Day 22




by Bassam Tariq

We met a gay Imam yesterday in Washington DC. Before we go any further I thought I’d take a moment and do a Frequently Asked Questions section so we can get passed the obvious questions and move to the story.


He goes by Imam Daiyee Abdullah and lives in Washington D.C. He is known as the gay Imam because many queer Muslims come to him for advice on how to live a balanced and spiritual life. He is a large man that towered over both Aman and I. He also has a mean handshake.
For now, it is a makeshift mosque. They meet at a public library in Washington DC for Friday prayers.
Imam Daiyee grew up in a very loving family and always knew that he was gay. He finally came out to his parents when he left for college at the age of 15. At the time, his name was Sidney and he wasn’t Muslim. His family had always instilled in him the importance of believing in God. They themselves are Southern Baptists, but accepted their son when he came out.

Oddly enough, in China. He was studying the Chinese language at Beijing University in the early 80’s when he befriend many Uyghur Muslims. He was very moved by the faith. The first Quran he ever read was in Chinese and Arabic. He had been exposed to Islam before with the small Wahhabi and Nation of Islam communities he ran into during college. At that time, the religion didn’t make much sense to him. Ironically, it was when he read the Quran in Chinese that it all came together.
Yes. Imam Daiyee has always been a spiritual man and believed in the importance of having faith. What attracted him into Islam was prayer. “With Islam, it’s totally different. In sujood [prostration], I felt like I could release all my anxieties to Allah.” He also feels that the faith gives him a greater inner peace that no other religion has given him.

This is where it gets interesting. Imam Daiyee Abdullah was introduced to Islam by the Uyghurs. Apparently, they have been Muslim for over 1300 years because of their tradings with the Arabs. In Imam Daiyee’s eyes they have a wider and more nuanced understanding of Islam and one that is closer to the Prophet’s time. They were very accepting of his homosexuality and embraced him wholeheartedly.
From the moment he was Muslim, Imam Daiyee never saw a conflict between with Islam and homosexuality.
Great question. We are looking to share compelling and relevant stories about Muslims in America. We have celebrated those in the mainstream Muslim community and have also highlighted communities that would be considered on “the fringe.” It was important for us to meet someone from the Queer Muslim community because they exist and their story is an important one. Do I necessarily have to agree with their beliefs and values? No, but I should respect it.
There are countless stories that we have covered this year on communities or people we wouldn’t see eye-to-eye with and that’s what this year’s challenge has been for us. It is for us to step into these difficult conversations and to try to empathize and understand where the other is coming from. That’s the only way we can celebrate the human experience and climb out of our own ignorance.
There is no real way to know how many Muslims in the US are queer, but Imam
Daiyee estimates about 6%. In his own informal observations, he says that they tend
to be well-educated, in their mid to late twenties. They come from all over the world,
there is no one real ethnic majority in the congregation.
We are afraid as a community to touch this subject because we feel the religion doesn’t accept it as a lifestyle. Many muslims right now see homosexuality as a phenomena that doesn’t effect Muslims. We take the Ahmedenejad “there are no homosexuals in Iran.” But what will we do if one of our siblings comes out? If our child tells us they are gay? Or a close friend? Will you still love them? Will you shun them? Beat them?


Imam Daiyee has had a few partners in his life. His first long-term committed relationship was when he moved to San Francisco. He is now on his third relationship and for the first time, the person he is seeing is Muslim.

“Every man I’ve dealt with has had children.” He says with a belly laugh.

Many of Imam Diayee’s relationships have been with men that used to be married and have children. His last partner and him were together for 11 years and after they broke up, his partner remarried.

“He remarried?” I ask, puzzled. “to a woman?”

“Yes.” Imam Daiyee replies. “A little while into our relationship he told me that he missed being with a women. I told him ‘that’s fine, but you cant be with the both of us.”

His ex-partner, we’ll call him Ted, wanted both. Imam Daiyee felt that wouldn’t be right. He believed in a committed relationship and believed that there needs to be a standard and a limit to how they have their relationship. Ted didn’t get it.

This entire conversation happens as Aman and I are dropping off Imam Daiyee at his home in DC. We are on our way from having dinner together. This conversation makes me uneasy. It is odd for me to see an Imam, or some kind of Muslim leader talk about his gay boyfriends. It’s hard to accept that Imam Daiyee and I see the world differently because of how our sexual orientation molds our perspective.

It has to be said, there are limits to my understanding of the queer experience because I have never been in a romantic relationship with another man nor have I yearned for that. I am part of the heterosexual norm. But now, Imam Daiyee and I have come together because of our belief in the same God and our upholding of a high moral and ethical standard.

“Is it hard to be in a relationship with someone that’s not Muslim?” I ask since Ted was a Christian.

“Yes, the value systems are different. I’m always explaining myself.”

After the relationship with Ted, Imam Daiyee was in a hiatus for about three years. He is now dating again and, for the first time, he’s a Muslim.

“He also has kids, he’s divorced.” Imam Daiyee says, “I guess I’m here to soften’em up.”

Imam Daiyee laughs again and we all join in. He is a man of great humor and ease. The questions I’ve asked him throughout the day have been very pointed and difficult, but he answers them with grace and respect. He is a patient man that is in no hurry. In answering questions, he takes his time and gives his answers with care.

“We are in a mutah [temporary marriage] relationship right now.” Imam Daiyee says.

He is excited about the future with his Muslim boyfriend. For the first time Imam Daiyee has someone he can fast with, someone he can pray with and someone that he sees eye-to-eye with in terms of morality and standards of what to expect in a relationship.

For his Indian Muslim partner, let’s call him Mubashir, this is his first relationship. Mubashir is also based in DC and had some difficulties in the beginning.

“He started acting really feminine and I told him that I don’t want that. If I want a woman, I could get one.”

Imam Daiyee dated a woman in high school and it didn’t seem to do anything for him. He calls it the time he was in “follow-everyone-else mode.”

Affected behavior is a concern that Imam Daiyee brings up. Essentially, when people come out they take on an exacerbated lisp or laugh.

“Most people don’t talk like that. It’s just all this pent up sexual frustration, that when they finally come out – they get a little wild.”

Every relationship has its ups and downs and Imam Daiyee understands that.

“It’s important to understand that each relationship builds on the other.” Imam Daiyee says.

The happiness in Imam Daiyee’s voice as he spoke about his boyfriend, reminds me of my wife. There is only so much anyone else will understand on what they mean to you.

Imam Daiyee pauses and then smiles.

“If things keep up. We’ll eventually get a nikkah [Islamic marriage].”

We may love differently, but we see it the same.

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  • Kamal

    This is going to be interesting…

  • Mrimkhan

    kill him

    • msay

      not the right response… try again !

    • Alijav

      and who would give you right to kill him, If he is a sinner, I am only only going by what i have read here, i have not this man personally. Then Only the Creator has the right to punish him, and if its punishable within religious law, then that would need to carried out by the law, not by morons like you spreading hated and ill thoughts. just like youcant take the law in your owns hands in the countries of the world, similarly you cant simply take the law of religion into your own hands!

    • A.

      You’re sick. 

    • Seriously

      Yah, go for it, then we’ll play the “who did the biggest sin” game between you and the Imam. You are disgusting.

    • Seriously

      Yah, go for it, then we’ll play the “who did the biggest sin” game between you and the Imam. You are disgusting.

  • sarah

    stop spreading fitna, its one thing to report that there is a gay imam and it is another to promote it

  • Ian Rogers

    A very excellent and very brave post 30 mosque crew! Have you guys seen Jihad For Love?

  • Farahnovascotia

    whats the point of fasting, praying etc when you are in relationships with MARRIED men… isn’t that zinnah/adultery?

    • anonymous

      They are not married. They are men who were married and then got divorced. Only after they had gotten divorced did he have relationship with them.

      • Rayan

        lol that is still Zina

  • Huma Rashid

    Yay, let the gross comments begin. Very interesting post. Thanks for sharing it!

  • Melibee Global

    We may love differently, but we see it the same.  Beautiful.  Thank you for sharing his story!

  • Amourah

    Wonderful post. Thank you for doing this. Haters are gonna hate, but who cares about the whims of the ignorant. It gets better :)

    • buriedinlit

      Perhaps the ignorant are those who choose to follow a religion that hates them.  Being a gay imam is like being a jewish nazi.  Please tone down your progressive smugness thank you. 

      • Aisha

        It has never been my understanding that Islam “hates” anyone, the hate comes from the conservative followers that refuse to allow an individual their personal relationship with Allah.

        • Brother

          So now the liberal Muslims are saying homosexuality is a-okay. Great. You people never cease to surprise me. Your arrogance is on par with that of atheists.

          • Uncleradu

            Buried in it (aptly named!) — comparing a religious minority you know little about to Nazis is a bit of hate speech.  And when one is insulting a religious minority, who is really more comparable to the Nazis?

            Brother — how is it arrogant to accept others as they are, and to read the Qur’an in the light of a God who created us to be equal and respectful of differences?

          • Brother

            The arrogance of people like you twisting the Quran to fit your overly progressive ideologies. Sick.

          • Shakib45

            the way you are getting sick, not being able to differentiate between “i see” and “hmmm” and all the subtle categories human beings use when they confront confusion, amazement, surprise, speechless situations  can be fatal for you. by clumping human beings into a binary opposite of “salaf” and “others” you are taking away the many ways islam is expressive and meaningful. don’t take my word for it, but you need to change your holy shrink.

      • isafakir

        those who say god hates do not know quran where god nowhere hates but urges forgiveness and repentence and mercy. and those who see and say hate do not know Islam at all.

  • Woodrumd

    Thank you for portraying the world as it is and recognizing that not every human being fits into the box that the majority of society would like them to, this indeed shows the sign of a true journalist in my opinion. The fact that you cover “communities on the fringe” is what makes 30 Mosques in 30 Days such a vital and authentic experience and one that can enlighten even the brightest minds that come to this blog. I have been waiting in anticipation for this story since you first mentioned it, particularly to see how his conflicting identities have influenced his life, and I am glad that you decided to pursue this story and have not chosen to let your majority status as a heterosexual prevent you from covering reality. 

  • Featheredbrain

    Oh-Kayyy. Donno what to say… Ermm.. Hate the sin and not the sinner? Nevertheless “interesting” article.

  • Zee

    This is a difficult one. Though I’ve heard of this Imam by word of mouth, I’ve never really known about him. I’m all for acceptance of differences, etc., but how do you – or does he – compensate for the  very clearly stated dictates against homosexuality. The story of Lot alone is clear enough. I’m not judging, just curious if that ever came up?

    • Isa Kocher

      the quran is clear enough. heterosexual married men with children wanted to gang rape two innocents to death in public. how does that relate to being gay? sick.

      rape is never sex. sex is never rape. go try it. it’s not any fun.

      only truly merciless heartless hatefilled evil people compare rape murder to sex.

      so the quran is clear about hate and rape,

      so why do so many muslims think rape is sex or sex is rape?

      that is incomprehensible.

      • Rashid

         wow, no one is saying rape is sex and sex is rape. you keep repeating that. Tell me what this means

        And [mention] Lot, when he said to his people, “Do you commit immorality while you are seeing?
        Do you indeed approach men with desire instead of women? Rather, you are a people behaving ignorantly.”
        the answer of his people was not except that they said, “Expel the
        family of Lot from your city. Indeed, they are people who keep
        themselves pure.”
        So We saved him and his family, except for his wife; We destined her to be of those who remained behind.
        Where does it say even once they were punished for raping. They were punished for approaching women. Prophet Lot (as) offered his daughters to the people to marry but they rejected them and wanted the angels who were in human form who had came to Prophet Lot’s (as) house.

        • Rashid

          The author should also comment on the posts where people are asking what their intentions really are etc. Not just liking the posts where they are being complimented about their work

          • Rashid

            approaching men**

      • Immy

        I can’t keep reading this without commenting.  What Isa Kocher is saying about the Qur’an is 100% fabricated.  As one who can read the Qur’an in Arabic and has done so multiple times I can tell you that even if you read it in English this stuff is NOT in there.  I have no idea where he is bringing this stuff from but it is most certainly NOT from the Qur’an.  What the Qur’an says is what others have quoted and in that it is very sparse and clear in Arabic. 

  • May

    Interesting that you guys are covering this.  I am curious to know how he makes peace with Islam in regards to his sexual orientation.  What makes him feel that Islam allows him to act on his homosexuality when it is clearly mentioned it is haram? It would be one thing if he was a gay Imam and was preaching how difficult it is to come to terms with this trial Allah has given him and was showing other gay Muslims how to deal.  However, this Imam is promoting and having relationships with other men (without marriage) and that in itself regardless of sexual orientation is not valid. 

    • Razi780


    • Alimah

      It’s the fact the homosexuality in Islam is just like any
      other sin. And like any other sin it’s btw you and Allah(God) and no one else.
      But like any other sin it is suppose to be not publicity. For example if a
      person drinks they are not to do it in public and do it in the privacy in their
      home. There is only one unforgivable sin in Islam and that’s making partners
      with Allah or worshipping something other than him. Even though this is called
      the unforgivable sin, it is forgivable only as long as the person doesn’t die
      upon it and repents. I can not judge a person based on their sexual orientation
      or for any other reason because I am not God. Homosexuality does not take one out of the fold of Islam. i am a sunni heterosexual muslim women, i believe along with many muslims around the world that as long as a person says ”

      There is only one God worthy of worship and Muhammad is
      his massager” they are my brother/sister in Islam.

    • Freedom2Be

      Scott Kugle is an author. See his work.

  • Nazia

    Interesting post… but some questions remained unanswered here:
    “From the moment he was Muslim, Imam Daiyee never saw a conflict between with Islam and homosexuality”, you say. Fine, but how is it so when he reads the verses of the Quran about Lut’s (as) people and their punishment?It’s a genuine question, I am really wondering how he doesn’t feel the struggle inside him every day… Again I am not judging, and I will be interested to read your answer about that, if you have one. 

    • inquirer

      I’m assuming the argument is going to go into “public displays of homosexual affection” vs the private life. I must admit, I don’t like this one bit. 

    • Uncleradu

      Salaam, Nazia — I hope this helps:  The Luti were rapists, thieves, and killers. Even today there are men who identify as heterosexual and rape weaker men as the Luti raped travelers. We know that happens in prisons, but it also happens outside.   The Qur’an says what they do is so horrible that it had never been done before, but there is lots of evidence of same-sex couplling even before those days.  The crime of the Luti — men who turned their sexuality from affection to criminal aggression — has nothing to do with love between 2 men or 2 women.

      • Nazia

        Salam. I never heard about this interpretation of the Quran’s verses concerning Lut (as) before, so thanks for sharing.
        May I ask then if “rapists, thieves and killers” have never existed before Lut’s (as) time? Did sexual crime appear with Lu’s (as) people according to this reading of the Quran?

      • Mauv

        Can you give us said evidence that homosexuality was rampant before Lut’s tike? The Quran specifically states that their crime was sodomy, and you seemed to have side stepped that issue by proclaiming that same-sex coupling had been around for a while before that. Where are you getting your Tafsir from?

        To justify homosexuality by proclaiming that the prison population engages in homosexual acts is asinine. If those men are raping weaker men, then they are committing a homosexual act, which is clearly forbidden in Islam, regardless of whatever sexual orientation those men may identify themselves as having. That is just an absurd way of thinking.

        • Mauv

          Mean Lut’s time*

    • Isa Kocher

      with all due respect, anyone who thinks forced gang rape by married heterosexual men with families on innocent strangers is a form of sex is frankly sick. i’ve been studying quran and sharia and its culture and history since i was an undergraduate and as a graduate student at the university of pennsylvania in the 60s. i studied sharia at kuwait university. why do so many muslim men think rape is sex?

      the quran goes to great length to say that 1. the victims are innocent. 2. the victims are strangers. 3. the perpetrators are married men with families 4. that Lut [aws] was condemned by them for his righteousness 5. that Lut [aws] was ordered not to accept strangers in his home. 6. that married heterosexual men with families intended to rape innocent strangers by force.

      how can that be confused with sex in any form?

      “homosexuality” is a late 19th century portmanteau neologism with no word or words in 6th century arabic comparable to it. inserting “homosexuality’ into quran is a perversion of the arabic.

      imam abu hanafy hz did not condemn the victim, but condemned the sexual abuser. the quran comdemns heartless merciless hate torture rape and murder.

      how that gets confused with a loving relationship is utterly beyond me. it’s not even sex. it’s sick beyond comprehension. of course god condemns a whole city which amuses itself by public gang rape, torture and murder. why muslim men have this need to identify rape muder with sex is what is incomprehensible.


      • Nazia

        Thank you for calling me sick, and implying that I consider gang rape as a form of sex, when I never stated anything closed to that. 
        As I just said in my response above, it’s the first time that I hear about this translation/interpretation of the verses regarding Lut’s (as) people and I didn’t know about that before reading your answers. My question was a real one, not a provocative nor offensive one. Now I can understand how and why this Imam and others can “reconcile” their homosexuality with Islam. 
        So before accusing me or anyone else of something, please take your time to explain and don’t assume that I am “sick”.

  • Alijav

    May Allah swt guide the misguided people.

  • Sadaf

    Not agree this time…I  know you guys are brave to cover controversial stories but it should not above the Islam. You should not post this article. If you were on tour of humanity or something, I might have accepted it. Personally I don’t have problem with gay but you cannot get both together. choose either one. 

  • Uh

    homosexuals and islam dont mix nor is it accepted in Islam….please review the people of Lot

    • Isa Kocher

      tell me: why do so many muslim men have this need to equate rape with sex and sex with rape. isn’t that sick. do you really believes all sex is rape?

    • Nida

      When you review people of Lot thoroughly, you will notice the emphasis is the act on cheating and public indecency. Yet, we rarely acknowledged people, especially men, who cheat on their spouse and when we see public indecency, we label it as “their culture” or accuse an influence of “other people’s culture.” On the other hand, the Muslim community at large make sexuality crucial in being a Muslim, that is perverse. Also, the focus on homosexuality just attaches us more so to this dunya, limiting our minds and hearts in appreciating the work of Allah and the life of the hereafter. 

  • Abu Saafir

    Please tell this astray child of Adem to read Surah 7 Ayat 80-84 in English, Chinese or Arabic and tp repent ASAP and make Du’a for Guidance…..
    Ahuddu bilahi mina shaythanirrajeem..

    • Isa Kocher

      you go back and read it and find out what it means.

  • Bilal

    Why is this man being portrayed as an imam?! He is in a gay relationship in which he is having sex with his partner. What possessed the 30 mosques, 30 states crew to visit this charlatan and to give him a platform? I swear, if this is what American Muslims are promoting these days than they need to fix up because out of the massive variety of Islamic thought out there none would consider this man a Muslim let alone a imam.

    I am disgusted, I have been following this blog regularly. Promoting gay sex and gay marriage is not a part of Islam and never will be. Just because we live in a society where homosexuality is seen as normal does not mean we start normalising this shit! Just because this society encourages us to ‘explore’ our sexuality and act on our urges does not mean we throw Islam out of the window!

    ‘Gay’ Muslims need dawah, a service to help them out, the last thing they need is this Daiyee character taking them outside the fold of Islam.

    May Allah protect the Muslims and the people from all this evil.

    • sabzi

      I think you need to understand that the author said that “while I may not agree with his views, I respect them”. It is about tolerance.  In the end, everything is between God and the person.  You have no right to say anyone is or is not a Muslim.

      What a brave post, Bassam.  Thank you for writing it.  There will always be people who oppose and claim that putting this out there is somehow “downing” our religion, but a “true Muslim” does not care about people.  Only his religion.

      • Zignat Abdisubhan

        Holla at my girl!

        • Sabina Rocks

          Err, that “sabzi” is not me guys….


        • SabaD

          sabzi = Saba  - I am not sure we have met, but I feel like I have during my UT undergrad days!

      • Bilal

        He has crossed the line. Yes, everything is between God and an individual. But Daiyee is proclaiming the fact that he has gay relationships loud and proud! He is in fact, advocating a fahisha as something permissible in Islam and something to be ‘celebrated’ and ‘embraced’. He has crossed the line from private sin to public sin and encouraging others to do so. I have no qualms in saying this guy is NOT a true Muslim and has nothing to do with Islam.

