Jetx Game

In recent years, slot machines with non-standard mechanics have become very popular. It is sometimes complicated for beginners to choose one of the dozens of crash gambling games available. If you want the best casino game, look at JetX Casino Game. This is one of the most popular crash game ever made and is always recommended by experts. In this review, you will find everything about JetX online casino game. For example, about the best strategy and very simple mechanic of this entertainment. With this information, you can easily place bets for real money.

Jetx Game

What is the JetX Bet Game?

JetX was developed by SmartSoft Gaming, a renowned gambling software company that is legally registered and strictly complied with all regulations. Thanks to this, you can be 100% sure you will not be scammed when playing JetX crash game.

JetX simple slot machine belongs to the plane crashes genre, where the duration of each round and the moment of its completion are unknown. Bets are accepted on the flight of a space plane, or rather the height to which it can rise. The longer the flight of the jet plane lasts, the greater the coefficient of potential gain.

You must decide when to cash out, settling for lower multipliers or hunting for more money. The main thing to know is that if you do not have time to cash out the prize before the jet explodes, you will lose it along with the bet. It would not be superfluous to pay attention also to the settings of the software algorithms, taking into account the following parameters:

  • return (RTP) – 97%;
  • volatility – medium-high;
  • maximum win β€” x1000;
  • jackpot – three random ones each on Planet, Space, and Galaxy levels.

To join Jet.X Games, you must first place a small bet. To do this, enter the amount in the appropriate field and click the “Bet” button.

What is the algorithm behind the Jetx game?

When you press the start button of the plane, it starts to climb slowly. You must carefully monitor this process while preparing to collect the winnings. However, remember that the explosion will happen in any case, so you must have time to press the coveted button and win money even at the moment when the plane flies. The coefficient will increase in proportion to the altitude gained by the aircraft. Theoretically, the height can vary from x1.1 to infinity.

You can simply Play JetX. To get started, you need to go to the site of one of the best casinos. The demo version of the Jet X game is available to players without registration. Jetx betting game for real money is available only after registration on the online casino website. After completing all the registration processes in your account, you will see a menu with various functions to select the JetX rocket game.

First, deposit the currency that suits you best, make a big bet, and then launch the plane. Then it remains only to watch Game JetX, hope for luck, and not give in to emotions. After completing the flight, your bet will be multiplied by the coefficient and credited to your account.


RTP is the theoretical return to player percentage. That is, this indicator indicates the probability of the player winning the entertainment. Please note that this is a multiplayer game. All indicators are taken based on the average statistics. Above, you already had the opportunity to explore the game features. Each player can win if he cashes out his winnings on time.

The RTP for Jet X games is 97%. The game also has recurrent wins. The manufacturer also uses provably fair technology. The game is based on a random number generator. To make sure that the entertainment is fair and profitable, you can use the JetX demo. Also, the best Jetx betting strategy can positively affect the profitability of the slot.

How to Play and Win at JetX Crash Game?

Win at JetX

JetX or, as it is called, airplane – online entertainment for money. Of course, you can play the Jetx demo version for free, but this option will not bring you real winnings. The playing field vaguely resembles a test site for real jet aircraft. A small model of this aircraft can fly to different heights. However, one must remember that an explosion can occur at any second. The higher and longer the flight lasts, the larger the size of the coefficient by which the bet will be multiplied.

The meaning of the slot game is to trust your intuition and predict the moment of explosion. The task of the players is not only to withdraw the winnings when the plane is still flying, but also not to miss the high multiplier because of the fear of losing.

The win is equal to the amount of the bet multiplied by the odds. If you made two bets, then at the end of the round the two wins are summed up. However, remember that if the plane crashes before the withdrawal of money, the bet is completely burned out. To protect yourself a little and predict the moment of the crash, you can use the JetX betting strategy.

The plane could explode at any moment. The entertainment may require more control. The fall does not depend on the odds or the time of the round. Also the initial bet doesn’t matter. The player must be attentive and wise betting big. Players are very attracted by the exciting gameplay and attractive JetX features.

There are 2 withdrawal modes:

  • manually – you yourself observe the flight and use the appropriate button at the right time;
  • auto withdraw mode – you set the coefficient that you want to achieve or consider it appropriate and less risky, at the moment when JetX online casino game reaches it, the money will be withdrawn.

In addition to direct winnings, you can get one or all of the jackpots of three levels – Planet, Galaxy and Space. At a random point of each level (if the plane at your bet is still in flight) you can get a jackpot that will increase your winnings. However, the jackpot may not appear. This is pure randomness generated by the RNG algorithm. To increase the chances of winning, you can use the winning strategy. This will greatly improve your gaming experience.

Rules of the game in Jet Crashes

There are no special rules in the entertainment. You have already read more about JetX gameplay and game mechanics above in the article. Game works according to the usual methodology for crash games. When the round starts, the character takes off. The game round lasts as long as the plane is flying. As soon as the jet explodes, the round immediately ends. Players can control their own bets, however, there are several recommendations for the play Jet X game:

  • Check out the game lobby before starting the entertainment. Beginners are advised to familiarize themselves with the game interface and its features in more detail.
  • Choose a reliable JetX casino. This is an important condition, because the safety of the player and the chances of winning can largely depend on online casinos.
  • Use certain strategies. You can test several suitable strategies in the demo version of the game. One of the most popular strategies is the martingale betting strategy. It allows JetX players to win as much money.
  • Use mobile devices to play. This is useful to stay in the game all the time and place as many bets as possible.

