautiful pictures. I’m just sad that today (day 29) was the first I heard about it. Congratulations.

  18. September 10th, 2010 | Amanda Sage says:

    I just watched your recent CNN interview online, and it’s ironic that your most recent post is here in Columbus! We’re glad to have you back home (at least for one day), Ali, and thanks for including us on your trip. I’m so glad you guys have done this journey and I hope it goes a long way to broadening the tolerance in the country for people from all walks! Eid Mubarak!!!

  19. September 10th, 2010 | A brother in Calgary says:

    Eid Mubarak….Next Ramadan you guys should come up to Canada Inshallah and check on your brothers/sisters up north…..we even have a Little Mosque on the Prairie…lol

  20. September 10th, 2010 | Amena Khan says:

    I said it before and I will say it again: the transparency in this blog is incredible. Acknowledging somebody else’s impact on your life, is a very gracious thing to do. Eid Mubarak to all. Life is good, with the company you keep.

  21. September 10th, 2010 | Saiyid says:


    Absolutely incredible journey, one that more Americans and Muslims should take in some capacity themselves. You’ve provided great inspiration for starting our own journeys. Would love to hear more details about how you organized the trip, such as obtaining the rental car, getting in touch with Mosques and host families, etc.

    Thanks again for sharing,


  22. September 10th, 2010 | Dave Wilson says:

    Aman, Beth gave you some pub on Facebook – first I’d seen of this project. Way cool! Gave me a journalistic “woodie”

  23. September 10th, 2010 | Rashid says:

    I love this country even more after visiting/reading your blog/site and learning from your experience. I think that being a Muslim I made the right decision to raise my kids here in this country where people respect each other not because of the color of their skin or because of their religious beliefs but because they are human. May Allah bless this country and also those who respect each other.

  24. September 10th, 2010 | Sue says:


    Love your journalistic efforts. As a rural muslim, where my kids and I are the only muslims in our town, it has been an interesting ride. I see reflections of my life in your photos and blog, both in the masjids and life in America. I would love to see you extend this……say a cross the country journey (From sea to shining sea, one might say). A photographic book of that journey along with a blog would be high on my list of have-to-sees. You could even stop by and see us, but you might be scared off by the deer and turkeys….

    Eid Mubarak from Michigan!

  25. September 10th, 2010 | Fahd Hussein says:


    I see Day 30′s not up yet… so here it is on day 29…

    Eid Mubarak :)

    Best wishes and blessings from india bro… pray you both and your families and all your friends have an amazing day and year ahead..

  26. September 11th, 2010 | Aishah says:

    Asalaamu Alaikum

    Beautiful post. Sad to see that this is the last one. Insha Allah we will live to see another Ramadan and another trip like this of yours and insha Allah we can all start making trips to different mosques across the country- in my case Canada.

  27. September 11th, 2010 | Fazal says:


  28. September 11th, 2010 | Hope says:

    I wanted to thank you. Despite the fact that my ancestors can to this country 11 generations ago and are proud to call ourselves Americans, we have never forgotten that we came from some where else and were taken in. It shames us all when a few, dripping with stupidity, pretend to represent us all. I am beyond glad to hear that the nation and ideals that generations of my family sacrificed for (for the most part) welcomed you as we should. I was really starting to worry.
    When we welcome newcomers we add to the strength and rich-ness of or nation. Those of us “real Americans” can never give to this country what our newest citizens can; renewal. None of us can see the “American Dream” the way they can. Immigrants keep it alive for all of us. Thank you.

  29. September 11th, 2010 | Saamia says:

    Great blog guys!! Our mosque in cbus is gorgeous, mA :)

  30. September 12th, 2010 | Abbas says:

    Her smiles warms me up. MashAllah.

  31. September 13th, 2010 | Salman says:

    Great Work Man!!!!!!! :)

  32. September 28th, 2010 | thy bilet fiyatları says:

    Ne güzel bir gezi yapmışsınız tebrik ederim doğrusu keşke doğru düzgün ingilizcem olsada türkceye çevirebilsem bu yazdıklarınızıda ülkemizde yayınlasam turkey

  33. October 10th, 2010 | Tahira says:

    Al-Hamdulillah! May Allah reward you. I have tears in my eyes reading the article about Dr. Malika Haque. I was a student at OSU in 1985 and just had a baby. My husband and I both attended school and was struggling financially. I was so grateful to Allah when I attended the WIC clinic and Dr. Haque was there to care for my son. He has grown up to be a very productive Muslim. It brings tears to my eyes to see her beautiful smile again and have the opportunity to say “Thank you” to someone who gave me so much and was truly a blessing for me. I had no family in Ohio but she made sure I knew what was needed to care for my son. My Allah reward her and I see she is still dedicated to helping those who need her the most. May Allah reward you for sharing this story and helping many people gain a better understanding of Islam and this beautiful, diverse Muslim American community.

  34. October 21st, 2010 | Anonymous says:

    Follow me as I embark on my Hajj journey…

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