        Look at this video he did in which he talks about having passionate sex with his gay partner:
        He is a despicable man.

        I am afraid we shoulder the blame for this state of affairs. We have ignored this phenomena in our Muslim communities for far too long, we sweep it under the carpet hoping it would go away. This issue has never been addressed in mosques, Islamic centres, schools etc. A service for Muslims who are ‘gay’ needs to be in force – something uniquely Islamic and not based on discredited Christian practices. I do not blame these Muslims who gravitate towards Daiyee – they have been forgotten and sometimes shunned by mainstream Islam.

        • ehtisham

          watch the video, watch him, he revels in his behaviour of which there is no doubt. hellfire is waiting for you. it is calling for you. shaytan is dancing around you, he is jealous of you.

          • isafakir

            those who enjoy the condemnation of a believer cannot escape the same punishment that you wish on another.

          • Rasul Bey

             Key word, a BELIEVER

        • Fufuberry1

          that is disgusting. to show yourself in imam garb and talk abt ur gay sex life. a real imam, or any practicing muslim doesn’t talk abt sex with his wife, let alone premarital gay sex. it’s really sad that some ppl don’t see the wrong in it. yes, there are gay ppl, but like alot have mentioned, it is something to be ASHAMED of, sumthin that should be worked on, and kept silent. not sumthin that’s looked at as “okay”. really really sad how some just take Islam and interpret it for their own benefit.  if that was the case, make up your won religion

          • isafakir

            there is no imam garb in islam. god condemns it in quran. all muslims wear clothes like everybody else. crowns and priests clothes and special seats for clergy are forbidden by quran.

        • SabaD

          How Wonderful.  Why not just turn a person further away from Islam altogether?  Have you ever read about gay Muslims?  Most end up committing suicide or living a very struggled life.  This imam’s story is not representative of that majority, but it does serve as a source of strength for them because they see that suicide or hating themselves doesn’t have to be an option.  They could’ve hated Islam because of the way many people react (such as on this thread), but they do not because they see a beauty in it.  They see Islam’s mercy and they find solace in it, and no matter the backlash, they hope they can one day reconcile their orientation and their faith.  Maybe it is something none of us may understand.  That is where GOD comes in, and reminds us how limited human knowledge and understanding are.
          While I personally do not advocate this man’s approach of explicitness about his sexual experiences (and I do not advocate it with straight people either because I feel that is very personal), maybe some of these gay Muslims through this imam need to see that there are others with their struggle, that they are not alone.  They need to see that maybe marrying a woman will not “cure” them, but rather be completely unfair to the woman (or man, for Lesbians).  Unfortunately I have known a Muslim family friend whose cousin committed suicide because his family turned him away after he came out.  Such a smart man with great ambitions.  You want to know who feels the most regret?  His parents – because they did not even give him a chance, and they let his sexual identity completely negate him as a person. It’s fine if you think someone’s lifestyle is “nasty”, but does it do any good to you or to anybody else to beat somebody up with such words when we must all look within ourselves and understand our own flaws.  There is a reason Allah has many times asked us to refrain from cruel words, altogether.

          • Zuzu

            Thank you for being so humane compared to most people who just sits on their high horse and judge.

          • Zuzu

            Thank you for being so humane compared to most people who just sits on their high horse and judge.

      • Rayan

        Quite frankly I am dumbfounded.

        Let us forget the issue of homosexuality.  Let us concentrate on Zina. The ‘Imam’ is indulging in Zina and has no qualms with it.

        Many ‘straight’ people never get married, due to circumstance, wealth, or any other factor.  That does not give them a license to commit Zina.  Similarly, even if we accept the view that it is okay to be a homosexual, that does not give them a license to Zina, end of it. 

        Just as we should dismiss an imam who propagates terrorism and limit his exposure, we should do the same here. 

        • Shakib45

          people who are jumping at the throats of bassam and aman, should just stop and realize that they are beating the messengers. the bloggers are story-tellers just like reporters, they do not conform neither do they deny what happens in and around them. they are simply reporting things as “authentically” as one can. i am amazed at the IQ level of some of the critics of the bloggers and the imam, are you guys living in a cocoon? you can take your vile opinions about one’s faith and his relationship to his God to yourself, for the most, we would like to know our neighbours, muslims of different streaks “so we can understand each other better” as Allah calls it in the Quran.

          • Rayan

            Actually no, the minute someone calls themselves an ‘Imam’ they become a community leader.  A community leader is answerable to the community.  If he calls himself a Muslim Imam, he is indicating to the wider community that he represents Muslims.

            An Imam who propagates zina cannot be allowed to call himself an Imam.  If he wants to live his life as a private citizen, go ahead.  The moment you call yourself an Imam you are not absolved from scrutiny. 

            Something that perhaps you would have understood if you were not so occupied disparaging my IQ.

            There is no sect in this history of Islam that says zina is okay, none. 

          • isafakir

            god in quran outlaws ordained priests pastors clergy monks ministers as against islam and proclaims all believers imam. every believer doing their 5 times a day prayers and doing nonobligatory prayers is imam to the angels who come and pray with them. any congregation can follow anyone as imam, and fiq says the sins of the imam do not effect prayer of the faithful. there is 1400 years of fiq and your statements here deny both quran, hadith and fiq. in the statements by mr daaiyee clearly nowhere approves of zina. no one disparages your IQ but again and again you make fatwa which is contrary to quran, contrary to the best hadith and contrary to fiq.

          • Melsayyid

            In Islam, we don’t give opportunities for people to spread false ideologies. In fact, we should conceal them for the greater good. They gave him a platform to share his evil ways and they will be held accountable if they do not ask for taw bah. It’s sad what we’ve been reduced to as Muslims.

          • Mujahid215

            Exactly. This is the danger in the blog that Bassam & Aman published. It normalizes behavior that is deviant.

            What’s next; interviews of Muslim porn legitimizing their chosen profession? Or interviews of Muslim alcoholics who find acceptance with their sin and speak about the many flavors of liquor they indulge in? Smh…..

          • isafakir

            alcoholism is a disease. what you mean is drinkers. most alcoholics by age 30-35 start finding cures, many start to find cures at age 15. it is this kind of discrimination and blanket condemnation of others which clearly mohammed saws condemns. how can anyone who believes in irrahman irahim be so full of hate. jihad is the war against nafs. turn to god as in suratulfalaq and god forgives. that is islam, that is quran. not hate. god told mohammed saws to tell the truth. say what you believe and if no one listens go on. that is sunnah.

            alcoholism is a disease. drinking alcohol is a sin. god forgives both. fact. repent forgive give. that is islam. surat ul bakhara spells it out.

          • Mujahid215

            Did you not know it is a sin to even LISTEN to useless or sinful talk, let alone PUBLISH it? This man Daiyee was proud of his sinful ways, not once did he express remorse or regret for performing acts of disobedience. No human being (except for the prophets of Allah) are without sin, but NEVER are we to speak of nor be PROUD of acts of disobedience. That’s worse than commiting the sin itself……

          • isafakir

            it is NOT  a sin to discuss islam. never. even if you disagree. it is never a sin to discuss the faith.

        • Blue

           To correct, he is not indulging in Zina as he has mutah with this person, and according to the Shia people this is a valid form of marriage.

      • Burd is the Word.

        the queen has spoken!

      • Yaskas

        I’m not so sure I agree….for him to live his life the way he chooses is fine.  Some Muslims drink alcohol regularly, some have relations without marriage…it’s not our place to judge them true, Allah will be their judge. HOWEVER and this is the important point.  To actually go out there and promote what he is, to promote being gay, to actually make it seem ok to be gay to the Muslim community…that is rediculous.  Now he’s on a totally different playing field.  When he does this, he is no longer representing Islam, he is representing himself.  So he should not use Islam as a tool for him to gain popularity, to gain riches (or whatever his true motive is for doing what he does).  Sutra is what he should be following.  People who break an Islamic pillar or law are usually doing it in hiding, so should he be.

        • Salahuddin Hammer

          We can judge the behavior and call a spade a spade its nasty, unhealthy, unnatural and immoral. Not a good look for us Muslims. Please stop calling this guy (in my younger years I would call him another name) Imam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • ehtisham

            what a dumb uncle sam. sorry queeny sam

          • isafakir

            you can call it what you want, but thank god, it’s god’s decision, not yours, and you don’t know. god says in quran that no one knows. that is god’s words. what is nasty is speaking like you are god. god told us all we don’t know. god says study science. in the quran god says so. so none of us have the right to give a fetwa when we don’t know. science says nobody chooses to be heterosexual so just thank god if you are and ask for god’s mercy and forgiveness. that is god’s word, in quran.

        • safa

          I am not sure if he is teaching people to be gay, or that it is OK to be gay and Muslim. I think he is teaching to be honest and forthcoming about who you are: a devout Muslim and a courageous and honest person. What are his options? To hide or be dishonest about himself or to stop being a Muslim. Who is willing to take the blame for either of these choices?  

          • isafakir

            you can’t teach people to be gay any more than you can teach people to have blue eyes. nobody chooses to be gay and nobody chooses not to be gay. god in suratul bakhara and again in surat ul maida god says anyone who gives and forgives will know no grief. anyone. muslim jew christian sabaean or any human. any human. that is god’s own fetwa. so anyone who says god’s mercy is limited to heterosexuals is just not speaking the truth. we have in islam today told god what to do who to love who to hate who to forgive. but god rains rain and gives sun and air and food and friends to all of us. and until we go back and learn what god says and do it we cannot tell others they are going to hell. god’s names are mercy and compassion. rahman rahim. so if god makes a child with a penis and she is a girl and with a vagina and he is a boy or with two XX and a y or with two yy and an X or if god gives someone one ball instead of two or whatever god does, what right do we have to say giod made a mistake. of all fertilized eggs 90% don’t attach at all and of the 10% which do attach, 40% are dead in less than three months. so god says it and it is. how can people tell god all the time they know what is and is not right or wrong.

      • ehtisham

        This needs to highlighted, not tolerated, just another sclerotic argument that the US is ‘tolerant’, this is what they want, he is a ‘good muslim’, we are the bad muslims who fear allah(swt) and his punishment.  

      • Tiya

        Why do we have to respect or celebrate something which ALLAH ‘hates’. A true Muslim understands that our religion is practiced individually and collectively, and what we do and say reflects us all.

        • ManalC

          Tiya- did God appoint you as messenger? did I miss the memo on that? How dare you speak for what God “hates”? And I don’t know about you, but I’m a Muslim and the God I believe in doesn’t “hate”. Its no wonder people fear Islam, it’s because of uneducated, spiteful responses like this!

          • ‘Umar

            Have you never heard of ‘amr bil maroof wa nahya anil munkar [calling to the good and forbidding the evil]?  You know that thing that, according to a hadith, if you don’t do it, Allah [swt] punishes you?

          • ManalC

            Have you ever heard that the hadiths are not the word of God? How sure are you about the isnad of this hadith? Where you there? Here’s a question for ya- did Allah (swt) happen to also tell you when the second coming will be here? You seem to be so certain of his intentions. Are you another person who likes to speak for God? Apparently so! You’ll get along great with Tiya then. 

          • Blqh

            Allah hates what he has forbidden, thats why it is forbidden, try using a little common sense.  And yes Allah did appoint us as Messengers, by blessing us and making us Muslims it makes us all Messengers of Islam to the non-Muslim community as well as to those within our own community whos iman is not strong.  Also you arguments on the hadith is weak because there are multiple hadiths and the hadiths are strong, furthermore the story of Lot appears in the Quran, I would think destroying a town flipping it upside down and then putting a sea on top of it would signify  hate and disdain, but I suppose thats simply too logical for you.  If you want to be gay by all means be gay we could care less, but stop trying to twist Islam into fitting your lifestyle when it clearly doesnt.

          • ManalC

            wow you are a real ignorant human being. im actually not gay- but perhaps you are since you had such a strong reaction? mabruk- come out of the closet brother

          • Mujahid215

            You sound confused. The MESSENGER of Allah said “If you love me, then follow me. Allah will love you and forgive you your sins.”…..So on that note, please do not try to conform Islam to fit your ‘convenient’ little life… 

          • Mujahid215

            You obviously must have played truancy from Islamic Sunday school…..

        • isafakir

          nowhere in quran does god speak of hating. god says a believer is whoever gives and gives generously. a non believer is whoever is selfish and stingy. nowhere does god hate the nonbeliever. god warns them. just as you warn someone driving too fast on a wet road. god says love, give, forgive, take care of the poor the powerless the sick and the lonely. and Ali [r.a.] says whoever kills in anger goes to hell. so speaking of god hating is bida.

      • Shummatj

        As far as this blog goes, I don’t see any harm in 30mosques covering this topic since any discussion on homosexuality is shunned by all Muslim societies in the first place. “Covering” the topic does *not* mean “condoning” the idea, only reporting about it.

        As far as brother Daiyee Abdullah “not being a Muslim” is concerned, I think we should all refrain from calling anyone a non-Muslim or a kafir. It is a grave sin and one that no one would want to take upon their shoulders. 

        Now, regarding this topic itself, I think it is very important to realise that yes, Muslims do in many places who have stronger attraction to the same sex and if our societies continue going the way they are now, we’ll never address the concerns of such Muslims. We’ll end up shunning them or ignoring them – both of which are never the solution. A deeper understanding and conversation is required first and foremost. 

        Finally, in reply to another post I read somewhere else – it’s important to remember that an Imam is considered a leader for Muslims within a community, someone who is educated in Shariah and a good example for others. If what these other videos claim regarding brother Daiyee’s sexual activity etc are true, then maybe we (i.e everyone) should be mindful of what is preached.

      • sabzi

        And by the way, HOOK ‘EM HORNS ;)  It’s wonderful to see such an amazing project broadcasted by another Longhorn, Bassam, and brings in my alma mater pride!

      • Akanbi3570

        First and foremost, we need to understand that Islam and gayism can not mix. Is either you are Muslim or not, and if you are gay you can not be a Muslim.The purnishment of being a gay in Islam is worst than commiting Zina (Adultery).
        There is not brave about what Bassam, but just promoting indecency and immorality. Anyway Sidney is deceiving himself and those who believe him or think what is he does make sense and evil is the order of the day.
        Islam has not to do with evil, homosexuality etc.

        • isafakir

          there is nothing, not one word, in quran or in solid firm hadith that gives any punishment for being gay. not one word. giving a fetwa without both quran and hadith is haram. up until the 19th century being gay was never mentioned by any scholar. what was condemned is rape, forced sexual abuse on another male. that is what is condemned. in clear arabic. heterosexual men raping other men. that is not being gay. and saying it is is sick and perverted. evil is the heterosexual who rapes.

        • isafakir

          god says in surat ul bakhara and surat ul maida that anyone who gives generously and serves the poor will not ever know grief. god says in quran that if we do not sin god will replace us with sinners so that god’s forgiveness will be known. mohammed saws says anyone anywhere who says god is unique and incomparable is a believer and will not remain in hell but be forgiven. mohammed saws says no one knows who is and who is not a believer. first and formost that is islam.

    • Rayan

      Yes Bilal.  But they exist.  We cannot pretend they do not.  If we are to deal with this problem we need to know and understand them. 

      • Salahuddin

        All kinds of Mulsims exist. When I first converted I was into zina, smokin’ herb ,etc. Islam helps people clean their lives up. This guy ain’t no Imam!

        • ehtisham

          read qur’an it cleanses the heart. If you are sincere, allah (swt) pulls you towards him (swt).

    • Vosh

      After reading the post, a flicker of hope was lit up in me about Islam. I was born and raised a Muslim but because of my sexuality I didn’t see any choice but to look elsewhere to drench my thirst for connecting with God.
      I’d like that glimmer of hope to stay alive in me, so when I read your response and a lot of others who resemble yours I have to remind myself that you and people like you do not represent the faith. Your ignorance and lack of enthusiasm to embrace difference (Kisrat) is rooted only in the individual and is (I am hoping) not justified and encouraged by the religion you consider yourself a member of.

  • Abu Saafir

    Believing in Allah isn’t enough, while even shaythan knows La ilaha ilAllah, even shaythan fears God, but it is to be upon the Sunnah, to practice the 5 pilars and to study Qur’an that will keep you from becoming fuel for the fire…..May Allah forgive us for our shortcomings….

    • Isa Kocher

      sura 5 “anyone who believes in Allah and the Last Day, and work righteousness,- on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.”
      sura 2 “any who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and work righteousness, shall
      have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall
      they grieve”

      what is righteousness?

      Who believe in the Unseen, are steadfast in prayer, and spend out of what We have provided for them.

      righteousness is giving and forgiving.

      according to god, giving is more than enough.

    • Isa Kocher

      sura 5 “anyone who believes in Allah and the Last Day, and work righteousness,- on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.”
      sura 2 “any who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and work righteousness, shall
      have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall
      they grieve”

      what is righteousness?

      Who believe in the Unseen, are steadfast in prayer, and spend out of what We have provided for them.

      righteousness is giving and forgiving.

      according to god, giving is more than enough.

    • Isa Kocher

      sura 5 “anyone who believes in Allah and the Last Day, and work righteousness,- on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.”
      sura 2 “any who believe in Allah and the Last Day, and work righteousness, shall
      have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall
      they grieve”

      what is righteousness?

      Who believe in the Unseen, are steadfast in prayer, and spend out of what We have provided for them.

      righteousness is giving and forgiving.

      according to god, giving is more than enough.

  • Talal_net

    Disgusting! It’s haram. There is no confusion!

  • Fuad Kamal

    salaam bros, initially I thought the idea of covering Muslims across the country seemed like a good idea.  Some of your blog postings have really made me reconsider…or rather, I have to say I’m pretty disappointed in what you consider coverage of Muslims.  This ‘gay imam’ is no more Muslim than the Nation of Islam or the Qadiani folks; in both cases they are claiming their beliefs make them Muslim while those same beliefs are in direct, 100% contradiction with the very clear, fundamental statements of Qur’an that even a child can understand.  Lots of your readers have pointed out the story of Lut (Lot) in the Quran.  Keep in mind that this is an entire nation that was destroyed solely for the crime of sodomy, and Allah (SWT) describes their crime as the WORST ABOMINATION that mankind every came up with, up to that point in human history.  Are we so hasty to embrace every human’s varying, sub-intelligent notions in order to stay in vogue and to further the notion of being ‘open minded’?  What a waste of time you have made of this venture…

    If you guys were covering the cause of starving children I suppose you would go around interview child molesters? Wake up already.  This is a far cry from your previous work covering the charity in Pakistan.

    • Nabil K

      “Allah guides those whom he will”

    • Isa Kocher

      sodomy is not mentioned in quran. no such word in quran. in quran god condemns forced rape, gang rape sexual abuse by married hetersexual men with families of innocents. you are perverting the clear words of quran which at great length explains that it was married men with families forcing public rape on strangers.

    • Shakib45

      your pleas sound so lame. you are asking these blogger kids to make up stories that fits your agenda. do you honestly think that a committed writer, writes to please his/her readers? serious writers/film makers/ artists are socially responsible people, they create from a need that is beyond the purveys of a group interest or a pat in the back. these bloggers set out to tell us a different story than what most americans get as a their morning message, and this happens to be real stories from real people, they don’t live in your or fox tv crews’ fiction. the gay imam, the battered women, the humming old folks in the south, the lover muslim these people are what makes their story so interesting and alive. i would rather these stories than any self-righteous portrayal of american islam that doesn’t exist anywhere. i think most americans can relate with this depiction of islam than what the religious and political groups often try to portray each other in the public eye. the way they have been depicted with compassion and great care, compiling these lives into a future documentary would not be an unjust demand on the bloggers.

  • Musicalchef

    Thank you for having the courage to cover this story.  Even though we may disagree, we all must learn to respect one another as fellow human beings and travelers!

    • Imad

      What the hell does this have to do with respect?! If u want to have gay relationships, u have free will and Allah will judge you. But once u start promoting it as acceptable in Islam even though it is in direct contradiction to the Quran than u need to be confronted.

      • Aisha

        Allah does not need emissaries acting on his behalf. Leave him alone. And should Allah judge him at the end of days, then that is what it will be. If not, that is what it will be. But if your aim is to see him judged now by man, shame on you. 

