Chapter 3

The epic conclusion to the 30 Mosques in 30 States. An emotional journey that began in Alaska and ended in Ohio and Vermont. The duo visit old friends and make new ones along the way. The most divisive and controversial stories all took place during in this 2011 journey.

Day 1: Yes, There Are Muslims in Alaska

David Abuobaid is an active leader in Anchorage’s Muslim community. He said that Alaska is the most accepting state in this country of Muslims. “People are independent thinkers here,” he said in between some bites of food he took to break his fast. “The same feel for this place is like the pioneering spirit of the 1800s, everybody comes here with a story. There’s no tribal mentality here because everyone

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Day 0: Photos From The Dashboard

Our feet spend more time on the floor mats of our cars than it does on the States we visit. This year, we will be celebrating the view from the dashboard. Here is a small collection of what I’ve been seeing the last two days.

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