Also, it’s important to note that players prefer play volatile. However, this is not always a good idea. Sometimes it’s better to build one rhythm for the game or try to match the JetX strategy.

Bet and Cashout

It does not matter what mode you are playing in, but the entertainment process will still begin with bets. The game offers a range of bets from $1 to $100 on the same round. Players can also place two bets with different values at the same time. Beginning casino players should start with small stakes, while experienced players can take risks at high stakes. You can also use JetX bonuses for betting.

Withdrawal of winnings is carried out by pressing one button. In addition, most casino games offer an automatic game mode and JetX game work is no exception. You need to press cashout at the moment when the plane is still flying. The automatic withdrawal of the winnings will occur at the moment when the plane reaches the coefficient that the player chose before starting the round. great opportunity for online play.

How is the JetX Win Calculated?

You can play JetX in casinos or bookmakers. However, the mechanics of the game remains unchanged. The win is equal to the amount of the bet multiplied by the odds. If you make two bets and withdraw them with a different multiplier, then at the end of the round you simply add up the two amounts. For example:

  1. The first bet of $5 was withdrawn with x2 odds.
  2. The second bet of $10 was withdrawn with x10 odds.
  3. Your winnings are (5*2) + (10*10) = $110.

This is an example, and your amount will depend on your performance in the entertainment. You can also use bonus spins for a possible increase in the odds.

Where to Play JetX?

The entertainment is available in the best online casinos. The choice of a gambling platform should be taken with special responsibility. You need to check the following parameters:

  • Having a license.
  • Security standards.
  • Bonus programs for regular players and welcome bonus.
  • Payment systems.
  • Choice of classic games or other crash games.
  • Feedback from other players.

A reliable gambling platform must comply with all international standards. Among the best online casinos you can see Bizzo casino, CBet casino, IVIBet casino and others. Further in the review you will see a selection of the most attractive online casinos.

Pin Up Casino

Pin Up Casino

This is one of the most popular online casinos in Latin America, Canada and Europe. The site was launched in 2018 and is incredibly attractive with a stylish design. On the main page, you will see attractive girls in the style of the 60s. In the casino you can play classic casino games, crash games, as well as poker or betting. The site is licensed by the government of Curacao and uses high encryption standards.


PariMatch casino

This is one of the oldest bookmakers in the online gambling world. The site provides services for players around the world. There is an incredible selection of entertainment here, as well as many bonuses for all categories of players. The bookmaker is also a sponsor of the most significant events in the world of sports. The category with Crash games is separately placed in the top menu on the site. Parimatch has over 6 licenses from different jurisdictions. The most famous of them are the Maltese license, the UK license and Curacao.



This is a universal site with sports betting and casino games, which appeared in 2016. Here you can register in one click through social networks and get a welcome bonus of 100% on your first deposit. The site is regulated and licensed by the government of Curacao. In addition, the casino advocates responsible gambling and offers testing for those who have problems with gambling addiction.

What is the Best JetX Strategy?

Since the advent of gambling, every player at least once thought about using a strategy. There are companies that calculate the entire algorithm of the entertainment in order to provide the most reliable ways to beat the mechanism. Of course, there are many recommendations, but how to choose the best JetX strategy? You can test several popular ways to play in the free version of the slot at once.

Low Multiplier Games

This JetX strategy implies fixing the gain when the board reaches the minimum height. Some players bet auto-withdrawal at x1.35, others take money at x1.1 or lower. Some prefer to play around x1.50. The tactic is often chosen by beginners, as it seems the most likely. The longer the round lasts, the higher the risks of the board exploding. Therefore, it is safer to take a small profit.

Game With an Average Odds

This model is considered to be more profitable. The gambler needs to fix the winnings when the aircraft reaches multipliers from 1.50 to 2.00. The balance between risk and return is perfect. The essence of tactics is similar to the option described earlier. A person should place fixed bets per round. The higher the multiplier, the less permeability is required.

Martingale Strategy

This is one of the most popular strategies that is suitable for all casino entertainment. The model of this best JetX betting strategy is easy to understand and also suitable for beginners and experienced clients:

  • Set the automatic withdrawal of winnings to a multiplier of 2.0.
  • Make the minimum bet.
  • In case of loss, double the bet, while the coefficient remains unchanged.
  • Double your bet each time until the winning round.
  • After winning, return to the minimum bet value.

The presented JetX strategy is not suitable for large initial stakes. According to statistics, a win occurs almost every 8 rounds. Calculate that your deposit is enough for several rounds. In this strategy, it is very important

How to Withdraw Money from JetX?

You can play the entertainment in popular online casinos and bookmakers. Bets will be charged from the general casino account. With a winning bet, the entire amount will also be redirected to the casino account. There are two ways to withdraw money from the round: manually or by auto cashout. You can also use different withdrawal methods for two bets. The player has many opportunities to choose the style of the entertainment.


🎰 Is JetX legit?

Yes. The entertainment is absolutely legal if you play in a licensed casino and if there is no gambling ban in your country.

🎰 How to Check the Fairness of JetX Crash Games?

The slot machine has been tested many times by independent organizations. However, you can play the free demo to see if the entertainment is profitable.

🎰 How Much Can I Win?

The maximum bet in the entertainment is $100, but the maximum multiplier can be up to x999. The manufacturer often says that there is no upper limit. As statistics show, you can increase the rate tenfold.

🎰 Can I Play the JetX Game for Free on My Mobile Phone?

Yes. The entertainment is available on all portable devices with no additional download required.

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