      • isafakir

        confrontation is forbidden in islam. you can discuss. you can try to prove. but confrontation is haram. mohgammed saws did not confront and god commands the prophet saws not to confront in quran. god directly in quran forbids confronting another believer. we say to each other peace and we reason. that is god’s command. confrontation is haram by god’s words in quran and by fetwa of Ali r.a.

  • Faraj

    I’m not sure if your intention on covering this was to promote homosexuality in Islam. Honestly, I’m not sure what your intention was. But one thing this post does seem to cover is the fact that homosexuality in our Muslim communities is an idea that is shunned and pushed to the side. We do have to address the issue as something that exists within our communities.
    However, I am with some of the comments posted here as to whether or not the fact that homosexuality is clearly haraam ever came up in your encounter. And I must also say the fact that he is promoting having relationships with other men without marriage regardless of sexual orientation brings to question the credibility of this Imam… or should I say “Imam”.

  • buriedinlit

    wow you guys were really pushing it with the Ahmadiyaa post, but now you’ve completely made this whole mission un-Islamic.  I have to say I’ve been very dissappointed with this post this year.  Your mission started off as good, you were interested in showing Muslims around America.  But I seriously think all the attention you received has gone to your hear, cuz this blog has gone completely hollywood.  You’ve turned it into a Muslim Jerry Springer.  I know both of you are trying to get artistic careers and as a result your trying to stir up controversy.  But all your doing now is isolating yourself from the one community who really had interest in you, the Muslim community.  You guys really should be ashamed of yourselves, instead of using your Ramadan to do good you’ve defiled it.  The quran is clear 100% homosexuality is not allowed.  Even heterosexual anal sex is strongly prohibted.  This pervert of an imam likes sujood cuz hes probably used to being in that position for other reasons.   I will no longer be reading your blogs, I feel id be committing less of a sin watching porn then reading this trash.

    • AD

      I’m sure they are thankful that you keep reading and responding. Clearly they have you enthralled!

      • buriedinlit

        Actually your wrong, I wont be reading another article on here ever again, and their reputation is tarnished in the moderate Muslim community. I think they will find it more difficult to find Mosques who will allow them to visit due to their thirst for drama and controversy.  Furthermore, this used to be a blog that was some what neutral so it attracted a wide spectrum of people.  But now its become a blog that caters to the small weirdo demographic of Muslims and I use the term Muslims loosely. It will be shunned by most their numbers will go down big time. 

        • Hmmmmmm

          While homosexuality is not allowed in Islam, there are MUCH greater sins in this world that people commit on a daily basis. Hmmm, backbiting for starters. Think about that before judging so quickly. 

          I say interesting article 30 mosques! As you’ve posted much more interesting and beautiful posts in the past, it’s interesting that this article gets the most posts from your readers. Please continue what you’re doing. 

          • buriedinlit

            I’ve never heard of death being proscribed for backbiting, so I dont know how you reached the conclusion that its worse.

          • Anonymous

            Backbiting is described in the Qur’an as being similar to eating your dead brother’s flesh. Isn’t that bad enough?

          • Rashid

            that doesn’t mean that you just ignore a sin like homosexuality which Prophet Lot’s people were punished for 

          • Anonymous

            Backbiting is described in the Qur’an as being similar to eating your dead brother’s flesh. Isn’t that bad enough?

          • Isa Kocher

            worse than death: backbiting is one of the worst sins. it is a form of lying which seperates you from islam. no worse punishment possible.

    • Mustafa

      you know, you can simply not read this “trash”…..

      and after your incredibly bigoted sujood comment, good riddance. i for one won’t be sad to see you go, and pray for Allah to soften your heart. 

      these guys are merely telling a story; they aren’t condemning or condoning any particular position. if you actually read their posts, they struggle with reconciling some of the beliefs/lifestyles they encounter with their own. i think they’re doing a great job of objectively presenting things and stressing tolerance, something we all should be striving for as Ramadan comes to an end. 

      keep up the good work fellas. 

    • IreneInTexas

      Ugly comments such as yours have defiled Ramadan. If I didn’t know better, I would come away from these posts thinking Muslims are as nasty, narrow minded and intolerant as some people who call themselves fundamentalist Christians.

  • tc

    ok on this topic i believe Allah made adam and eve not adam and steve.  lol!!  some people as they claim r born queer.  which i think is also true.  but on the other hand some people r born into poverty.  but u don’t go stealing from the rich.  same for our gay imam here.  if ur born gay, doesn’t mean u go to other men.  its a test Allah has put us all in , and the test comes in different shapes and sizes in our lives. but if we give in to our sinful wants then we are doomed.  and just to add that if i don’t agree with the imam’s lifestyle doesn’t mean i hate him..  if i ever come face to face with him i would give him respect has any other muslim. 

    • buriedinlit

      just be careful not to make sajood in front of him, thats what drew him to the religion in the first place lol

      • Hola

        that had to be the most ignorant comment i’ve ever seen.

        • Diah Agustina


      • Isa Kocher

        you are sick. that is a horrible accusation and that kind of accusation is haram.

      • Uncleradu

        It’s always amusing to see how often when some people accuse gays of perversity they just reveal their own filthy-mindedness.

    • Uncleradu

      Actually Allah did make Adam and Steve, and Amy and Eve, as well as Adam and Eve.  Allah made ALL of us just as we are.

    • Isa Kocher

      as a matter of fact in every part of the world there are xxy and xyy births. some xx are born with penises. some xy are born with vaginas. some xx and some xy are born with both. so god today does not create adam and eve. fact. today god creates male females female males super males super females. and that is chromosomes. science proves that sexual orientation is determined well before first grade. and it cannot be altered.

      god says in quran to learn from science.

      what you recommend is a life of torture. not a test. humans are not condemned by god to a life of celibacy. in fact, god condemns us if we choose celibacy.

      gay people don’t abuse. science also proves that 99% of abuse is committed by heterosexuals.

      imam hanafy hz did not condemn gay people. he condemned heterosexual men who committed sexual abuse. so comparing gay people to thieves is deeply profoundly insulting.

      before telling others how to live, go practice it. go live as a celibate for 20 years. then dictate.

      • tc

        i was not dictating i was simply putting my input on the matter.  so ease off.  if ur a muslim please read about the prophet luts story in the Quran. it is very clear about this matter.  and my adam and eve joke was actually for adam and eve not what fallowed them.  if u don’t get the joke then that ur problem. not mine. 

  • Sarah A

    Thank you so much for covering this controversial topic. Like Christians and Jews, Muslims have to confront this in our communities; “gay” and “Muslim” can coexist. Some of my best friends are gay Muslims, and many of them have Iman stronger than anyone. Please remember that God alone is able to judge us.

    • buriedinlit

      Islam proscribes death as a punishment of any man caught having homosexual sex, please explain me where you see coexistence in this?

      • Anonymous

        Committing a sin doesn’t make one a non-Muslim. The Kharijites used to think it did, but the general consensus among Muslims is that a sinning Muslim is still a Muslim. 

        • buriedinlit

          While this is generally true with most sins, this is an extremely grievous sin in Islam and the destroying of Lot does not seem to back up this assertion.  However I do believe it is possible for a homosexual to be Muslim as long as he refrains from homosexual activity, or repents ( requires GOOD FAITH pledge to not engage in further acivity) 

          • Isa Kocher

            the sin in quran is rape. rape by force of strangers. married men with families, heterosexuals, using force to rape strangers in public. how can anyone in their right mind imagine that has anything to do with sex in any form. anyone who thinks rape is sex needs psychological help. really.

            the quran specifically says that the community warned Lot aws not to accept strangers in his home. This was punishment. torture rape murder in public by raping strangers to death is in no way shape or form sex.

            public torture, rape by force, racism, sexual abuse, sexual enslavement is condemned.

            don’t sin against your muslim brotrhers and sisters by accusing them of rape by force. science fact: gay people are the least likely to engage in sexual abuse. more than 99% of sexual abusers are heterosexuals.

            fiq clearly condemns making the impossible farz. it clearly condemns making farz impossible.

            in the time of the prophet [saws] it never came up. so executing gay people cannot be required. it is not sharia. he [saws] did not do it and Imam Hanafi hz. did not ever give such a ruling.

          • ehtisham

            We muslims perform, must perform all our actions according to Evidence, what is you evedence for this. Don’t be lazy about this.

          • isafakir

            lot aws is a prophet and was never destroyed but saved preserved and blessed. the community where he lived was destroyed because heterosexual married men with families wanted to rape two innocent men to death. nowhere does god mention “homosexuality” god’s words “leave your wives and families” nowhere does god say nikah or mention sex because rape is not sex. nowhere does god say love. or nikah. god says lust for killing.

        • ehtisham

          You need to provide evidence for this. Qur’an or hadith, nobody can take your word just cos t you think it was or is. Plus what type of sin are you referring to? man on man or what?

          • Rayan

            Ehtisham, I do believe there is a strong record to suggest that anybody who commits sin can remain a Muslim, because we have no write to label someone a Non-Muslim.  Most notably, Islam accepts that ALL of us commit sin, and I do not believe it is up to men to decide which sins are the ones that will displease Allah.  I think our responsibility here is to make sure the faith is represented correctly, not to judge the ‘Muslimness’ of others.


            “If it be His Will he can Still the Wind: Then would they become motionless on the back of the ocean.  Verily, in this are signs for everyone who patiently perseveres and is grateful.  Or He can cause them to perish becose of the evil which the men have earned. but, much does He forgive” Qur’an Chapter 42, Verse 33-34

            “Allah may forgive you your faults of the past and those to follow; fulfill His favour to you and guide you on the Straight Way” Qur’an Chapter 48, Verse 2″To Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth: He forgives whom he wills and He punishes who he Wills: but Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful”We do not know what one act a person could do, gay or otherwise that will please Allah, and so we should not be condemning individuals, but instead their actions. Qur’an Chapter 48, Verse 14

          • ehtisham

            i am sorry brother but i have a problem with this. are you apologising and coveting for the kuffar when you say we should represent islam correctly. there is no correct way. this his (swt’s) deen, not ours. it is absolute, you cannot take this and that and then think it is ok. for example…
            Allah (swt) says: “Do you approach the males of humanity, leaving the wives that Allah (swt) has created for you? But you are a people who transgress” (26:165-166) or(1) The Prophet (saws) said: (1) “Kill the one who sodomizes and the one who lets if be done to him.” (Tirmidhi, a sahih (authentic) hadith)
            (2) “May Allah curse him who does that Lot’s people did.” (Ibn Hibban, sahih (authentic))
            (3) “Lesbianism by women is adultery between them.” (Tabarani, sahih)”Islam is not a fad dear brother, it is a way of life. The are a few ahadith relating to miscreant behaviour. Also in the qur’an. I challenge this so called ‘imam’ to a deabte about this, but what is he doing, responding to comments from Zignat Abdisubhan with thanks. Where are you ‘Imam’ back it all up with evidence. Can you speak a word of truth, haq(truth) will always knock the brain out of baatil(falsehood). Where are you?

          • isafakir

            1. lesbianism is not an arabic word. 2. nor is sodomize. these are 20th century interpretations of arabic from 1400 years ago taken out of context. what did mohammed saws say and how do you know. 3. hanafi says quite the opposite. hanafi condemns the heterosexual man who rapes others. as do others. 4. sodomize can mean almost anything in english. but gay people who love each other don’t sodomize. 5. mohammed saws clearly differentiated between those who were heterosexual from those who were not.  men born psychologically eunuch were allowed in the harem. fiq clearly says you cannot give a fetwa based on one hadith and hanafi did not. hanafi clearly condemns the heterosexual rapists. gay and homopsexual is not found anywhere in arabic anywhere in quran anywhere in hadith. what is found is sexual abuse.

      • Isa Kocher

        that is simply, categorically, incontrovertibly not true. imam hanafi specifically said the exact opposite. first of all, nowhere in arabic was there any word even remotely meaning “homosexual” which is a portmanteux neologism only a little more than a hundred years old. so if you are speaking about taking a life, fiq demands at the minimum, that precision in accusation is farz. so hz hanafi specifically distinguishes between the user and the used. the quran condemns the user. the abuser. not relationships but rape is condemned in quran. at great length it says using and abusing another is totally condemned. there aren’t any reliable hadith or ayats of quran that specifically condemn men to death simply for private sex. that is fact. and it is farz to avoid the death penalty wherever possible. god says to be merciful and mohammed [saws] clearly never once condemned anyone to death for having any kind of gay relationship. anyone anywhere who thinks that raping strangers is sex will never be allowed anywhere near my family. anyone who can in 2011 common era still confuse sex with rape is sick. period.

        • Ijas2000

          “Would ye really approach men in your lusts rather than women? Nay, ye are a people (grossly) ignorant! But his people gave no other answer but this: They said, “Drive out the followers of Lut from your city: these are indeed men who want to be clean and pure!” But We saved him and his family, except his wife; her We destined to be of those who lagged behind. And We rained down on them a shower (of brimstone): and evil was the shower on those who were admonished (but heeded not)!” (Qur’an 27:55-58)

          • isafakir

            married men with families who want to kill two innocent visitors: these are heterosexuals filled with lust for killing. heed the quran. it is just this hatred for others which is condemned.

        • Al-Hadi

          May Allah guide you from accepting such thoughts…

      • Isa Kocher

        the four imams, following quran, condemn rape, torture and sexual abuse. that anyone today can confuse rape torture and sexual abuse with a sexual act is simply sick. not once anywhere in quran does god condemn relations between gay people.

        sexual orientation and sexual identity are strictly determined before the age of legal responsibility. it is a fundamental rule of islam that you cannot make the impossible farz, and you cannot make the farz impossible. blaming god is so much more sinful than blaming gay people. [even iran pays for sexual reorientation surgery]. it is a fact that biologically some xx are born with penises and some xy are born with vaginas and some xxy and some xyy babies are born. it’s god’s will that we make sharia at the very least as flexible as god made the world. if science proves something in fiq is wrong, fiq has to change not science. go wrote both so our interpretation of god must be wrong wherever there is a contradiction.

        god in quran repeatedly says science trumps opinions. god says learn from science. we learn religion from honest persons and we learn science from scientists. so gay is a science fact. proven fact. and no 3alim can overturn that. if a person by the age of 13 is gay, no 3alim has the authority to force them into a closet. forcing gay people into marriage is cruel hateful tyranny. not religion.

        • Isa Kocher

          incidentally, i’ve spent 50 years researching this, including graduate school at the university of pennsylvania, including the library at kuwait university’s school of shari’a. there is no argument i have not yet seen. so unless you think sex is rape and rape is sex there is no way to “prove” gay relationships are “haram”.

          • Rayan

            Unfortunately for all of us you have done none of that.

            If you had done the level of scholarship you suggest, you would not be hesitant to provide quotations, references, and facts substantiating your view.  Instead you rant.  Someone who would have studied to the extent that you suggest you have would not communicate in the way you do.

          • Shakib45

            its simple your mind is close to the evidence isa is putting forth, he has already given a rationale of why the hanafi school went against saying any difinitive fatwa on homosexuality and capital punishment, while you have put forth nothing but your opaqueness to the subject. its plain that isa comes from a scholarly pursuit and you have nothing to back up your conviction, so unless you put forth a conclusive evidence that equates homosexual behaviour as sinful and thus a punishable offense, i would take isa’s position any day as scholars in islam have always told us to do.

          • Rayan

            Notice how you selectively ignore the zina component.  It seems a very clever tactic by homosexuals to simply ignore zina and emphasize on the homosexuality.

            I don’t need to provide evidence, my view is the established view accepted by the vast majority of Muslims, if you want to deny that, then you are simply ignorant.

            When you want to disprove convention the onus is on you for facts.  Isa has not provided one Quranic ayat with a recognized interpretation that substantiates his view.  He has not provided a quotation from one scholar about their conclusion.  That is a dearth of evidence.

            Hypocrisy shows no bounds.

          • Shaki45

            “homosexual…ignore zina” here you seem to have invected that i am either advocating or am a closet homosexual. that is the problem with bigots, they would find any excuse to keep on kicking a dead-end conversation. lets for the last time, go back to your first argument of kicking his guy in the face for calling himself an imam. that is his prerogative, simple. the bloggers have told a story, period. the bloggers, you or i have no better a position than to say, “ooookkkay”. and that is what i said, if you go back to my earlier post. if you have a meat over him then go and fight along gaddafi, he seem to be calling himself the imam of the muslim world, do you buy it?

            moreover your argument on zina is faulty. when an imam gets booked for molesting children (like the one recently in toronto) does that nullify his claim on the office of being or competing for an imam in future?  besides if you happen to know the complexities that exist in defining zina according to Quran, you would know that to qualify for zina it has to be forced rape. that is why the hudud laws in pakistan have been contested by their ulama as well. you seem to have a very narrow aperture when it comes to your understanding of Quran exegesis. besides the guy professes to be an imam of a small group of closet homosexuals, who have been shunned by the mainstream muslims, precisely because of real fear of being jumped on the moment they open their mouth. (why doesn’t it surprise me!) besides tauba is supposed to be a private sphere, and you have no business disbanding his imamship, when it doesn’t affect you. you didn’t demand that pastor terry jones stop calling his 30 congregation a church, did you? if his burning Quran doesn’t bother you, why would this guy, al?

          • Rayan

            Yes.  An Imam that gets caught for sexual assault and molestation is NOT an Imam anymore.  What kind of ridiculous, insane question is that?

          • isafakir

            where is the ahadith for that? where is the fiq? ALL believers are imam. there is no priesthood in Islam. god says so in quran. god makes even women imam in front of women and children and that is fiq. a jamat of women and children has one who leads prayer, am imam. a jamat of women doing zikr or mevlidi sherif is lead =by a female imam. so mr rayan clearly has zero knowledge of basic fiq. guiltiness of sin has zero to do with who is imam or none of us could pray on friday. nobody knows who committed a sin, so fiq says the sin has nothing to do with validity of prayer of the congregation.

          • isafakir

            mr ryan curses god. accuses god of creating terrorists, and has not got a clue what the fiq is actually in islam on sexuality of any kind. the word of someone who curses god and who invents false fetwas is not islamic. that is unbelief as god defines it in quran someone who makes things up to hurt others.

          • isafakir

            i have in fact provided extensive passages of quran. and hadith. and quoted hanafi, who is a scholar. so personal attack is not adab.

          • Blue

            It says in the article they have mutah. In Shi’ite Islam, this is a completely legitimate and acceptable form of marriage.

          • Blue

             I’d like to add I’m not to sure about the homosexuality aspect of it, but to argue the point on premarital sex.

          • isafakir

            muslims don’t insult others and i have provided specific references, and many many facts. at great length. if someone cannot and will not check those facts and read that quran. i am not going to copy and paste whole chapters of quran and i am not going to rip a dozen words out of context. anybody can prove anything ripping half a sentence here and there and twisting them together. that is how bin laden and the taliban work. i can only say what i understand. agree disagree prove what you believe but attacking people is not adab.

          • ehtisham


          • Aladdin


          • isafakir

            go read the evidence. quran hadith fiq science. if you cannot read cannot understand what is said, than irrational criticism is not adab. quran is quoted and referenced at length and i am not going to rip random words out and twist them together. check the evidence provided, prove what you say. insulting people is not adab.

          • Thequtb

            You could have spent 100 years studying at Harvard, and it would still mean nothing in terms of true ‘ilm. True ‘ilm is not taken from self-study, reading books on your own, or from atheist or orientalist teachers at universities who despise Islam and its scholars. True knowledge is taken from living, breathing scholars who are connected to an intiatic chain going back to the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him. Because you are lacking this connection, you have no realization of taqwa, and so you pervert the deen to suit your caprice and lusts. How despicable. ‘Islamic knowledge’ which is not steeped in love of Allah and anticipation of the akhira will inevitably lead to deviant beliefs, such as those promoting homosexuality. Astaghfirallah. ‘say, if you love Allah, then follow me wholeheartedly, and Allah will love you.

