Outtakes: The Memphis Islamic Center and their neighbors

Dear dedicated readers, we are recuperating these last three days. Bear with us as we are in the process of making our last posts. There are a wealth of stories we couldn’t fit in the blog. Today, we talk about a small and hopeful story about an Islamic center and their generous neighbors. They knew that there was a church close to them when they were began building the Memphis

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Pardon Our Dust

Our website will be going under some revamping in the next two to three days. Our content from the NYC Ramadan adventure will be shifted. If you have any suggestions of what you’d like added, please do tell us.

Let the Countdown Begin!

Hmm, I should print t-shirts that say “30 Mosques 2010 Road Tour.” Actually, I’m still single, so I should probably not. We’re a little more than two weeks away before we start our journey and many of you guys have asked us where we’re going. Here’s the official list and we hope to meet a lot of you guys if we come through your neck of the woods. Above is

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Join the 30 Mosques movement!

One of the things we’re blessed to have is you all rooting us on during this project. When we did 30 Mosques in 30 Days around New York City last year, it always blew our mind that people in countries as far as Vietnam and Australia were following our trek. This year though, rather than having you guys sit on the sidelines, we want to welcome you all in and

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30 Mosques in 30 States

So there’s a change of plans. After scratching our heads in two different parts of the world (Aman in the United States and me, Bassam, in Pakistan), we’re going to step away from the 30 countries idea and try something cool that we’ll be able to pull off this year. Aman and I just got off the phone confirming that starting August 11th or 12th — depending on the moon,

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