Space XY Game

Gambling has been prevalent for decades. You can access profitable and exciting games from almost any computer or phone. Crash games have carved a niche among Bitcoin game enthusiasts as they closely resemble the nature of cryptocurrency charts and the “get out at the right time” rule of thumb before the market crashes. A new adrenaline rush awaits you in one of the popular crash games called Space XY game.

Space XY Game

Here, players will have to control the rocket toward the galactic interspace. Passing through the X and Y coordinates, the space rocket reaches a new winning multiplier, flying higher and higher. Placing bets before flying and jumping at the right time can reward players with big wins up to 10,000 times the bet amount. Players can also place multiple bets during a flight to maximize their winnings. The auto cash out feature also allows players to leave the rocket after reaching the exact multiplier. Read more about the exciting storyline and additional features later in the article.

What Is the Space XY Crash Game?

Space XY online is perhaps a simple game at the casino. This is mainly due to simple graphics and sound effects. However, this simple game gives you a double chance to win a lot of money. For this, there are two bets in the entertainment. When the game starts, the rocket on the screen takes off; it can instantly crash or continue flying. The longer it is in flight, the more chances you have to win. So, keep your eyes wide open and enjoy this simple entertainment.

Simple entertainment is great for beginners because playing and understanding the rules is easy. However, this does not mean Space XY is not for high rollers since the max bet and maximum payout are significant. However, if you want to try similar crash slot games or think that playing Space XY crash casino is not for you, you can check out the analogs of this entertainment in this Space XY review.

Specifications of the Space XY Game Review

Space XY crypto game is one of the most popular online slots due to its unique features and the gaming experience it provides players:

  • Firstly, Space XY has an exciting space theme, which makes the entertainment more interesting and exciting. Players can immerse themselves in the world of spaceships, galaxies, and alien creatures and enjoy vibrant graphics and animations that create the effect of complete immersion in the entertainment world.
  • Secondly, it offers many winning combinations and bonus features, making the game more profitable and exciting.
  • Thirdly, the Space XY slot machine is available in various online casinos, which makes it accessible to a broad audience of players. Most casinos provide the option to play for real money and in demo mode, allowing beginners to try the entertainment and get comfortable before playing for real money.

All in all, Space XY slot machine is a popular choice for online slot lovers due to its unique features and the ability to immerse yourself in the fascinating space world and enjoy Space XY.



Bgaming is a successful and fast-growing company that strives to develop creative slots for online casinos and make the gaming experience as exciting as possible. In addition to its success in creating video slots and card games, the brand also pays special attention to cryptocurrency. Space XY is an innovative slot from Bgaming that will definitely take your mind off classic slot machines with Free Spins and typical fruit symbols. This space-themed slot seems simple and minimalist, but the player can win up to 10,000x.

The Theme, Graphics & Soundtrack

Space XY is a crash casino game with a very unusual plot. The playing field is like a graph that shows the x coordinate and y coordinate. After the player makes the first bet, the rocket starts flying. At this point, coordinate shows appear on the screen, which points to the flight plan. The longer the flight lasts, the more the multiplier increases. Each number is a possible winning multiplier. All this happens against the backdrop of wonderful outer space. The gameplay accompanies a rhythmic melody, occasionally changing its volume to excite players. It is worth noting that the whole gameplay looks attractive and is very easy to use.

Space XY RTP and Variance

Before choosing entertainment, the player must evaluate all parameters, including RTP. The higher this indicator in the entertainment, the better for the gambler. In other words, it indicates the number of chances the game has to succeed in entertainment. Space XY RTP is 97%. This indicates an excellent opportunity to win real money. It is also a medium volatility game. Start testing the demo version of entertainment in the best online casinos.

Minimum Stake

Space XY casino game is suitable for different categories of players. A wide range of bet sizes is available here. The minimum bet is 1 US dollar. In this case, players can select betting options in the menu with bottom commands or use the plus or minus signs to adjust the bet size manually.