          • isafakir

            you clearly lie at this point because you have no idea who studied what with whom and you accuse categorically people you don’t know. most universities are filled with devout muslims as scholars. many studying with sheikhs with silsila. and the years i studied since i left college include many years in saudi arabia kuwait turkey bahrain oman jordan and before that in ny and philadelphia with world wide famous teachers of sunni islam and sat on the floor at their knees on my knees. was taught face to face. served. so you just plain lie from ego accusing whom you don’t know of sins you cannot know. and that proves your distance from the truth of islam, accusing others of sins you cannot know. you yourself say they hate and you know not who and you give no evidence of their hate. by the rules of fiq you have crossed the line over to false accusation. read the ahadith on god’s punishment of false accusation. mohammed [saws] says those who accuse falsely are not of his umma. will not be allowed into paradise. so repent false accusation. i don’t know if i am right or wrong. but i don’t accuse people i discuss the issue. when you attack people, you cannot anymore be muslim because the rules of fiq require you to say what you yourself see not hearsay not gossip not what you read in a pamphlet and you don’t know the moral character of me nor of those i studied withg because you don’t know me and you don’t know one name of who taught me. which proves you don’t care about truth.

          • Ummah_wave

            Allah guides whom he wills, you can study as long as u want, dont mean ur guided

        • Rayan

          What drivel.

          It is a desire in the same vain as a pedophile or the desire to commit murder or adultery.  A Muslim, a pious one, endeavours to abstain from this sin, rather than indulge in it.  You can be gay and not indulge in it.

          Even if you believe that being Gay is okay, in the context of this ‘imam’ it is Zina plain and simple. 

          Your argument is exceptionally weak.  God created murderers, terrorists, pedophiles, people who indulge in incest… that does not mean God condones their actions.  That is a simplistic and rather naive interpretation of the world.

          You are paraphrasing and altering the Qur’an without providing any reference to such baseless claims. That is not right.  

          • isafakir

            god nowhere created murders rapists terrorists incest that is a damned lie.  that is a horrible sacrilege, the worst possible insult to god. wher in quran where in hadith where anywhere does it say that god creates terrorists and rapists and pedophiles. how insulting to god. shame. that is shirk. unbelief. that is kufur to god. god is rahman and rahim. god says right there in the very first lines of bakhara that the believer is whoever gives. not one word anywhere in quran or hadith changes that and nowhere anywhere does god claim that creation includes murderers, liars, rapists, and that is denial of the faith. god is mercy. god is peace. god is love. not muder. not rape. not pedophilia. god says in quran in clear arabic to study worldly science, the knowledge of the world. no scientists say murder rape terrorism is genetic. and god does not say it. lies on lies. shame.

          • isafakir

            committing murder is a sin against a creature of god. adultery is a sin against a creature of god. pedophilia incest terrorism are sins against the rights of others. these sins actively intentionally deliberate hurt others. in each case a person chooses to take away god given rights from others. they hurt harm and sin against others and deny their rights. gay people hurt no one. harm no one, deny no one their god given rights. the love one another.

            it impossible to say who a gay person hurts by loving them. thank god i am naive and believe in god, believe in god’s mercy, believe in god’s love, believe in god’s forgiveness. thank you god for this belief. i pray god never lets me be so sophisticated that i don’t believe any more in the bismillah irrahman irrahim. life giver life nurturer in god’s peace. i know god forgives us because god says so. as for references.    i give specific ayats specific suras specific hadiths. and fiq. but god nowhere creates anywhere in quran any terrorists any rapists any pedophiles any murderers any committers of incest and anyone who says that lies about god. no child is born a terrorist. but god forgives us all. even george bush even bin laden if we repent. but the pharoahs who hurt god’s people have their minds and hearts locked shut so they cannot repent and die in sin.

            and god says in quran to study and learn the science.that is not weak. that is god’s command.

      • Yarehk

        Homosexuality in and of itself is not a punishable act. The love between two human beings was never considered punishable under the four Sunni Schools because it deals with abstraction and not concrete physical actions. Anal sex/penetration on the other hand was and still is considered punishable even for heterosexual couples. Conviction for said “crime” requires four upstanding citizens to be witnesses of the act and by definition someone watching someone else have sex is not permissible, so there were many barriers preventing incredibly harsh punishments. We must know our deen and go beyond conjecture and opinion when we are discussing human lives. Muslims are not savages and we must remember not to play into the hands of those who wish us to fufill the stereotype of the illogical Muslims. In the end, Allahu Alim.

        • isafakir

          only if seen and done in public. or publicly confessed without coercion. four honest  witness must actually see the penetration. those who accuse and cannot find four witnesses are punished. so all those here who accuse without witnesses are guilty.

        • Mujahid215

          Wrong. It is not punishable by the courts but God deems haraam thoughts to be haraam. Proof is that if someone imagines that a glass of water is wine and drinks it then it is a sin.  Regardless, this “imam” was well beyond thoughts, as he openly admitted to having physical relationships with married men. And when they meet they’re doing more than having “subliminal thoughts”.

          Please do not put your own spin on Islam, this is why there is 1400 yrs of proof and evidence of how to apply the law of God. 

      • ehtisham

        it is not natural, do you think the story of prophet Lot (as) is some mythical legend? God punished Sodom for their evil practices. God destroyed them! Lot (as)’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt!
        This practice does not agree with the heart or the mind, and those that revel in this practice, allah (swt) has placed a seal over their hearts. Allahu Akbar!

      • isafakir

        no. that is simply untrue. islam nowhere mentions homosexuality anywhere. the word homosexuality did not exist until the end of the 20th century. what islam condemns is rape by heterosexual men of other men. period.

        • Mujahid215

          Homosexual sex is condemned in Judaism as well as Islam and Christianity. No religion or faith condones male on male sex.  You independent thinking people are beyond scary.

    • AZ

      I’m confused. Do you and friends acknowledge that it is haram to engage in homosexual actions? When you say your friends are gay Muslims and have strong iman, do you mean that even though they are attracted to the same gender they don’t act on those attractions? That they have patience with this trial from Allah?

      Or are you saying hat your gay Muslim friends believe that engaging in homosexual actions is halal in Islam?

      I’d appreciate a response, thanks.

  • Can’t stay quiet any longer

    great post, but all month you’ve been incorrectly using the words “past” and “passed.”

  • Saifullah786

    Salaam (to whoever reads this),

    Beyond disgusting. I couldn’t even finish the rest of the article. Asthaghfirullah. May Allah (SWT) guide us all to the straight path. Ameen. 

  • unfollowing..

    this is a fitna ..the term he used “mutah” is a shia termonology.. calling such person an imam is no doubt promoting him.. i thought you did this a good cause..but maybe your fame has derailed you..Please try considering removing the article or as a muslim give a favour and remove the word “imam” or spirtual leader.
    May Allah subhan-a-hu-wa-ta-alla guide you and me on the right path, Ameen!

    P.S: I am unfollowing this blog!

    • isafakir

      in islam all believers can be imam. we don’t have assigned priests. god says so. all believers are imam when they do their own prayers. they are imam then to the angels who join them and every believer has at least two angels. so each and every one of us is imam, unless you reject god’s command not to ordain priests.

  • Imam_me

    What this article completely fails to address is why this guy – gay or straight or whatever – is an “imam”. That term is specifically used in Islamic scholarly studies and signifies reaching a particular level in the educational hierarchy. Where did this guy learn/get this education? Did he at all? Or is it that just because he’s gay and Muslim, we crown him “Imam” and write sugary sweet posts with zero substance?

    • Isa Kocher

      he has studied and passed tests and completed courses in major islamic universities. been given the title 3alim. he knows quran ahadith fiq tavsir shariah of all 4 schools the languages of study the cultures of early islam and classical languages and cultures and lived islam in traditional muslim communitees with scholars. at the very least he knows what he’s talking about.

    • Momtotsan

      According to his website, Imam Daayiee studied Shari’ah Sciences under Dr. Taha Al-Alawani.

    • Matthew

      There is nothing in Islam that says an imam or an ‘alim has to have a certain degree or have a certain position in an educational hierarchy. After all, Abu Hanifa was a silk merchant, Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj, the author of the collection of hadith called Sahih Muslim was a draper or cloth merchant. Ahmad ibn Hanbal was a weaver of cords for undertrousers (yansij al-tikak).

      • Imam_me

        I repeat: if this were a story about another gay muslim, that would be different. It would be a story about a gay muslim. But the article claims he’s an “imam”, can you claim to be a phony “doctor” and give an interview? Haven’t checked his personal website, but this article had to paint clear why he’s called an Imam in the first place.

  • Halaleats

    who are we to judge?  we should hate the sin, not the sinner…we are all flawed.

    • Rashid

      No one’s hating him, or they should’t be. We are hating the fact that the sin is glorified as if its nothing, its acceptable. etc

  • Ummzaksbest

    I sometimes consult Imam Daaiyee, and I’m heterosexual. Imam Daaiyee is wise, humble, and gentle; I know that his advice comes with large doses of book learning, life experience, and compassion for human beings as we struggle towards what’s best. In the four states I’ve lived in, two mosques I’ve worked for, several Islamic organizations I’ve volunteered in, and in just getting to know people, I don’t know of anyone who can match him in those regards.

  • Aicha

    I feel that my opinions were very divided after
    reading this article. I wanted to read it in the first place because I
    think it’s important to raise awareness about this issue. Gay Muslims do
    exist and the wider Muslim community needs to start
    realizing it and dealing with it. At the same time, I have to wonder
    how the imam could possibly find no problem in being actively gay and
    having gay partners when its CLEARLY prohibited in Islam? I’m not
    judging because God knows we all sin and there are worst sins than
    engaging in homosexual activities, but I’m very confused as to how he
    seems to think it’s perfectly fine? It’s one thing to sin in private,
    but a completely other thing to do it openly and believe that it’s OK.
    If the article was about a gay Imam who is reaching out to other Muslim
    gays in an effort to help them overcome their common jihad, then that’s a
    different story and it’s an article I would gladly share with my

    • Isa Kocher

      ask him. read his books. read his articles. you don’t have to wonder. if you want to know find out. otherwise you condemn without knowing.

      • Yasmina Muslima

        isa are you a muslim urself?! Do you know what islam says about homosexuality?! Islam clearly prohibits any homosexual acts. Thats it. Thats all.  Go read the quaran, read the sunnah. I think YOU are condemning it without any knowledge of what is Islam. I think you are a free spirited person who thinks that his actions are legit no matter what his religious faith is. You should take the quaran as a WHOLE not only the bits and parts of it that advantages you in life… God knows best. salam.

  • Flower

    It is possible to be gay and Muslim but it is not possible to be gay and an Iman.  An Imam must have the highest of character and join the people on what is right and warn them about what is forbidden.  Homosexuality is clearly forbidden in Islam, as well as in Christianity and Judaism.  Islamically or otherwise, it cannot be justified as a alternative lifestyle.  Homosexuality is a sin, adultery is a sin, fornication is a sin.  I know Muslims who are gay and who ask Allah (swt) for mercy and forgiveness because of their acts.  If this so-called Iman accepts his behavior as being a sin and seeks forgiveness and mercery for his weaknesses he is a sinner and my brother in Islam.  If he justifies his weakness as being in line with the teachings of Islam, then he rejects what Allah (swt) has stated in the Quran and what Prophet Muhammad (saw)  taught us and is therefore a disbeliever.

    • Isa Kocher

      no. you do not decide what god says. you do not decide what mohammed saws says. imam daiyee completely unequivocally accepts quran sharia hadith and spent his life studying it. so he is MUSLIM. any muslim who denies another is not. that is mohammed’s saws fetwa. even if he is mistaken. he is muslim. we do not decide who is not. god says only god knows who is one of god’s believers.

      in the judgement, those to the right and those to the left go to their reward. and then there are those who are the friends and lovers of god.

      none of us know. 

      • Mauv

        He is NOT deciding what Allah SWT or our Prophet SAWS are saying, rather, he is passing on to us what they have ALREADY said. While I won’t say Br Daiyee isn’t Muslim, I will say that his teachings are going against what Islam says, and he should change his ways. If he has homosexual urges, he should seek Allah’s mercy, and try to keep from acting on those urges. It is hard, but Allah SWT is always there.

        If he doesn’t change his ways, then he shouldn’t tell others that the homosexual lifestyle is valid. That is just an assumption though, I do not know if Br Daiyee gives that sort of advice. If he is, than he is not fit to be an Imam, regardless of however amount of knowledge he has acquired.

        We cannot pick and choose whatever we want to believe. For me to say that I am Muslim, then turn around and say I will only follow such and such command of Allah, is very contradictory. Islam isn’t a joke, even as a Muslim you are not guaranteed paradise, and you could just as well be thrown into the hellfire. The commands of Allah and his Prophet are concrete, and there are no 2 ways about it. Either you follow all of them, or you risk incurring Allah’s wrath. This mentality amongst Muslims must change. How can we claim to love God, when we don’t even bother doing what he tells us to do?

  • Rifat

    this is a good story on how a muslim should NOT be

  • UmmAdam

    While i’m appreciative that this conversation is being had within the Muslim community I also wonder how this brother can justify his actions and lead others in the same. May Allah have mercy upon him and guide him to what is best. Today’s culture has been lulled into thinking that there are only two options when it comes to homosexuality
    1. Born that way (no “homosexuality” gene has ever been found)
    2. Choice (who in their right mind would choose this life?).

    I never knew what to think until it became apparent that my son was attracted to males. Then I HAD to go searching for answers. I discovered that there is another alternative. One that I think if more people were aware of this dialogue would be way different. There are people of all faiths (Muslims are not exception) who struggle with same sex attraction (SSA) and who do not act on their feelings. They seek counseling and support of others who have led a homosexual lifestyle and who have confronted the issues that led to that attraction and who are now leading healthy heterosexual lives. I would like for every Muslim to please educate themselves by reading articles at the following websites:

    Let’s be on the forefront of reshaping the conversation.

    • Anonymous

      I feel terrible for your son, for what you’re putting him through.  NARTH has been roundly discredited by the entire mental health professionals’ community in its efforts to “cure” homosexuality. These are very psychologically harmful forms of “therapy.”  Please stop putting your son through this trauma, and promoting these websites and organizations whose practices have absolutely no basis in science.

      • change is possible

        No it has not been widely discredited.  Reparative therapy is effective for some.  People should have a choice how to deal with unwanted homosexual feelings – not told to just accept that they are “born that way” and can’t change.  Any anthopologist, scientist, etc., will tell you that human sexuality is fluid and can change.  Stop trying to push your agenda on others.

        • Isa Kocher

          it is widely condemned by every professional medical psychiatric psychological and counseling organization in the world. not one study has shown it possible. calling it thereapy in many jurisdictions is criminal. i am an anthroipologist, graduated from the university of pennsylvania with honors. i guarantee you that you will find no anthropologist in AAA who agrees with you. sexuality is by all research, 99% plus. determined before puberty, before even than the age of 6. there are no studies which indicate that sexual orientation is malleable.

          if you forced your child through sexual reorientation in the UK, you’d have your child taken away as an abusive parent.

          all professional psychiatric psychological and orientation organizations agree the so called reparation therapy is abusive.

          • change is possible


          • Salahuddin Hammer

            Salaams Brother,
            We have very little use (other than to make us aware of how close we are to the punishment of Allah) for what anthropologists rule on the matter of homosexuality. Our religion has its scholars and none of them take the stance you seem to be taking my Brother. I think you are in a very dangerous area in regards to the message you are sending to people. The research of the non-Muslims is only useful to us if it does not contradict our faith… I mean the issue of homosexuality is not up for debate and to the Muslims struggling with this I pray for you guys but you have to struggle like I have to struggle with my own demons. Lets not look for the easy way ou (ie giving up and giving in to our demons by looking for excuses to make the haram halal). And of course throughout all this discourse we recognize that Allah(swt) knows best.

    • Isa Kocher

      there is no sex gene. no heterosex gene. no you cannot change or choose. these are science facts.

      all psychology, psychiatry, counseling professional organizations in the world agree that narth and people can change assertions are unscientific. they agree that trying to change a person’s orientation is harmful and dangerous and in many jurisdictions it is illegal. no in fact most graduates of sexual reorientation even most of its leadership revert back to same sex orientation and spend their lives denying themselves. it leads to a life of lies. a horrible thing to do to a muslim.

    • UmmAdam

      It’s sad that people try to judge. Assuming that I’m doing something to my son. If providing a choice and guidance is wrong then I don’t want to be right.  I won’t even begin to discuss here all the many issues that led to his attraction. There is nothing that says you can be attracted to the same sex and NOT believe in Allah. So of course there are muslims who are attracted to the same sex. Telling them the story of Lot all day long isn’t going to change how they feel. Only a deep reflection of a lot of issues will do that, if given the chance to know that there is an alternative. You can’t help how you feel but you can understand why you feel the way you do and CHOOSE not to act on those feelings. It’s great to dismiss narth without actually reading the articles (what’s important on their site to me is the examination of the issues) but no one said anything about the conversations on the other two sites about very real people who have had this attraction but do not act on it, deal with their issues and lead a healthy heterosexual lifestyle. The only thing I’m doing for my son is providing him an alternative way to think and process his feelings. Which started by the way when he was exposed to gay pornography around the age of ten. That is abuse. period. So to the comment that sexuality is formed before puberty I’d agree. It is formed by a lot of issues none of them genetic. So if there is no homosexual gene or hetero gene then it gonna be shaped one way or another and by lots of different factors in the child’s environment.  They were not born that way. Examining those factors will certainly go a long way to understanding and making choices about one’s sexuality. The brother in the article’s partner CHOSE to be with a woman. No one said anything about that though.

      • Nahid Sarvy

        The brother in the article was *attracted to women* because he apparently is bisexual. He didn’t “choose” the woman, but Daiyee refused to be in a polygamous relationship.

        • Esra

          Say someone is bisexual, is it okay for him to have two partners, one male and one female? After all, unlike homosexuals and heterosexuals he is attracted to both sexes, and someone who is only attracted to one has “no right to judge him.” Yet, he can be expected to be more than his desires, he has choices. He can choose to follow one desire, and not to follow the other. Similarly, if I have homosexual desires, I can be expected to be more than what my desire is. This man in the article also asked one of his boyfriends to stop playing feminine, what if that person actually needed help in identifying with his own gender? But unfortunately healing is out of fashion, because some people tried incredibly cruel and senseless measures before. 
          Healing needs to be made available, compassionate, wise, genuine healing for this and many other emotional imbalances…It is not about judging, or disagreeing, it is about being willing to do the best for yourself and others. 

      • Esra

        It is very brave and compassionate what you are doing. Even if it was in his genes, it would not be wrong to try to help him change. There are people who are more prone to depression, but we do not therefore settle with depression as a destiny. Try Bach remedies too, if you can find someone who knows how to prescribe them for this issue, which is not very common. It works well with emotional balance. May this challenge be a door for blessing for your son and you, to reach a deeper connection in your soul, to flourish. May God bless you.
        email me if you want to be in touch:

    • IreneInTexas

      Do you really wan to be in the same company as people like Michele Bachman and her husband? Seriously. Is that the kind of hater you agree with? Where do you draw the line on who it is ok to hate/force-to-reform-their evil-ways? She would have you forced to convert to Christianity or be deported.

  • long time reader

    Love your blog, and i really appreciate the fact that you covered this controversial story. However, some people have pointed out that this is great journalism, but i feel its missing the mark to warrant such a compliment, for this piece especially. I think it would’ve been interesting, if you delved a little deeper, and asked how he reconciles his faith with his actions? Also, how did the Uyghur Chinese community accept his homosexuality,  what kind of conflicts did he encounter, or what kind of advice he provided to other queer Muslims? Maybe next time? Its ok you guys are rookies so I`ll give you a pass…;)
    Have been following your adventures since 09, keep it up guys!!!

    • Isa Kocher

      you’re asking a book not a blog :-)

  • Kelly

    Thank you for acknowledging differences in Muslims, even ones that are clearly painful for others to admit exist. It’s time to have a discussion about what had always been instead of throwing around judgements towards fellow Muslims. I am so thankful for God who is most merciful and beneficent because it is clear many in these blog comments are not capable of such things.

    • Rachel

      Thank you for your very insightful comment.

    • Sarah A

      Thank you Kelly, well said.

  • Tom

    Imam Abu Hanifa -rahimahullah- actually did not list any punishment for homosexuality. -And not because he was negligent of the topic. He even stated his reason saying that it contradicts a well established hadith in which the Prophet [saas] listed 3 things for which a Muslim could legally be executed by the state… and homosexuality is not mentioned among them. So, he reckoned that the hadith which mandated death for sodomy was superceded in rank by a much more rigorously authenticated hadith which contradicted it! [Per Wayne Dynes, Encyclopaedia of Homosexuality, New York, 1990].

