Day 24: Wisconsin, Islamic Da’wa Center in Milwaukee

Sheikh Kaleem grasps my hand and smiles when I ask him what impact his blindness has had on his faith. “You ask some interesting questions,” he said amidst a crowded room of people at the Islamic Da’wa Center in Milwaukee.  “I’ve memorized more verses of Quran while I was blind than I did when I wasn’t. If it meant I could memorize more Quran, I wish I could go through

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Day 22: Ross, North Dakota – A Leap in Time

Bassam and I stress over our planned visit to Fargo, North Dakota. We didn’t expect our rental car to break down in Montana and the time it took to fix the car (thank you all for the prayers!) is making us late. It takes 11 hours to get to Fargo and getting there at a reasonable time is simply not going to happen now. Instead we program our GPS to

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Day 21: Breakdown in Montana

BAM / Thud / CLUNK. However you describe the sound, Aman and I hear it before we see smoke build up in front of our Chevy Cobalt. Aman panics and pulls to the side. “I think I hit a large rock.” A rock, really? We get out and inspect the car. Things look fine, we wait for the smoke to settle and get back in the car and drive forward.

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Day 16 – Arizona, the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix

We left New Mexico much later than expected so our 8-plus hour drive to Phoenix meant we had to break our fast on the road. But with awesome scenery to look at on the way, we weren’t complaining whatsoever. We broke our fast with a bag of nectarines that Benyamin, the woodworker we met earlier that day, grew at his home in Abiquiu, New Mexico. His wife made us some

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Day 15 – New Mexico, Dar al Islam in Abiquiu (Pt. 2)

Note: We seem to have misplaced a substantial number of amazing pictures we took during this visit, so our sincerest apologies. We will try to find them as soon as possible and post them. Bassam and I were getting ready to leave New Mexico for an eight hour drive to Arizona, but we took an incredibly worthwhile one hour detour to Abiquiu, New Mexico. The small town is home to

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30 Mosques – What’s Next?

Salams and Happy New Year! Aman and I would like to thank everyone for following us last year on our Ramadan adventures in NYC. We never expected such an overwhelming response from such a small project.  Now that the new year is here, we wanted to unveil the idea for this year’s Ramadan. Our vision is to share the Ramadan experiences of 30 individuals from 30 different countries. Ideally, one

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Things are almost coming to an end. Stay tuned for our final posts. Don’t worry, we won’t overstay our welcome. Promise.