Maximum Bet

The range of bets in the game varies from $1 to $100. Two bets per round are also available. The player can set one bet with the minimum value and the second bet with the maximum. All actions in the entertainment are only at the request of the player. The main thing during the entertainment is not to forget about common sense and not to bet all your money. The game does not have a maximum win, but you can calculate the estimated maximum amount of payouts. Considering that the maximum bet is $100 and the maximum winning multiplier is x10,000, the maximum win is $1,000,000. It is important to remember that this is the top prize, which has never been won in the history of the online slot.

How to Play Space XY?

How to Play Space XY

The essence of the crypto game is to observe the flight of a space rocket and predict the moment when the rocket explodes. Since the results are generated from random numbers, you first need to rely on your luck when playing Space XY. The task of each player when playing Space XY is to listen to intuition and choose a winning strategy. A field with the image of the coordinate axis will open before the players. A rocket will fly out of y coordinates and rapidly gain altitude. The game is available on all mobile devices and offers autoplay features and auto cashout features.

How to Win Space XY

To win in this casino game, you must be attentive to what is happening on the playing field. The player’s task is to choose the right moment and withdraw the winnings. When the rocket crashes then, the entertainment ends. Five seconds later, the next round begins. If you can’t keep a close eye on rocket flies, using the auto cashout feature is a good idea.

Space XY Strategies

Before you start playing, you need to study a few recommendations regarding the gameplay and try out popular strategies in free casino games. Some of the most valuable recommendations can be found later in the article.

Make Use of the Automatic Cashout Feature

Since the gameplay requires attention from the players, not everyone succeeds in every round. Sometimes the excitement takes over, and players are left waiting for a bigger multiplier. This can be avoided by using the auto cash out feature. Set the required parameters before the start of the round, and your insert will be automatically cashed out when the rocket reaches the desired mark.

Bet Twice per Round

There are two bets per round available in the entertainment. This and other Space XY bonus features give players more space. Players can set up both bets independently of each other. For example, the first bet can be small, and the second one vice versa. You can also set automatic cashout for the first bet and risk manually for the other bet.

Take Control of Your Bankroll

This rule applies to all slot games. The player must monitor their budget and limit their actions in a particular casino. Choose a gambling platform that promotes responsible gaming. You can also visit such events from time to time that speak about the risk of developing a gambling addiction.

Special Features and Bonuses

Crash games do not have bonus features in classic slot machines. It is impossible to use free spins here, and there are no bonus rounds or wild symbols. However, the entertainment has two bets per round and an automatic game mode. Entertainment is available on a mobile device.


The multiplier is always displayed in the center of the screen. The higher the rocket flies, the larger the multiplier. The winning amount equals the amount of the bet multiplied by the multiplier. The maximum multiplier size cannot exceed x10,000.

Multiple Bets

In each entertainment, gamblers can access multiple bets for one round. The round restarts 5 seconds after the crash. Use different strategies for the two bets.

Auto Cash-Out

You have read about this option several times in the Space XY game review. Players have access to the autoplay feature and auto cash out. These two options allow you to relax during the game and not worry that the right moment will be missed. UK players can experiment with betting and entertainment strategies in automatic mode. This is the perfect players space.

Games Similar to Spaceman

There are many analogs of XY Space in the vastness of Internet gambling. The popularity of crash games instantly gained momentum. Top manufacturers released analogs of these exciting games with an impressive max win and a coordinate axis instead of a playing field. See below for more information on the most popular alternatives.



A popular entertainment with Y axis where a jet plane rises. Two bets are available for one flight and the opportunity to win the jackpot. The range of bets is from 1 to 100 dollars. The maximum multiplier is x 1000.


In this case, a small astronaut will fly along the Y axes. Only one bet per round is available in the game, however, it is possible to cash out 50% of the bet during the flight.



This is the first real money crash game that has been in the lead for many years. The main character is a small plane. The entertainment has simple graphics and no unique features. The maximum bet is $100. The maximum multiplier is x1000.


🎰 Can I play Space XY free?

Yes. The demo version of the entertainment is available in the best online casinos.

🎰 What is the theoretical RTP of the Space XY Slot?

The RTP in the game is 97%, which is above the average for gaming machines.

🎰 Where can I play Space XY Game?

Entertainment is available in many online casinos and bookmakers that have international licenses.

🎰 Can I play this game using a mobile device?

Yes. The slot machine is adapted to a screen of any size and has a well-structured user interface.

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