    • Rayan

      Okay, but what this ‘Imam’ is doing is still Zina. 

      If you believe the Qur’an is perfect (a universally accepted principle for being Muslim), then you have to look at the fact that every single context of spouse and mate in the Qur’an uses Arabic words for the opposite gender.  i.e.

      “It is He Who created you from a single person, and made his mate of like nature, in order that he might dwell with her (in love). When they are united, she bears a light burden and carries it about (unnoticed). When she grows heavy, they both pray to Allah their Lord, (saying): “If Thou givest us a goodly child, we vow we shall (ever) be grateful.” Qur’an Chapter 7, Verse 189

      • Tom

        No argument there, just leave the poor guy alone.

  • D’amour

    What a beautiful piece, thank you bloggers! I have personally met Imam Daiyee at a Queer Muslim Conference and can honestly say his the genuine article. A great, inspirational and courageous Imam.

    As for the Quran, the story of Lot is widely referenced as a an excuse for homophobia. The story is focused on the act of sexual assault (forcing sex without consent), not homosexuality. In Islam, the relationship between God and a Muslim is an exclusive one. Unlike in Christianity, only God judges us and there is no room for some moral authoritative majority that tries to interpret the Quran onto others. Relax people!

    • Rayan

      Forced Homosexuality?

      “Of all the creatures in he world, will you appraoch males, and leave those whom Allah has created for you to be your mates? Nay, you are a people transgressing all limits!” Qur’an Chapter 26 Verse 165-166

      I mean you can say, people can be Gay and Muslim, you may have something to debate, and it is your right. However, trying to pervert the interpretation of the Qur’an to something that no one has had in the history of Islam is a little ridiculous. 
      “Must you approach men with lust and cur across the way of nature? Must you commit these shamful deeds in open assemblies? But his people’s only answer was, “Bring Down upon us God’s chastisement, if you are a man of truth!” Qur’an Chapter 37 Verse 28

      • Isa Kocher

        you are the one perverting the quran.

        it says that married men with families are attempting to kill two strangers by means of gang rape. that is not gay sex. the quran describes the context at length. at very great length in several places. the sin is sexual abuse. the sin is clearly incontrovertibly rape. men raping men. by force. heterosexual married men, as policy.

        it’s clear if you go back and read the original writings of the four imams that they did not confuse sex with rape or rape with sex. and to say that what people today say is what people over 1300 plus years ago said is more than ridiculous: it is untrue.

        • Isa Kocher

          anybody who thinks that rape is sex or sex is rape is simply sick.

          • Rayan

            So how exactly from my post do you conclude that I am condoning rape or equating the two? You make these wild claims without any backing of evidence from any reputable source; merely your conjecture. 

            However, I am providing and can continue to provide you with verse after verse that says sex with same gender is wrong.  It is obvious from your ‘interpretation’ that you do not speak Arabic.  An Arabic speaker will understand immediately that in the case of Lot there is no mix-up.Explain something, why do Jews and Christians come to the same conclusion from the same story as us?Use the Qur’an because what you mull over in your head is quite frankly, irrelevant.

          • D’amour

            The reason Jews, Christians and Muslims have the same interpretation (Reformist Jews do not) is because they are offsprings of one another and interpretations got passed on my friend. There is a famous proverb “you can find 17000 meanings in a single sura”, this is very true! Why do you think the Quran is entirely written in poetry? So the individual can find the meaning he is looking for. Islam did not make you homophobic rather you made Islam homophobic. 

          • Rayan

            No, that is not a ‘famous’ proverb.  Just because you say something doesn’t make it true.  Even here, your refutation of the three faiths coming to the same conclusion is your ‘guess’ that interpretations was passed.  Certain things in the Qur’an are open to interpretation.  Certain things have not been debated until the last 50 years.

            What I have witnessed on these boards are that the people of like-mind to you, have no substance or basis in facts to prove their position.  It is merely altering the faith to fit them.  

            It appears as though the zina aspect is completely dismissed.  It is obvious in your writings that you are insecure about your position and you are desperately trying to give legitimacy to this view, but with a complete absence of evidence. 

          • isafakir

            you have proven now at great length that you have nothing but your own misinformed unschooled untaught prejudice behind you. and unfortunately are unable to understand simple english. you keep repeating the same thing but offer nothing in the way of quran or hadith or fiq to prove your prejudice. you want to make this a personal attack on people and that only proves this is no longer a discussion but a personal agenda. that is the devil at work.  not god. go in peace and go and learn. you go your way and leave others to go their way and god will decide.

          • Fuad Kamal

            You have once again through your postings proven you haven’t bothered to actually ever read the Quran.  The Quran also clearly states over and over it is NOT poetry.  You clearly have no understanding of classical arabic or the Quran.

          • isafakir

            the quran describes forced rape. in plain arabic. innocent foreigners are being raped, gang raped by force. that is what the quran describes at length. and what the jews decided and what the christians decided was the same up until the 20th century. and that is history. 1200 years of common history where jews muslims and christians all agreed that the passages are about rape and murder. go read that history

    • Sarah A

      D’Amour, my point exactly. Islam is not a religion of salvation, so there is no one thing that qualifies or disqualifies us as Muslims. We have no right to say that X can’t be Muslim for whatever reason. And yes, Lot is woefully misinterpreted.

    • Ijas2000

      it says in the quran, “Would ye really approach men in your lusts rather than women? Nay, ye are a people (grossly) ignorant! But his people gave no other answer but this: They said, “Drive out the followers of Lut from your city: these are indeed men who want to be clean and pure!” But We saved him and his family, except his wife; her We destined to be of those who lagged behind. And We rained down on them a shower (of brimstone): and evil was the shower on those who were admonished (but heeded not)!” (Qur’an 27:55-58) therefore the story of lot is not about homophobia. it is about homosexuality and it is forbidden in islam. ..take a look at the 1st verse above^^ this is proof that homosexuality is forbidden …..

      • isafakir

        it is NOT about homosexuality. that word did not exist. married men with families who leave their wives and families to go and rape and kill two strangers visting LOT[aws] is not homosexuality. these people told Lot [aws[][described in quran] not to accept strangers in his home. so they gather as a whole community to rape the strangers. god doesn’t use the word for sex here. not anywhere. god says lusts. the sin is not about sex [nika] but about hate,. rape murder. the quran is clear. these are NOT homosexuals. they are heterosexuals. married men with families heterosexuals normal men. who hate. kill and rape. not one word about homosexuality but a lot of words about heterosexual men. who like to kill. who lust to kill each other. and that was the fiq until the 20th century. men who use abuse sexually rape other men. that is heterosexuality in the middle east. lust. not homosexuals who almost never rape. but heterosexual men who do. 99% of rape is by heterosexual married men. and that is what it is about. NOT homosexuality and anyone who say homosexuality here is just sick. does not know.

  • Tom

    Furthermore, the great Muaritanian Scholar currently residing in Medina [and the speaker in the two widely famous youtube videos "The Goodly Life" and "Would That I Knew..."] Muhammad Al-Mukhtar Al-Shinqitee states, “[even though] homosexuality is a grievous sin…[a] no legal punishment is stated in the Qur’an for homosexuality…[b] it is not reported that Prophet Muhammad has punished somebody for committing homosexuality…[c] there is no authentic hadith reported from the Prophet prescribing a punishment for the homosexuals…” He argues that both hadiths on stoning and killing homosexuals are weak: Hadith scholars such as Al-Bukhari, Yahya ibn Ma`in, An-Nasa’i, Ibn Hazm, Al-Tirmidhi, and others impugned the two hadiths. [Threats to Behead Homosexuals: Shari`ah or Politics? by Mohamed El-Moctar El-Shinqiti,] He is preceeded by Abu Bakr Al-Jassas (d. 981 AD/370 AH) who argued that the statements of the Prophet [saas] which seem to encourage the state to execute homosexuals “are not reliable by any means, and no legal punishment can be prescribed based on them.”

    • Pamela

      Thank you for posting these interesting historical details.  It shows yet again how far away from the classical thought our current “back to the Prophet’s Sunnah” shariah approach is.

  • EMES3

    I believe it is important to spread the message of respecting everyone. Homosexuality does not determine whether a person is evil or bad. However, it is wrong as stated it the Holy Quran which makes so many explicit references to the sin of practicing homosexuality ie destroying the clan of Lot. It is based on carnal desires and causes one to deviate from basic teachings of Islam. Moreover, it is haram to be in a relationship with someone outside of marriage let alone a homosexual one. I would not go far as to label this man a non Muslim, that is to be determined by God. But I would not consider this person an imam because I don’t think he is accurately conveying the principles Islam and he may be disseminating false information to a community who genuinely want truth. May God guide us all to the straight path. 

    • Isa Kocher

      frankly no. “homosexuality” as a word nor anything like it did not exist in arabic 1400 years ago. not once does quran condemn homosexuality because no word in quran anywhere means homosexuality. what the quran does condemn is forced rape, gang rape, sexual abuse by heterosexual married men with families. anyone who tries to insert “homosexuality” into any part of quran is perverting the quran.

      homosexuality is a portmanteau neologism introduced a little over 100 years so inserting it into 6th century arabic perverts the arabic.

      anyone who really believes sex is rape or rape is sex is quite simply sick.

      science has proven that no one chooses a gay sexual orientation. god is not a tyrant. god does not condemn in the innocent. neither did imam hanafi hz. no one today knows quran as well as imam hanafy hz. so it’s not our place to contradict him: he says that god condemns heterosexual men who sexually abuse others. scientifically it’s proven that gay people rarely  abuse sexually. sexual abuse is more than 99% committed by heterosexuals.  that is what quran condemns.

  • doob

    When you make what licit what God made illicit, you have left the fold of Islam.  Being gay, fornicating, sodomizing men or women, engaging in adultery, etc., will not take you out of the fold of Islam – these are all just sins.  Doing none of the above but saying that one or more, for the purposes of this example, is OK in Islam, i.e. it is “halal” and not “haram,” will take you straight out of the religion.  May God guide us all.  Also, there is no clergy in Islam, so this man is no more an “imam” than anyone else who claims the title.  In the end, though, the title of “imam” for the purposes of our Muslim community in the U.S. means no more than one who leads prayers – so it is no great feat to acquire such a title. 

    • doob

      Clarification of my post:  “when you make licit what God has made illicit” is what I meant to say.  Also, I didn’t mean to say that being gay is sinful.  It is only acting on attraction to the same sex that is sinful in Islam. 

    • Isa Kocher

      no. you don’t get to decide who is or who is not muslim.

      • change is possible

        basic fiqh.  if you don’t like it – well, that is something you’ll have to settle in your own mind.  may God guide you and guide us all.

    • Isa Kocher

      no. you don’t get to decide who is or who is not muslim.

  • Al A’raf

    Allah SWT said in the Qur’an:  And the shaythan will make your evil deeds appear fair-seeming to you….

  • Rayan

    I would like to clear one thing.  I have lived in Beijing and Shanghai.  Spent extensive time in Xinjiang, in Kashgar, Urumqi, and Turpan (Where the Uiyghurs live).

    -The Uiyghurs are Hanafi, Imam Hanafi permitted beer, not wine, so many of them drink, not all, but many
    -The Uiyghurs believe the Qur’an says nothing forbidding women from leading prayer and as such women can lead men in prayer
    -HOWEVER, The Uiyghurs are not by any stretch of the imagination accepting of homoseuxals.  I have spent extensive time at the mosques and even taught Islam in China.2. Any homosexual who has boyfriends is committing zina.  A gay Muslim should think of their desire to have sex with the same gendered person in the same manner as a pedophile who has a natural inclination towards having sex with children.  It is a desire, an evil desire and one should abstain from it.  In abstaining from these desires that they were born with is paradise.  Allah knows best.

    • doob

      Imam Abu Hanifa did not permit people to drink beer – an intoxicant, as you suggest.  See this for the context in which alcohol was permitted by Abu Hanifa:  (Also, khamr refers to alcoholic intoxicants, not just wine)

      “Synthetic Alcohol is Not Najis by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani
      In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most MercifulIn the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful, and all blessings and peace upon our master Muhammad, his Folk, Companions and those who follow their noble way,Assalamu alaikum,According to the Indian Hanafi scholars, the fatwa in our times is that synthetic alcohols (and all alcohol not considered ‘khamr’) is tahir, and permitted to use and consume AS LONG AS:(a) it is not used as an intoxicant;(B) it is not used as intoxicants as used (i.e. for alcoholic consumption, even a little);© it is not used in an amount that intoxicates;(d) it is not used in vain (lahw).This was Mufti Mahmoud Ashraf Usmani’s explanation, and it is supported by many fatwas in the great Indian Hanafi fatwa references of the 20th Century. This is the position of Imam Abu Hanifa himself. Later scholars said that the fatwa was on the position of Imam Muhammad ibn al-Hasan al-Shaybani, Abu Hanifa’s student, that all alcohol is najis and haram, even in small quantities, because of widespread fitna. In our times, because of the widespread use of alcohol in all sorts of things, it has become very difficult to avoid. This is why great Hanafis of our times gave the abovementioned fatwa.Wassalam,Faraz Rabbani”

      • Rayan

        Sheikh Faraz Rabbani is one of my best friend’s brothers.  Regardless, he is adding nuance which subsequent Hanafi scholars ADDED.  Imam Abu Hanifa did not add this nuance.  

        Read Rihla by Ibn Batuta or Imam Ghazali’s book.  The Mongols which later became the Mughals (Uiyghurs are descendants of them) actually converted to this sect of Islam because of the ruling on beer. 

        • Isa Kocher

          which book of imam al ghazali’s?

          • Rayan

            Fayasl al-tafriqa bayn al-Islam wa-l-zandaqa

        • change is possible

          “This is the position of Imam Abu Hanifa himself.” – Sh. Faraz Rabbani

          • Rayan

            Let me clarify my intent.

            Imam Abu Hanifa added that it cannot be drunk for the purpose of intoxication, but beer was permitted, that was his fatwa.  That is what it was known as. 

            I am not someone who believes alcohol is permitted.  What I was trying to communicate is some background on Uiyghurs.  Anybody who has traveled that part of the world will know that Muslims in Uzbekistan, Turkestan (Xinjiang, home of the Uiyghurs), Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan will know that drinking is part of their culture; it is imbued with their Islamic identity.  This has started changing in the last few decades as they have had exposure to other Muslims.  However, that was the principal reason they converted to Hanafi Islam when Shafi Islam was the dominant form in their periphery.  They actually expanded the Hanafi fiqh the most.

            Their are numerous records, even from Imam Bukhari (who was from Uzbekistan), of drinking being acceptable in those regions during that time, as long as one did not get drunk, of course that is a line that most crossed for obvious reasons.

            Subsequent Hanafi scholars more clearly dilineated what they believe Abu Hanifa’s intentions were.  I am speaking from a record of history, not of Fiqh. 

      • Isa Kocher

        every living cell has alcohol in it. it’s impossible to live without the body making alcohol. the quran nowhere mentions alcohol. it wasn’t known in the 6th century. so those who say the quran condemns alcohol don’t know the facts. it replaces opinion with facts. throwing words around like alcohol that didn’t exist in the arabic of quran or the arabic of the prophet saws is frankly innovation.

        intoxicating beverage is condemned. not alcohol. sharab. which means simply something to drink. in context intoxicating.

        so near beer which doesn’t intoxicate can’t be haram. ever try to get drunk on near beer? you can’t but boy oh boy do you urinate yourself to death trying.

        very little ignorance goes a long long way towards making what’s clear into obfuscating murk.

        • guest

          khamr is the word for “intoxicating beverage” in arabic.  and yes, it is mentioned in the quran, very clearly.
          { O ye who believe! Strong drink and games of chance and idols and divining
          arrows are only *an infamy of Satan’s handiwork. Leave it aside* in order
          that ye may succeed} (5:90)

          please, do not try to make halal what Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala made haram.  that is indeed shirk.

    • Isa Kocher

      gay people are not pedophiles. pedophiles are more than 99% heterosexuals. they abuse children. children, no child can rationally choose to have sex with any adult. to call pedophilia natural is really beyond all comprehension. because children do not have the wherewithall to choose. if any adult has sex with any child, that is rape. why do muslim men need to call people like myself rapists? isn’t that insulting beyond forgiving?

      no i never raped, no i never sexually abused, no i never used any child any man and woman, any creature sexually. same sex orientation is not a desire. same sex identity is not a desire. that simply is scientifically untrue. it’s easier to change the color of my eyes than my orientation.

      i was attracted to other boys before i went to school. long before desire every happened. virtually all mammalian and avian species engage in permanent same gender bonding, and species that mate permanently all show same gender permanently mating. loving other men is no more evil than any other loving. that is the very basis of human society, and of religion. the quran itself defines a believer as someone who helps others.

      so why do heterosexual muslim males so often define sex as rape and rape as sex as this posting does. 1300 or 1200 years ago, it was not so. this is salafism run amock.

      • Anonymous

        More than 99% of pedophiles are heterosexuals? Are you serious? Have you not heard of the Catholic priest issue? You lost any credibility you had with that ridiculous statement.

        If you indulge in it, you are doing zina end of story.

        • Guy

          “Salafism run amock?” “More than 99% heterosexuals?” Ridiculous statements by the man all around. 

        • Zedikia

          Considering heterosexuals are the majority of the population of this planet, and catholic priests are far less than 1% of the global population—let alone the homosexual population, their unforgivable actions do not make up for the entire homosexual population, nor the statistics associated therein.

          but you keep going with your sweeping generalizations.

          • Rayan

            We just heard someone say 6% of people are homosexuals.  Some even say 10% so where does 1% come from.

            Furthermore, we know there is a problem with homosexuals and young boys.  Go ahead and pretend it doesn’t exist.  Ask any police officer. What is NAMBLA?

  • al A’raf

    Just in case,
    Here is the English translation:
    Surah Al A’raf, Ayat 80-84
    We also selected Lut, who said to his people: “Will you do such indecent acts as no one else in the world has committed before you? (80) You satisfy your lust with men instead of women. Indeed you are a nation who has transgressed beyond bounds.”(81) His people had no answer but to say: “Drive them out of your town, they pose to be very pious!”(82) So We saved him and his family except his wife, who was of those who lagged behind.(83) And We rained a rain upon them(of brimstone). See now the nature of the consequence for evil doers!(84)

    • Isa Kocher

      so explain to me why so many muslim men say rape, gang rape, rape murder is sex?

      • Muav

        Wait…what? What are you trying to even accomplish here? You keep regurgitating the same them over and over, even when the subject matter the poster is talking about is different?

    • Isa Kocher

      so explain to me why so many muslim men say rape, gang rape, rape murder is sex?

  • hank
    • NewYorker

      Good perspective, a must read.  

  • NewYorker

    For Muslims struggling with this:

    Saddened by the Imam’s promotion of homosexuality, but for actual Islamic perspectives on the issue (as opposed to purely emotional arguments promoting something blatantly haram):

  • Amenaskhan

    Very interesting indeed. 

  • Muslim101

    I dont understand why u would cover this… It is obviously wrong to be gay and muslim. You cant be a homosexual and claim that u are muslim because that contradicts what the quran says about it being haram and a very big sin. Also, in Islam, dating isnt allowed in such ways… He was in a ‘relationship’ for 11 yrs??? Dating in general isnt allowed in Islam, we arent suppose to have girlfriends and boyfriends because they lead to haram acts such as zina. He shouldnt be promoting his homosexuality either because being gay is absolutely wrong in islam… no way could it be accepted in this faith.

  • A’ishah


    I wanted to say thank you to 30 mosques in 30 days for interviewing Imam Daayiee. As a queer Muslim, I am so happy to see the lives of queer Muslims included in your stories, especially when so many of us are afraid to go to the mosque or engage in our local Muslim communities for fear of backlash. I’ve had the blessing of meeting Imam Daayiee in person and he is one of the sweetest, humblest, gentlest men I’ve ever met, and also a great spiritual leader. I’m really glad to see his voice here.


  • Muhammed

    It seems to me like a distinction has to be made. I think Mustafa Davis stated it best when he mentioned:

    “We have a very clear agenda where we say ‘Come as you are to Islam as it is,’” Mustafa said. “The reason we have that second part is because we’re not trying to change the religion.”

    It’s one thing to be accepting of people and their flaws and accept them as Muslims. For one to accept a brother who drinks or gambles, but still understands that what he is doing is wrong, allows for growth and sympathy. But to indulge in sin and go as far as to claim that the sin is something permissible? It’s disgraceful. Perhaps it’s true that the community hasn’t addressed the issue enough, there are people struggling with it. But discussion doesn’t necessitate giving unwarranted credence to leader-heads of movements like those of this “Imam.” I respect the 30 mosques initiative but feel it could be handled more tactfully. And just as an aside, throwing articles out there without a traditional Islamic reference/perspective (falling in line with the majority opinion of our scholars) can give non-Muslims the picture that acting on urges is permissible. 

  • Mustafe 91

    Subxanallahi, This is the begining of Fitnah..please dont spread this poolshit thing…this is HARAM@ all…the reaosn u guys are covering this poolshit thing is showing off that islam has guy pple which is untrue!!! stop bad deeds that ure reporitng…DON’t you fasting the holly month of RAmadaan….Acuudu bilaahi!!

    • Riz M.

      What is poolshit?

  • Rashid

    You can’t be an imam when you are sinning and being proud about it, and publicizing it like if its no big deal. There is a limit to making people feel accepted. We should try and help his cause rather than promote it by saying no its welcome here. This has got to be one of the signs of the day of judgement.

  • Me

    Allah has destroyed nations for transgressing. One of them was for sexual transgression during prophet Lot. Be gay and Muslim, what an oxymoron!. May Allah guide us to see the right thing.

  • Anonymous

    interesting that this writer repeatedly treats muslim women as if we’re complete aliens, mysteriously lurking in the background, in post after post, but is so eager to devote an entire profile to “understanding” this brother and his beliefs.  out of all the amazing muslims with compelling stories out there, you decide to give voice to this “imam” ‘s unsubstantiated assertions, such as that Uyghurs follow an islam that’s closer to the prophet’s and supposedly accept homosexuality so there must be no conflict, or his concern that people who come out take on a lisp?? I get that 30mosques is trying really hard to be super edgy this year, maybe to ingratiate themselves more to the mainstream media, but truthfully, this post was just poorly done.  

  • amir syed

    I wonder if you guys doing this interview had anything to do with the earthquake? Allah knows best. May he forgive us all for our sins. 

    • Seriously

      Wow, seriously? I wonder if all the Muslim countries in the world suffer for some unrelated reason as well. 

    • Mauv

      While I do not agree with this article, this is plain ignorance. Stop for a minute and think. What if that earthquake hit because you committed a sin? Fear Allah.

      • amir syed

        The reason I mentioned this and it was just a thought was because it reminded me of the story of Lut (A.S) and the punishment that they faced. Also the reason i said this was because i do fear Allah and his punishment please don’t fall under the misunderstanding to think that natural disasters just happen because of mere science. And if i committed a sin as severe as this than perhaps Allah would Punish me likewise but i would ask for forgiveness. To call me ignorant and then tell me to fear Allah because I said he caused the earthquake  this is a little inconsistent don’t you agree. Sorry if I have upset you for this was not my intention. Asalaam Walakum. 

        • Mauv

          I’m not calling you ignorant, just stating that that particular statement you made is ignorant. I said it was ignorant because you are implying that Allah might’ve caused the earthquake because of these 2 brothers interviewing this imam. Who are we to say what Allah’s plans for us are? That is why when something like this happens, we should look at ourselves first and foremost. This is a message to myself also, because when I act in an unislamic manner, I am contributing to the disarray of the Ummah, and Allah is punishing us for that, because we have forgotten our mission in this Duniya. No hard feelings brother, inshaAllah something good came of this. WaAlaikumAsSalam.

    • Byrrdy

      Amir, I thought the same thing! 

  • Nafisah

    This was a beautiful blog post and I am happy to meet Imam Daiyee through your writing.  May Allah soften our hearts and erase our judgments of one another.  Ameen.

  • Nomi

    Assalam O alaikum Wa RahmatULLAH e Wa Barakatuh Brothers n Sisters in ISLAM!!!

    Freedom of speech doesn’t mean that some1 start saying/presenting about religion whatever he/she want. Sad n Sorry to see that this kind of fitnah is being promoted and also being highlighted there in US and west.May ALLAH S.W.T protect all muslim brothers and sisters from such fitnahs which are wrongly representing the most beautiful religion and a complete way of life for the whole mankind.

    Mr. Author/Writer,
    Pls shut this website. if you cant do something good about deen, please do not do bad as well.

    May ALLAH (S.W.T) guide us all.

    Assalam O Alaikum (Muslims bros n sis)

    • Diah Agustina

      i beg to differ. please keep on writing, brother bassam and aman. 

  • Hijabiheather

    Jazak Allah khair for covering this. We don’t all agree, but realistically – do we just write off *every* Muslim engaged in what we see as haram?  What about everyone who has a traditional mortgage? Credit card? Student loan?  Riba’s really, really serious, too.  Point is, whether or not we all agree, LGBT Muslims are part of the ummah, and it does us no good to ignore or deny that.  Talking about the reality on the ground is not in itself promoting sin, any sin, whether riba or alcohol or neglecting salat or zina.

    What does really encourage me about this story is that he is 1) honest, with himself and Allah.  You cannot help what attractions you feel, hetero, homo, or bisexual.  Better to stand before the mirror and before Allah with self-understanding. 2) This Muslim TAKES MARRIAGE SERIOUSLY.  Whether or not one agrees with the validity of mutah marriage, you can’t deny that he’s trying to do things right in the manner in which he understands his path.  His marriage contract with his partner does little, if anything, I’m guessing, to legitimize his relationship in the larger ummah.  But he knows – as we all know – that first and last, we stand before ALLAH SWT, not other people.  No one forced him to perform a mutah contract – why else then would he do so (and also consider this as a step toward nikah) except out of his respect for Allah SWT.

    He prays for guidance on the Straight Path, as do we all, and may we all inshallah be clearly guided.

    • Bro

      It’s not the doing of the action itself necessarily, it’s promoting that action as permissible. An Imam advocating for the community to indulge in “Riba” would be written off as well. 

      • Áine ní Dhonnchadha

        Right, because being gay is like being a usurer. … wait, what?

      • Áine ní Dhonnchadha

        Right, because being gay is like being a usurer. … wait, what?

        • Rayan

          You are facetious. 

          He is clearly saying that an Imam should not be indulging in sin and be permitted to be a leader of a Muslim community. 

          Someone who is nonchalant about Zina is equivalent to an Imam that lends to poor people and charges 50% interest. 

  • zojo

    I normally don’t comment, but I considering the (expected) backlash through these comments, I just wanted to say I like what you guys are doing.  You put aside your personal perspectives to build a picture of Muslims in America. That takes real creativity to do, and I am glad that it is your voices getting out there. 


  • Abu Saleem

    Brothers and Sisters, Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuhu. First, I advise myself and you to focus on drawing closer to God during these noble days and nights that we are blessed to have reached as they are exiting as quick as they came!

    I will say that my heart trembles with sadness as I read Mr. Daiyee (and many of those commenting here) expressing ignorance of, brazenly rejecting, or reinterpreting based on whim and desire what the Qur’an, Sunnah, consensus of the companions of Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), and 1400 years of scholarship have made quite clear. The meaning of 7:81: “Indeed, you approach men with desire, instead of women. Rather, you are a transgressing people.”…. This translation (Saheeh International) however imperfect is quite clear even in English. If you have knowledge of Arabic and go to the Tafsir of Tabari, Qurtubi or any other that analyzes the grammar and sentence structure of the Qur’an, Allah is without *any* doubt condemning the action the people of Lot (sodomy)… not by only doing so by force, not doing so outside of a committed relationship (as some have claimed here and elsewhere), but the act itself.

    We should not approach the sacred law having already concluded what we want it to say, then selectively hunting the mistakes and omissions of scholars to defend our position. Rather we should humbly seek and submit to what Allah has enjoined upon us. As the saying goes, “Whomever bases his religion on the mistakes of the scholars will inevitably find himself in heresy.” The liberal society that we live in has its advantages, alhamdulillah, but it is not a yardstick that the rulings of Islam are to be measured against to ensure that they are in sync with the times. God’s protection is sought!

    Finally, I firmly believe that a person who has homosexual desires needs Islam and a relationship with his or her Creator just like anyone else, and should be welcomed, not shunned on the basis of these desires. However, action upon these desires must be avoided, and istihlaal (Considering the forbidden to be permissible) is a sin that can take a person outside of the fold of Islam, according to the Qur’an (2:85, 9:29).

    Take whatever personal opinion you will, but please do not claim the Book and Sunnah to be what they are not. Remember, the Qur’an will be a proof for you or against you in the Hereafter.

    Finally, I know that my beloved brothers Aman and Bassam (May Allah guide and protect them always) did not have bad intentions in what they posted, and they allude to not agreeing with the positions the man interviewed takes… however I advise with all love and sincerity: Before the next round of 30 mosques, consult a scholar of repute whom you trust and ensure that you avoid any unintended consequences of trying to “get the story out”. There is a benefit in understanding people who are different than us, no doubt, but Islam has bounds that should be respected.

    May God make us from those people He described in Surah Aali Imraan: “And let there be [arising]
    from you a nation inviting to [all that is] good, enjoining
    what is right and forbidding what is wrong, and those will be
    the successful.”(3:104) Barak Allahu Feekum (May God Bless you all!). Peace!

  • Uncleradu

    Thanks for covering this.  It is good to see the diversity in Islam, that a universal religion is for all people the way Allah made us. 

  • Amad

    This story is disappointing for a variety of reasons. It’s easy to dismiss critics as simply haters… Easier to do than to contemplate uncomfortable questions. Putting aside the unfortunate pandering to the media and the clear wrong in the Islamic context, let’s get to other uncomfortable questions:

    -why be so casual and some would say slanderous to the Uighur connection. Wouldn’t that have merited a bit of research?

    -what are the Islamic qualifications for the guy being imam? Can u rename urself Imam Bassam without any credentials? Did u even bother checking?

    -how large is his congregation? Shouldn’t that matter in a story? I mean how many ppl does this guy influence and if (as I expect) only a handful, then what is YOUR criteria for storifying him?

    -what are ur goals for highlighting him?

    Really there were 2 choices with this story…thumb ur nose at the mainstream audience or seal ur mainstream credentials. It is obvious where u leaned– how unfortunate that u chose to do it in the holy month of Ramadan. Telling u to fear Allah may sound so cliquish, but when weighs akhira with the duniya, that may be the most appropriate response.

    Hope ull consider retracting the post, not for me, not for the community, but for urself.

    • Amad

      “mainstream credentials” meant “mainstream media credentials”

      • Guy

        I’d like to see these questions addressed as well; by the author of the post at some point. 

    • *aaa

      it’s one thing to disagree/hate on the lifestyle of the subject of the post, and something else to hate on the author of the post. there are 2 different hatings going on here and yours falls in the category of the latter.

      your “uncomfortable” questions are already answered, if you actually read it instead of formulating a rude post about the author. in response to your questions:

      -”why be so casual…”- this isn’t a claim that bassam made about the uyghur people.  he was obviously writing about the guy’s interpretation.  read “in imam daiyee’s eyes…”  so bassam isn’t claiming this to be a truth, rather it’s the subject’s opinion which he makes very clear

      “what are his islamic qualifications..” — the first line of the post reads “he goes by Imam” so this story is based on how this man sees himself, and how his congregation sees him, which is obviously as an imam. and since our faith doesn’t have a formalized/documented accredation system, he can call himself whatever he wants. YOU don’t have to call him that. but bassam referring to him as imam doesn’t mean he must first research the guys creds. they guy wants to be called an imam.
      por ejemple if someone referred to themselves as professor judgywudgy and i was writing an article about them, i wouldn’t look into whether they were on a tenure track for research in judgyness. i’d refer to them as how they would refer to themselves. out of respect for the human and the objectivness of the writing. 

      -”how large is his congregation..” should that matter in the story? the community in south dakota that everyone was so enamored by was what, 50 people? that doesn’t matter. the story isn’t about how many people are in his congregation, but rather that he/it exists and is well known enough around more than just the local community. as far as criteria for storyfing him– it’s their blog so they can write about my muslim cat if they like. that criteria doesn’t need to be justified really. if you don’t like it, close the window and play tetris or something. getting into the whole “what’s worthy of writing about” is muddy and frankly, as readers, none of our business.

      - “what are your goals..” i think this is answered in the “why does 30 mosques care” area. or maybe the “why is this relevant” area.

      -accusing them of “pandering to the media” – that is just plain tacky. any attention the two have received from this blog was without any so called pandering, advertising, or sponsorship. the attention they receive is based on their excellent storytelling and the broad range of muslim communties they explore. you say they are trying to “seal their mainstream credentials” because they didn’t want to.. .what exactly? villafy this person? did you think that maybe it’s possible that the author is say, tolerant of others? gasp i know it must be hard to imagine.

      there is a difference between tolerance and promotion. if i have a muslim friend who eats pork and i write a newspaper article about it, does that mean i’m spreading some kind of message that “hey, it’s all good for muslims to eat pork yall. let’s do it.” obviously not. not writing the article doesn’t mean my pork eating friend doesn’t exist.

      i don’t actually have a pork eating friend, just so you know before you get all ad hominem on me.

      it’s clear that people have different opinions on the subject matter. but to attack the author for even WRITING the piece, playa please. that’s sad and is no contribution to the discourse.

  • Mustafa

    love, love, and more love.

  • Ijas2000

    i find this article to be very troubling. first of all, as stated in many other comments, homosexuality is forbidden in islam. islam teaches believers that they should not participate nor support homosexuality…..but what really aggravated me most  about this article is not only is this man gay, but to call him an IMAM?!?! In no way shape or form does this man deserve to be called an imam….he’s a homosexual, who married muta’ah, and he has the high position of being an imam?!?! i dont believe that muslims given the opportunity to spread good, come up with something like this for their readers! and on top of that its ramadan!!! i dont know who needs more help the “imam” or you! (MR. Bassam Tariq) i ask Allah(swt) to guide all to thee straight path .  

    • google

      i agree! write about bunnies! enough of this reality business! where are the stories about the bunnies! you need help mister bassam!

  • Umer

    Although I may not agree with the views presented by Mr. Daiyee Abdullah, I give kudos to the blog-writer for discussing such a sensitive topic. Your journalism should be made a standard. And its disgusting to see people calling others non-Muslim. Even if you believe homosexuality is wrong, every human being deserves respect and a right to call themselves whatever they like. 

    If Mr. Daiyee Abdullah proclaims the religion of Islam for himself, then so be it. None can take his religious identity away from him. Let Allah (swt) be the judge and pray for whomsoever you believe to be on the wrong path, only then will you see the Sun rising from the West.  

  • Seriously

    It is sad to see that after such a wonderful, and insightful article, the Muslim judges of the world sit and cast stones behind computer screens. Good job, I am sure all of you are qualified to make such judgements. 

    • Guy

      The same could be said of you…

      • Seriously

        Sure, where is my judgement above? Don’t make yourself feel better by trying to put me down for a moderate comment and below people are suggesting to kill people.

        • That

          For the most part, people aren’t suggesting killing, that individual is going way overboard. 

          • Seriously

            Right, but to sit here and judge whether people are “living in sin” is a gross concept to me. By categorizing people and telling them how they should feel and what desires they should act on is absurd in my mind. Why worry about how other people love and worry about what to hate? I would never want to pass judgement on someone else based on my limited knowledge.

          • Adnan A.

            What is so gross about this? We are not spreading rumors about someone. The person accepted that he behaves in a certain way and we are merely pointing out that this behavior is unacceptable in Islam with enough proof.

            There might have been some hateful comments but then this is a topic that is very disturbing. Again, please be clear that it is not disturbing that there are such Muslims, but it is disturbing that they are proposing to “correct” Islam by injecting this as an acceptable Islamic behavior.Please do not let “popular” or current, or the “cool” beliefs cloud your thinking about Islam. What is wrong is wrong. Period.

  • Mr. Coco

    I’m not sure if anyone’s asked this question yet, but for all of those condemning the imam, what do you think he should do? Is it better for him to not be muslim and be homosexual, or to believe in God and his messenger and still be homosexual? I know, actions vs. emotions, and Loot, and yadda yadda. But seriously, can you honestly stop him from having a relationship with God? 

    • Rayan

      It would be better to say I am Gay, but due to my faith in Allah I abstain from having sex.  THAT would be a model for our community and a true leader.

      Human beings are born with all kinds of terrible diseases, some people want to marry (heterosexuals) but they cannot, because they never find the right person.  None of these people have a license to commit Zina.  The idea that because I am gay, it is all good, and orgies, random sex are all fine and dandy is sickening and scary. Such people deserve to be shunned because not only are they indulging in bad behaviour but they are legitimizing it.

  • softestbullet

    Thank you for posting this. I’m bisexual and it made me happy to read this here. <3

  • Isa Kocher

    it is clearly not anywhere said in quran that gay relations are haram.

    • Kai

      I’m sorry sir you are clearly mistaken, misinformed, or just preaching falsely. I believe you have your own agenda to cover since you also claim Alcohol is not haram. Claiming what ever you wish to be halal and haram, now that’s Haram! Evidence here Quran (9:29)

      May God Guide as all unto the straight path. (no pun intended)

      • Uncleradu

        9:29  Fight those who do not
        believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider
        unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who
        do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given
        the Scripture – [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly
        while they are humbled.doesnt’ say anything about same-sex love.  Want to try again?

        • Mauv

          Way to take Kai completely out of context. That verse is talking about not making what Allah has made unlawful, lawful. This is in reference to Isa Kocher claiming that alcohol isn’t forbidden in Islam, when it clearly is. Although the same can be said of homosexuality, and this Imam claiming that it is OK to be LGBT while being a Muslim, when it clearly isn’t. Although having these urges or thoughts is a test in itself from Allah, it is ludicrous to say that acting on those thoughts and urges is also OK, when it is clearly stated in the Quran that a whole nation was wiped off the earth for being sodomites.

          Lose the sarcasm.

    • Rashid

      Please tell me why Prophet Lot’s were punished then from the Quran or any reputable Hadith. 

  • Isa Kocher

    thank you for this mostly kind mostly loving blog. godspeed. may god grant mercy peace love understanding.

  • Isa Kocher

    why no video?

  • Dave-hall

    Hey, Guys – thanks so much for including this fellow i your most excellent adventure!

  • Online708

    The Catholic Church teaches that homosexual acts are always violations of the divine and natural, but that a person is  not sinning until they act upon those desires in some manner.  Islam however teaches that a person is accountable even for their thoughts or wishes on all things.  It is a high spiritual standard, and the inner struggle to hold tight to the rope of Islam is a lifetime battle for which everyone prays for strength. 

    • ummadam

      ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abbas (radhiAllahu anhu) reported that the Messenger of Allah (sallaAllahu alayhe wasallam) said that Allah, the Glorious, said: “Verily,
      Allah has ordered that the good and the bad deeds be written down. Then
      He explained it clearly how (to write): He who intends to do a good
      deed but he does not do it, then Allah records it for him as a full good
      deed, but if he carries out his intention, then Allah the Exalted,
      writes it down for him as from ten to seven hundred folds, and even
      more. But if he intends to do an evil act and has not done it, then
      Allah writes it down with Him as a full good deed, but if he intends it
      and has done it, Allah writes it down as one bad deed.” [Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

  • A fan

    Um…DC is not Virginia! What happened to Sterling, VA? Thought you were going to showcase ADAMS masjid?

    • Riz M.

      Me too. what’s up with that yo. 

    • Ivan Herndon

      Yeah, they did DC last year. And they were saying how they were going to visit the states left out last year. Well, they still have not done anything but drive through Virginia.

  • Mohammad

    I am simply disappointed in 30 Mosques for giving publicity to this story. I enjoyed all your adventures you have posted about, but this one is just plain disappointment. Because of your coverage on this story, you are giving a clear message to other Muslims that it is Okay to be homosexual.

    • SolidClan

      The underlying message of this post and others that follow is to “inform” the readers of individuals and communities that have embraced Islam, but struggle to emulate the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Both Aman and Bassam are not on this trip to solve problems. Apparently you did not read the FAQ section in it’s entirety. The writer clearly stated that he did not agree with his decision.


      • Mohammad

        I understand what you are saying, but my point is that they are publicizing it, and in a way they are sending a message to homosexual Muslims that it is okay to be homosexual. Some homosexual Muslims may come out of the closet after reading this post. So, the message I am trying to convey is publicizing it whether agreeing or disagreeing about the issue is as guilty as agreeing with it.

  • Ummzaksbest

    You know what? You’re right. We shouldn’t have an imam who isn’t just like us and has never done anything controversial or questionable in his life. Why should we have to put up with imams who make decisions differently from us or disagree with what we might think? Who do these imams think they are, being different from us because, “oh, Allah made me tall/blonde/left-handed/gay/with a sweet tooth”? Why should they make decisions based on years of scholarship and experience when they clearly disagree with what we’ve decided they ought to be doing? I will begin the search immediately for an imam who is suitable, not one who runs about not being just like me and thinking things I would never think.

  • Joyce

    I have met Imam Abdullah. He is a true Muslim, loves Allah with all his being, & talks the talk while walking the walk.
    Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) said “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” Allah knows best, & to Him/Her we shall return.

  • Barbara

    Thank you for writting this post.  It’s important for people to know there are gay muslims and they are an important part of the comunity.

  • Taslim

    “We may love differently, but we see it the same.” Thank you for once again OBJECTIVELY reporting on another American Muslim reality– an aspect of your blog I have come to greatly admire for the last three years. As we grow as a community in this country we will continue to see challenging issues arise, such as homosexuality, and I applaud you and this Imam for trying to engage with them, rather then pretend they don’t exist. Thank you for reminding us, whether we believe it to be right or not, we need to learn to RESPECT and LOVE one another.

  • sister k

    Assalamu aleykum,

    Masha’Allah that you brothers feel strong enough in your deen to post this article and deal with the backlash, especially during Ramadan! May Allah (SWT) continue to give you strength during these last few days of this blessed month.

    Brothers and sisters should beware of laying down the label of “kufr” on anyone:

    Sahih Muslim Book 001, Number 0116:

    It is reported on the authority of Ibn ‘Umar that the Apostle (may peace and blessings be upon him) observed: When a man calls his brother an unbeliever, it returns (at least) to one of them.

    Masha’Allah Brother Daiyee is doing much to help his brothers and sisters cast out from their masaajid and communities this Ramadan. What have YOU done besides post takfir on the internet? Astaghfirullah! 

    • Daayiee

      Salaam, Sister K.  Good reminder for those who judge another an unbeliever.

    • ehtisham

      there is a distinct difference between kufr and kaafir. My local Imam said something kufr, that does not make him a kaafir. Allah (swt) knows best. fear him.

    • Mauv

      While I will say that those you are calling Br Daayiee a straight up kafir are wrong (because he does believe in Allah), it is another to generalize and say that all the Brothers are posting takfir. Many of the brothers here having a problem with the fact that Br Daayiee seems to promote the homosexual lifestyle, which is clearly wrong. When a brother is doing wrong, it is his brothers duty to remind him, and help him with his situation. Besides, I am sure the brothers do more than just post takfir on the internet. Who are you to judge whether or not they themselves are or are not doing something productive this Ramadan?

  • Daayiee

    Bassam and Aman, As-salaamu alaykum. Thank you for providing a good overview for your audience.  As I read through the numerous comments, I was very glad to see a diversity of opinions–whether they came from gay or non-gay believers–and the comments are improving and reveal a greater understanding of human diversity within Islam as a worldwide religious community. I am very thankful you emphasized loving relationships–the other stereotypes holds no water–and you help glbt Muslims find hope and faith in their Muslim community.

    On the other hand, however, the language of the naysayers to promote fear of change (referring to fitnah [revolution] rather than fitri [temperament]) and establishing demarcation of belief in Allah inferior to Prophet Mohammed’s authentic sunnah, must be understood as human conditioning and not full faith in Allah’s bountiful mercy for his creation.

    Islam is inclusive and whether some believers like it or not, Islam belongs to all believers–no monopolies. Seeking one’s iqraa moment is part of the individual quest, thus iman does not belong to one particular sect. Allah’s connection to each vicegerent is individual and so is Allah’s judgment individual for each. On the day of judgment we shall know.

    Again, brothers, keep up the excellent work and thank you for the opportunity to add to the mosaic of Muslim lives and the breathe and depth of Islam.

    • Imaanbillah

      Would you accept an alcoholic as an Imam?

    • SS

      Salaam – I am curious to know, in light of Islam, how do you justify being in relationships with other men. I agree that such tendencies are present in people, but I also know that by not acting on them and turning to Allah (God), the reward lies with Him. Nowhere in the Qur’an is this behavior tolerated, and none of the sunni or shia scholars agree with this either.

      Please elaborate. Thanks.

      • SS

        Actually, don’t elaborate.

        I see you are deeply involved in this lifestyle and obviously believe it to be accepted in Islam when it’s clearly not. You have misconstrued the Qur’aanic ayaat (verses) to fit your lifestyle and not changed your lifestyle to fit the Quraan.

        It’s my sincerest dua’a for Allah to guide you & us- Ameen.

        • Daayiee

          Dear SS, salaam.  With both comments made, you make assumptions, based upon your comments, that you know all the answers.  So of course, there is no opportunity to challenge your own conclusions.  Have a great day and may your Ramadan be successful.

          • Rashid

            No, please do reply. I and many others want to know how its justified. Are you struggling to change yourself or are you mistaken that it is accepted in Islam ? Please clear it out, I’m not trying to insult I just want to help or better understand the question 

          • Kamal

            Please reply.  I’m sincerely interested in your justification, and probably the justification you offer your congregants.  We’re here for the dialogue… I, like many others, are not here to insult or judge (only Allah SWT can judge!), but to listen and learn.

          • Mauv

            Do reply…

            I think we can all agree that Allah’s mercy is infinite, and that Islam is for anyone who utters the Shahadah with pure intention, but at the same time, there are rules and regulations we are to follow. To say that Allah’s mercy is infinite, and yet go against his commands seems contradictory. We could make excuses that so and so brother didn’t know about these rules and regulations, but I am sure you have knowledge of the story of Lut, and the many different Tafsir that have been written regarding his story. You would also know that Allah has outlawed sex or even any type of marital relationship outside of marriage (Mutah can hardly be considered a marriage, unless you are Shia, but you haven’t stated this, so that brings up a whole another set of issues). So what is your thinking on this?

            Do tell us.

  • Anonymous

    “Do I
    necessarily have to agree with their beliefs and values? No, but I should
    respect it.”

    Dear author,
    I ask what you mean when you say respect “it.” Are you saying you
    should respect the person? Or are you saying we should accept their values and
    beliefs? I believe that you are correct in respecting the person – you can
    respect a person as a human being and recognize them as Muslim if they believe
    in the shahada. However, when it comes to accepting a person’s beliefs/values
    that are contrary to Islam, I don’t think I have a place to prescribe, or make
    a normative statement, that anyone “should” “accept” their
    lifestyle. Who are we to accept actions that Allah SWT has explicitly condemned
    in the Qur’an?

    I guess my
    honest question is: how can you accept a lifestyle that you know is forbidden?
    I think the crux of the issue here, and the point that we must resolve if we
    want to get past our own divides on this issue as a community is that people
    who believe gay Muslims should be treated humanely must also figure out what
    ought to be done to fix the problem that is plaguing these Muslims’ faith.

    My opinion: Just as alcoholic
    Muslims have an addiction to a bad behavior, gay Muslims have an addiction to a
    bad behavior. For the people who respect, and are so concerned, and
    “love” their gay brothers and sisters – I think part of that love
    would entail encouraging your gay brothers and sisters to stop ruining their
    own deen by reminding them gently and respectfully that the lifestyle they are
    living is not in accordance with Islam. This doesn’t mean you have to publicly
    shame them, but yes, I would think that if you really care for them, you would
    have to be concerned about actively helping them through their issue (by
    referring to legitimate spiritual authorities, etc.; I don’t know what other

    Bassam I’m not going to lie, I was disappointed with
    this post because it was not very clear and you seem to be making a
    prescription that is at odds with what I believe. On the other hand, the good
    thing that came out of it was it allowed me to think through my own opinion on
    this matter and try to articulate it the way I can. A couple of
    years ago, I heard you say that one of the biggest factors you saw affecting the Muslim
    community’s trajectory in America is how we handle the issue of dealing with
    the gay community. That’s where I have to heartily disagree with you. Judging
    from the responses here, I think people can realize that we have to respect gay
    Muslims as people and help them deal with their issues.

    I think our
    community’s big issue – and what’s going to determine our future – is how we
    handle issues of maintaining tawheed. My personal opinion.

  • Imaanbillah

    “while I may not agree with his views, I respect them”

    We respect peoples differences of opinion.  But we do not respect sins…ever.  Homosexuality is a sin in Islam.  We don’t hate homosexuals, we hate the sin they are doing.  This article paints homosexuality in a light of such ambivalence that it may lead people to believe it is an acceptable way of life in Islam.  It’s an interesting fact that a gay Imam exists in America, but not one to be admired. 

  • Yaskas

    I believe this guy is using Islam for personal gain!!!!!!!  For him to live his life the way he chooses is fine.  Some Muslims drink alcohol regularly, some have relations without marriage…it’s not our place to judge them true, Allah will be their judge. HOWEVER and this is the important point.  To actually go out there and promote what he is, to promote being gay, to actually make it seem ok to be gay to the Muslim community…that is rediculous.  Let’s have a young woman promote that she’s Muslim and Zina is okay, I think she too would get a lot of heat.  

    Now he’s on a totally different playing field.  When he does this, he is no longer representing Islam, he is representing himself.   No one can take words from the holy Quran, twist them and then preach them as Islam and expect people to accept it.  So he should not use Islam as a tool for him to gain popularity, to gain riches (or whatever his true motive is for doing what he is doing).  Sutra is what he should be following.  People who break an Islamic pillar or law usually do it in hiding, hoping no one knows about it….he should do the same.  

    • Brother

      Well said.  The brother stated that Islam is inclusive, and you’ve reiterated that here, but the issue is clear.  You should NOT publicly show your sins and beyond that, do it while being an Imam (leader). 

      • Nida

        So an Imam should hide himself to follow what you consider righteous? In Islam, we try our best to not lie, yet our leaders should lie to us while they lead us? That’s not Islam, that is your need to fit every Imam into a mold that fits your needs, and your wants. 

        Islam is inclusive, so why are you so concerned about his sexuality? Do you not consider your response to this article as perverse as you are incredibly concerned about what he may or may not be not be doing in the bedroom? For all you know, his heart he is giving to his boyfriend. What sin is he then publicly showing, love? 

    • isafakir

      where are your witness for this accusation?

  • Abduln95

    This is pathetic. You reveal your own insecurities & desires for garnering as much attention form the press and the world by highlighting such deviant behavior. Bassam Tariq & Aman Ali-Uncle Toms. Irrespective of the homosexuality, how the hell is a man committing zina supposed to be thought of as an “imam”? What the hell is your reasoning? Why don’t you go and cover a story about a prostitute that fasts ? On top of that, he’s had plenty of sexual partners. Mutaa, seriously? You’re seriously deranged. The ten commandments ring a bell? This is so low I don’t know where to begin. Really, I feel bad for how desperately you seek attention and validation. Homosexuality isn’t anything new. The Qur’an addresses issues of homosexuality very clearly. I went to college with a brother that was struggling with feelings about other men and he was the greatest Muslim I’ve ever met. He said that his jihad  (that’s internal struggle for you and Aman-fame seeking low-lifes) was to subdue his desires (that he was attracted to other men) to the will of God. And the will of God decreed that he not exercise his feelings towards other men. Everyone on God’s great earth has a jihad. You’re so decrepit. I can’t believe you brought the beloved Prophet’s name into this when you’re writing about a man that commits zina and is proud of it. The Qur’an prohibits very succinctly prohibits people of the same gender acting upon feelings for each other. To be a Muslim, you have to believe the Qur’an is perfect. You have lost your mind. I hope you write an article about a whorehouse in Nevada where all the prostitutes go to prayers together. Look at yourselves in the mirror. Are you the types of people the Prophet would be proud of, or would he be embarrassed that you have led the community further astray and into further confusion about their faith?

    • Daayiee

      Salaam.  Usually when people respond to something in an emotional knee-jerk fashion, they begin to call people names, make judgments based upon what they think is accurate, and let those who do know that you have at your disposal the knowledge of taqleed and not the knowledge to figure it out through scholarship.  Further, the pain and suffering of your friend in college would not have been necessary if he was not absorbed like you into the infamous “life-is-a-test” theory–yet Allah’s message provides for every trial there is relief.  Yet in your point of view, relief for him is/was a shame marriage based on lack of truth.  The test in this instance was testing your tolerance.  As to your other suggestions of who they should interview next, it shows how irrational your thinking flows.  Agree or disagree, which is your right; however, displays of emotional diatribes does not become a “mature” person.

      • Abduln95

        “Mature” person…yeah. Go and read the Qur’an and stop justifying everything that’s clearly haraam because you just feel like it. We’re living in an era where everything goes and the Qur’an is being completely disregarded about the guidance it provides. You don’t believe in the perfection of the Qur’an to deny the chapter about lewt. There’s a reason people that engage in homosexual relations get aids. That’s a reality. It’s not just a matter of people that are drug users. The highest percentage of people contracting HIV are people that are homosexual. It is an emotional response. I’m disgusted that someone that’s an adulterer has his name associated with the title of an imam. I loved the imams that taught Islamic School growing up yet none of them would have been proud to tell the universe that they were adulterers. It’s absolutely ridiculous that thinking adultery is all good for an “imam”.Sunni Islam doesn’t allow for Mutaa anyways. For every trial there is relief but that relief is NOT guaranteed in this lifetime. I like how you justify yourself by using a passage that hasn’t been properly understood by you. Talk to scholars, the ones that are actually knowledgeable and they will tell you that with every hardship there will be ease but that ease is not guaranteed in this life. When we look at the dire situation in Somalia we see that this holds true. There was not ease and isn’t ease for so many that are dying is such difficult ways.

    • *aaa

      it sounds like you are the one that is insecure. why do you feel so threatened by this post. obviously you know what’s right (insulting a brother ) and what’s wrong (a prostitute who dares to practice islam).  what’s wrong with writing a story about a prostitute that fasts? ever see pretty woman? she was a good person on the inside. no seriously. every person has their jihad right?i don’t get how this harms your faith or the faith. just by writing about it? it’s a blog. where you write about stuff. and especially this blog. that writes about the diversity of muslims. acknowedging that homosexuality exists within the muslim population isn’t promoting homosexuality in islam. clearly.

      and honestly if this is how you really feel, that people you consider to be ”bad muslims” shouldn’t be acknowledged or discussed in the media, you must be soooooo mad at the news! (osama bin laden et al.) 

      you’ve embarassed yourself in your tasteless, attacking post.

      looking forward to next year in nevada!

      • Abduln95

        Yeah, yeah AAA. Whatevs. I’m not insecure nor am I threatened, Alhumdulilah. I care about my ummah. I care about the Muslim youth and adolescents that look forward to reading this post. People love to rid their hands of the responsibility they have to others. Their minds are in a developmental stage (as is yours, however unfortunately you’re stuck there) and see things as black and white. When Muslim parents are trying to teach their children about not having pre-marital sex and Islamic values, an article like this can have a huge impact on a young mind and may see this article and think that anything goes. I have empathy for people struggling with feelings for people of the same gender but am appalled that the nit wits writing this (possibly you for your anticipation to nevada) thought that covering the story of a homosexual “imam” that’s an adulterer is doing any service to Islam. How is it hurting the faith? How is it hurting the community of believers? Think about it. Dude, you’re a real genius for not being able to get how this article/blog post is antithetical to the message of the beloved Prophet & the word of the Qur’an. I’m not going to re-post the surah dealing with homosexual transgressions because your skull is too thick. Bad Muslims? Yeah, retard. I’m absolutely ecstatic at the way the news covers Muslims. Embarrassed myself? You’ve got the wrong girl. Quite the contrary, I’m thankful not to be an uncle tom (nor have any desire to be) like yourself and can see through your bee ess. I wish I could be as cool as you. Someday…Someday I’ll be the genius that covers the stories about people that break the tenets of faith. Someday, I’ll do that in the month of Ramadan. You’re just mad because people can see that this blog is more about your personal ego than anything else.

        • Abduln95

          Also *aaa, clearly you’re a dumbass. clearly :D if i’ve sullied my point with my language, oh well. The truth is the truth. 

    • Abu Saleem

      Come on man. Uncle Toms? Fame-seeking low-lifes? You have sullied the validity of your points with your ugly words. May Allah guide us all.

  • bigoka

    I appreciate how you brothers are touching all aspects of Muslim life in this country. We are not painted with one brush and your stories are showing that. Ramadan Kareem

  • Brother W

    Sorry Anam and Bassam this post and a few others from your travels is complete FITNAH.  I know some brothers and sisters in Islam (America) may not agree but it is.  I would suggest you just finish up these final days in prayer and ask Allah swt for forgiveness during these last days instead of posting articles that are Fitnah.  Sorry guys I loved your work last year but this year its just been questionable in some parts of your blog.  Forgive me for saying this to you. It seems like you only want to help bridge gaps but maybe some gaps are there for a reason.

  • jamillah

    Look I’m not judging at all as I am a revert to Islam coming from a Christian background and i have 2 gays in my family who i love very much.  But as for saying that Islam forbids gays and lesbians so I can’t understand how all this is ok?  I love my family members but can’t agree or accept what they are doing.  Like where does all this end.  First we must accept and respect the woman who wear the niquab now you are saying we must respect the gays and lesbians.  i will never upset anyone and I will always respect them even I may not agree but i can’t just accept it and dishonor Allah SWT when he knows better than the entire humanity.  if we are going to start choosing and accepting and change the religion even though the religion forbids it than people are just saying well i know better than Allah SWT and we make ourselves equal to God which i will never do Inshallah.  Alot of the Muslims are just becoming just like everyone else by making up their own rules and regulations in Islam and one day Islam will no longer be the true Islam.  It’s going to be far from the truth in years to come that Islam will no longer be Islam.  Look I’m sorry but if you can’t follow Islam in your best possible way then maybe islam is not for you.  We can’t pick and choose what we want and ignore the rest when it says it in black and white what is permissible and what is not.  Allah truly knows best for us.  Don’t make this beautiful religion a corrupt religion. Yes there are gays and lesbians in our community and we can’t deny it but we shouldn’t have to accept it.  I believe its a huge test for them and it’s also a sickness and they need help.  The same way we are told we get tested everyday and we have to face those tests and try to pass them well it should go for gays and lesbians.  Get the help you need as this is your ultimate test.  I am struggling with a disability for 20 years now and everyday I wake up I have to fight this disability and try and change myself to the best person I can be.  I don’t give up and let the disability take over my life.  I work very hard to live the best way i can. I suffer from severe mental illness and i could have chosen to take my life away many times but I will not let the devil get his way.  My hubby reminds me everyday if i do take my life away I will end up in hell.  Look I’m not going to judge the people who do take their lives away as it can be unbearable and some people think it’s the only choice and I can understand exactly where they are coming from.  But for me because i am soooooooo scared to go to hell and i love Allah SWT sooooooo much i choose to struggle through this without taking my life away.  Islam is all about struggle and how much you love your lord to go through this and how much you can handle your tests.  Islam has really taught me alot. It’s all about evil and good and it’s our choice at the end.  And whatever we choose is our responsibility.  This sheik or Imam (if you wanna call him this)  is choosing the easy way out not the right way out.  What is next that muslims will choose?  Sex changes will be ok and so on.  Things will never end and today’s Islam will no longer be and I’m sure todays islam is not the same as when it was in the prophets PBUH days. Being gay and lesbian is a legit illness that needs to be dealt with.  Taking an easy way out each time something bad happens to you is being a coward but fighting your illness or whatever it is,  is the right way to do it and you will get rewarded for it inshallah.  I will never say gays and lesbians are not Muslims as that is not right also.  I’m sure their intentions are right but they have a problem that needs to be dealt with.  My motto is NEVER JUDGE A PERSON UNLESS YOU ARE STANDING OR LIVING IN THEIR SHOES.  So instead of beating down at them which they don’t deserve it be more compassionate and mercy full as what the prophet PBUH would have done.  Always ask yourself how would the prophet had dealt with a situation like this to show these people what Islam is truly about? I just want to say one more thing and this is only because I know some gays and that is they are the most sweetest and kindest people so their character as a muslim is spot on.  I don’t hate gays and lesbians as i don’t hate anyone as HATE is such a strong word that i’m sure Allah SWT wouldn’t like us to use :)  Peace and love jamillah

    • Daayiee

      Jamillah, salaam. After reading your diatribe, your conclusion does speak to being nonjudgmental; however, your earlier 9 aspersions speaks to your “reasoned” fears but does not place you outside Muslims who use “othering” as your source for defamation: (1) gays pick and choose (one from column a and one from column b?); (2) gays making up their own rules (oh, they cannot read Quran and see alternative renderings of the Quranic texts); (3) you know “true” Islam (sure you do and everyone else does); (4) don’t follow the rules as you believe them to be, then “Islam is not for someone else” (Did Allah promote that principle?); (5) causing corruption (of what principle?); (6) everyone has to accept another person’s understanding of Islam (how did we end up with 5 madhhabs today?); (7) gayness is sickness (unnatural or mental–damned if you are) [in Quran, where do you find this?]; (8) you know what is “right” for all Muslims (do you really know for all Muslims?); and lastly, (9) gays people are cowards (do you really think gay people should fear other humans?). This is quite a list of assumptions and poorly constructed illations on your behalf–all because you say so it is true. Who is incogitant? Though at the end of your commentary you speak of your motto–and mottoes are good things as I was a scout for many years in my youth–I find your motto needs revision unless you are honestly willing to live up to it–and assessing  your earlier comments there is quite a gap between your thoughts and deeds. Nonetheless, I do wish you well. May Allah continue to guide us all, Ameen.

      • Adnan A.

        You keep telling people that they are not reasoning and not bringing proof when there is enough proof, just from the story of Lot itself, that your behavior is not acceptable. However, you have not brought forward any proof from either the Quran or Hadith that EXPLICITLY and UNEQUIVOCALLY shows that your behavior is either encouraged or acceptable.
        Just because your community is so loud in these times, and they have the media’s ear, doesn’t make you right, and it definitely doesn’t give you the right to INJECT your beliefs in Islam.As Islam has spread through the lands, many other practices prevalent in different cultures have had to go. One example that stands out form the readings of Ibn Batuta was the practice of the women of Maldives going about naked from the waist up. I suppose we should have let them be and say it’s perfectly ok for that to have continued.

        We accept you as a Muslim, and understand your illness, but we’ll not accept your resulting behavior from this illness as an acceptable Islamic behavior. Never have and never will, because there is enough clear evidence from Quraan, none less, to discourage your behavior.

  • anonymous

    i dont even know where to start on this. at first, you guys did the post where you decided to get the view from the women’s side (doesn’t make any sense unless you perhaps got some women to do it for you and stayed in the men’s side at the masjid) and now you are talking about “gay” muslims much less an “imam”?

    he is not an imam. and for those of you who think its “nice” or “great” that they did this to be liberal, make no mistake that Islam is the same now as it was back in the days of the Prophet (pbuh) and that this is not allowed in islam.

    May Allah guide us all on the straight path. especially those of you who have any sympathy towards this subject.

    • Shakib45

      so the muslim woman are supposed to be some sort of paraiah for the bloggers? whats wrong with getting their opinion from their side? the prophet used to sit with them in his mosque and discuss with them the most private things between a male and woman, because simply they were important. these bloggers are giving us a glimpse of the frustrations of the women’s corner in a mosque that we all know from our experience is real and deplorable but we end up doing nothing, because apparantly we have not been able to see our women folk eye to eye. look inside your brain first before you open your mouth.

  • Onlyhumannature

    As a young queer woman having to grow up in a society that upholds the kind of hateful attitudes about homosexuals that have been posted previously I immediately drew a parallel between homophobia and islamophobia and the ignorance that breeds both these and all forms of hatred. When I picked up The Holy Quran in 2005 I took a step to better understand and defend Islam. I am not asking anyone to date same sex…just that they see the hatred within that they battle without and that they might reflect on the peace that letting go of it could bring to themselves and others. Hate is hate. Love is boundless.

    • Rayan

      Love may be boundless, but Zina is Zina. 

      I would not agree, but I could at least understand the logic of a Muslim who said I am gay, and that is okay, but I cannot ‘do’ anything until I am married.

      This mentally decrepit idea that I am gay and now I can sleep with whoever I want and be Muslim, and be a leader that teaches Islam is not only ridiculous but as scary to me as a war-mongering Imam. 

  • Rayan

    While we are at it, let’s all grab a beer have some sausages and bacon, buy a statue of Krishna bow down in front of it, find the first homeless person you see, give him $2 , tell him you’ll expect $100 by the end of the month in return or he will be beaten, find a woman and beat her.

    peace and love, peace and love…right?

    • Adnan A.

      but that’s not enough… let’s also prove that all this is perfectly Islamic and we’ll be rewarded for it ;-)

  • Phillymuslim

    out of all the stories in the world that you can tell and you both decided on this one… As believers we have to be very careful who tries to represent who we are. I would questions both of your intentions for doing this and to your way be yours and to my way be mine.  

  • Realspill

    you guys are tripping this is taking it to the next level a gay imam. that is totally not only hypocritical its not possible, the quran, not a scholar, not a man but the quran, says homosexuality is a sin. this world has us tripping this is of the kuffar world, and thats not judging thats what it is. From the zina, from the anal sex, even the animals dont fornicate with the same sex. This is going against everything Islam stannds for and ya give him a platform. There shunned for a reason and how can you respect that. My sister is gay and i love her regardless but do i respect what she does no. Do i still love her yes, do i act like that stuff is cool no. Im really tripping on this one i mean wow what does this say about the state of Islam in America today? Let alone in the world. if you dont want to do want the quran says then dont do it but do be out here claiming you muslim making those who beleive look bad. This is a disgrace to Islam i dont care how open mminded or caring for the other person this is crazy and you crazy to think this is cool in anyway and especially during ramadan this should not be something you should be exploring this is a time to connect to the most high not turn people to haram. Damn, 30mosques i was riding with yall but this main this is an epic fail of all means you have done the most with this one and not in a good way. Estufaallah

  • Realspill

    you guys are tripping this is taking it to the next level a gay imam. that is totally not only hypocritical its not possible, the quran, not a scholar, not a man but the quran, says homosexuality is a sin. this world has us tripping this is of the kuffar world, and thats not judging thats what it is. From the zina, from the anal sex, even the animals dont fornicate with the same sex. This is going against everything Islam stannds for and ya give him a platform. There shunned for a reason and how can you respect that. My sister is gay and i love her regardless but do i respect what she does no. Do i still love her yes, do i act like that stuff is cool no. Im really tripping on this one i mean wow what does this say about the state of Islam in America today? Let alone in the world. if you dont want to do want the quran says then dont do it but do be out here claiming you muslim making those who beleive look bad. This is a disgrace to Islam i dont care how open mminded or caring for the other person this is crazy and you crazy to think this is cool in anyway and especially during ramadan this should not be something you should be exploring this is a time to connect to the most high not turn people to haram. Damn, 30mosques i was riding with yall but this main this is an epic fail of all means you have done the most with this one and not in a good way. Estufaallah

  • ehtisham

    astagfrullah, where in islam does it say that,
    a) an imam who is gay can be followed?
    and b) gay ‘muslim’?

    Its a rational question, there is not ONE islamic character who was gay, since homosexuality is a major sin.
    Where in the quran does it say that is ‘ok’  to be gay. This is a disease of the heart. This ‘dude’ needs to read the quran and understand what he is reading. It is not enough to read in english and avoid the arabic and vice versa. You have to understand what you are reading. Hellfire is waiting for dude, he is in way possible a muslim. But you know what bidah (innovation) is, it is also sin, and it is rife in the US. The concept of accountability is a problem for those who openly sin. This dude will ever have a gay or non-muslim audience. He needs to held accountable wherever he goes. Ask this question, will Allah (sw), allow this ‘muslim’ to go to jannah, simple question isn’t it? The answer/response is much harder. US is a den of iniquity simple as. And it awfully disingenuous, for this site to give the ‘dude’ ‘webspace’. Look at the comments, not exactly praising this ‘dude’ are they? There has to be issue to be an issue that needs dealing. Either that or this ‘dude’ is not a muslim, of course, and is like everyone else demonizing islam, this is also islamophobic. These black muslims in the US need to look at their ‘brothers’ around the world, read the qur’an the seerah of ‘our’ prophet (saw). You need examples of MEN, you have the greatest example in him (saw). Cant do that, no problem, many examples of african MEN who were muslim, Bilal (ra), the first to call the adhan in Medina. You people should be ashamed of your selves. You cannot pick and choose, aspects of concepts with this perfect deen and think that that is ok. No, it is all or nothing. Simple. Mail me if you need clarification ehtisham.q .com, please, I dare you.

    They (Jews and Christians) took their rabbis and their monks to be their lords besides Allah (by obeying them in things which they made lawful or unlawful according to their own desires without being ordered by Allah) (TMQ 9.31)

    The Qur’an and Homosexuality:
    There are five references in the Qur’an which have been cited as referring to gay and lesbian behavior. Some obviously deal with effeminate men and “masculine women.” The two main references to homosexual behavior are:
    “We also sent Lut : He said to his people : “Do ye commit lewdness such as no people in creation (ever) committed before you? For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds.” Qur’an 7:80-81
    “What! Of all creatures do ye come unto the males, and leave the wives your Lord created for you? Nay, but ye are forward folk.” Qur’an 26:165
    Both references relate to gay sexual activities; lesbian practices are not mentioned in the Qur’an.
    The Hadith and homosexuality: The Hadith are collections of sayings attributed to Muhammad. Many Hadiths (ahadith) discuss liwat (sexual intercourse between males). One example is:
    “When a man mounts another man, the throne of God shakes.”
    If this ‘dude’ is an ‘Imam’ then he is also hafiz of qur’an, ataghfurullah. Allah(swt) has without doubt sealed his heart, like Fir’aun and Abu Lahab, minimum a veil over his heart. Glad I don’t live in the US, may allah (swt) protect us from such an evil atmosphere.

    Read the story of the Prophet Lut (as) in the Qur’an.Please mail me though for

  • Abdul-Kareem

    You 30 Mosques people should just stop what your doing. When you post the articles you make it look like islam flys with anything and since for some strange reason your the only famous muslims, in the minds of non-muslims your setting a new standard of what a muslim. I know that that non-muslims think of muslims as extremists but think about it, if more people start following you Islam will considered a religion where anyone can do anything and when someone wants to practice Islam the right way they will be looked at as extremists. So please just stop, your making the reputation of muslims worse, as it wasn’t bad enough already.

  • ehtisham

    So called scholar for dollar.

  • Rayyan Najeeb

    Read it. Say Alhamdulillah. Then lets worry about ourselves , not others IA.

    • Brother W

      read this and say Alhamdulillah? NO what you should say is Astaghfirullah.  You guys are losing your minds and the ppl who liked it.  And lets worry about ourselves but not others?  Part of our Deen is to care and bring ppl to ISLAM (submission to Allah swt)  May Allah guide us all as we are truly lost and are living in the times of Dajaal. 

  • Muhammad

    I think for your own conscience, I’d say “Daiyee, who refers to himself as an Imam.” I would probably not give him the title of Imam if he promotes homosexual behavior, whatever his orientation.

  • Leila

    Muslims seriously need to learn to deal with homosexuality without getting their knickers in a twist.  Whether you agree with something or not, have some respect for your fellow human beings, and stop pretending like you have the right to say whether someone is a Muslim or not, making disgusting judgemental comments.
    Makes me sick.  No wonder the kuffir hate us when we treat our own like this.

    And by the way, I think the number of LGBT Muslims is closer to 10% actually (based on world statistics and averages).

  • Aasimshehzad

    Islam means submission to Allah’s will unconditionally. Hence, Our desires find no place within the realm of our unconditional submission to the Almighty Allah. Allah through his word, the Quran and through his Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has informed his creation what they can do and what is unacceptable. The practice of Mr. Dayee falls in the latter category. It is obvious from his conduct that love for his desires is more appealing to him than following the command of Allah. Clearly, he has either not read or understood what happened to the people of Lut (pbuh) when they indulged in gay expression of their love as mentioned in the Quran. May Allah forgive Mr. Dayee’s sins and guide him to the straight path!

  • Daayiee

    Ehtisham, salaam.  After reading your and other commentators numerous comments of condemnation and aspersions, your language clearly reveals your and their “masculine fear” that is so prevalent within Islamic patriarchy–fear of women autonomy (self-determination), queer acceptance, or thinking outside the wahabbi and salafi mindsets–and others see it too. Your attempt to drive support through rhetorical “guilt by association” and judgments of condemnation as to what Allah’s determination shall be for others remain the venue of the trickster–do you suffer from the “whispers of better than man?”  Islam is and shall always be inclusive of all who say, “لا إله إلا الله” (La illaha illalah)!”, and Allah’s mercy is by far greater than your own. 


      “Wahhabi & salafi mindsets”?? PLEASE talk to some “sufi” scholars and see what they tell you.

    • Brother

      The Prophet (sws) said, “In some speech there is magic.”  — You may write better than most people on this blog, but the complexity of your speech is needed to confuse people from the basic fact that not only do you insert your penis into a man’s anus and find pleasure in it, but that you have no shame in claiming this is an acceptable practice in Islam.  Beyond that, you also do not mind giving the message that it is okay to have sex out of marriage.  Have you considered the message you are sending the Muslim youth?  Ultimately, I suppose you don’t care because you will never have children due to the lifestyle you have chosen.  Your selfishness and arrogance is outstanding.  Live your life, but please, keep it to yourself, and leave the position of leadership (imam) to the mainstream Muslims.  And yes…I said mainstream because certainly you are not.

  • Byrrdy

    Ok, how in the world does he even began to
    justify committing fornication. Ok, even if he believes in his mind
    that homosexuality is ok…how do you make it ok to commit fornication and be proud of it? Really? The title of Imam is a huge role. Imam is someone that calls people to the truth, gives sincere Islamic advice, and leads the congregation. What an example we have here, a proud gay fornicator! Who is obviously following his own Sunnah. 

    To the authors of this blog, what I also
    dont understand is why you fill the need to celebrate this outright
    KUFR! No, we are not suppose to support or condone this non-sense. I am
    really sad for the state of Muslims : (

  • Realspill

    Yall tripping on this we should not celebrate things that God specifically does not. especially to give him the title of Imam. Its disrespectful to all the imams and muslims across the world who actually practice Islam. The animals dont have sex with the same sex. Its not just the homosexuality but the zina, the message it sends to the youth, anal sex, etc. Yall tripping with this. This says alot about the state of Islam and this is what we call 7much meaning you are doing the most and not in a good way. I support you brothers but this is not of the deen and that earthquake happen before ya did this was Allah speaking to you. May Allah guide us from this not to it. Estufallah

  • Strong_five

    That’s insane, gay Imam will go to hellfire . There’s no room for homosexuality in Islam , the holy Koran is very clear about that. If people are confused or choose an alternative life style, that’s their call. They are condemned and punishment awaits for them in this life and the hereafter. Right can’t be wrong and wrong can’t be right. Only role model is the messengers of God. We have to conduct our life according to the holy Koran and the sunnah. Follow the prophet peace be upon him teaching . Don’t infuse or entertain any other thoughts or idea
    . It takes lots of work to keep our faith and maintain our religion. To all you gays out there stop and forever calling yourself Muslims. You made your choice. You are not part of that great religion

  • Almaami

    This guy is nothing but a joke… We all know what Islam says about homosexuality and by engaging in such a practice, he casts himself out of the frame…What happened to Takhwaa, What happened to Adaab and Eemaan. Muslims are all kings, piety is our castle and virtues are our bodyguards. If you don’t have virtues, you are not a muslim end of story. 

  • Hifzanshafiee

    I very dissapoint with this blog, Adulteries is something can not be tolerate, this is homosexual, for sure can not be tolerate. Allah have said in many surah condemn this kind of people. Just wait for wrath of Allah.

    “We also sent Lut: He said to his people: Do ye commit lewdness such as
    no people in creation (ever) committed before you? For ye practice your
    lusts on men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people
    transgressing beyond bounds. And his people gave no answer but this:
    they said, “Drive them out of your city: these are indeed men who want
    to be clean and pure!”" (Qur’an 7:80-82)

    “Of all the creatures in the world, will ye approach males, And leave
    those whom Allah has created for you to be your mates? Nay, ye are a
    people transgressing (all limits)! They said: “If thou desist not, O
    Lut! thou wilt assuredly be cast out!” He said: “I do detest your
    doings:” “O my Lord! deliver me and my family from such things as they
    do!” So We delivered him and his family,- all Except an old woman who
    lingered behind. But the rest We destroyed utterly. We rained down on
    them a shower (of brimstone): and evil was the shower on those who were
    admonished (but heeded not)! Verily in this is a Sign: but most of them
    do not believe. And verily thy Lord is He, the Exalted in Might, Most
    Merciful.” (Qur’an 26:165-175)

    “Would ye really approach men in your lusts rather than women? Nay, ye
    are a people (grossly) ignorant! But his people gave no other answer
    but this: They said, “Drive out the followers of Lut from your city:
    these are indeed men who want to be clean and pure!” But We saved him
    and his family, except his wife; her We destined to be of those who
    lagged behind. And We rained down on them a shower (of brimstone): and
    evil was the shower on those who were admonished (but heeded not)!”
    (Qur’an 27:55-58)

    “And (remember) Lut: behold, he said to his people: “Ye do commit
    lewdness, such as no people in Creation (ever) committed before you. Do
    ye indeed approach men, and cut off the highway? – and practise
    wickedness (even) in your councils?” But his people gave no answer but
    this: they said: “Bring us the Wrath of Allah if thou tellest the
    truth.” (Qur’an 29:28-29)

  • Muslimasmile

    Kudos to you guys for having the guts to write respectfully and honestly, knowing full well people would flip out about it. 
    The haters are so predictable and will have learned very little because they are too busy pointing fingers.  Allah is the only judge, and those who decide that they can judge and condemn others are in error and will be judged by Allah for their own sins of arrogance. 

    Can you not see that the story of Lot is about debauched and wicked uncaring behaviour, NOT about two men loving and praying together.  Cultural prejudice clouds your ability to use logic and clear thinking in reading.  Let me refer to Monty Python’s witch hunt…”how do you knoooowww she is a witch?…if she weighs the same as a duck we know she is witch!!!!”  Faulty logic is used to support ingrained prejudice in all communities, surely we as Muslim’s have been given the tools to fight ignorance in our own hearts and minds. 

    Guess what folks.  Islam is alive and will continue to grow, just as Christianity and Judaism have, or it will stagnate and strangle itself by its own inability to stay relevant.  Change is hard, pray for forgiveness and be good to your fellow Muslims and all of Allah’s children. 

    • Brother

      You are the one with faulty logic…have you ever heard of a concept called Nahi al-Munkar?  “Cultural prejudice” is not at work here.  Rather the mainstream Muslims are disappointed at an open sinner being highlighted in this 30 mosque journey.  When the brothers embarked on this journey, I was excited to follow along and learn about mosques which I may never visit.  To highlight a gay Imam and claim this particular visit was in the interest of showing the diversity of Islam in America is a complete contradiction.  When you study a religion, or a culture, you don’t look at the exceptions to the rule, or to those who break the very tenets of that system. 

    • Rayan

      First of all forget the gay thing.  Most people here are not angry about that, they don’t care.

      We are angry that he calls himself an Imam and that he promotes Zina.

      If you want to follow whatever this free love and happiness faith is, please, PLEASE start your own sect.  I do not want to be associated with you or your beliefs.

    • Clicketyclickclack

      Do not mutilate the meaning of the Quran for the sake of “progress.” Islam has no need for that. Allah SWT will make sure it grows, if that is what he wills. Surely your “logic” clouds you when it comes to interpreting the Quran. The verses are clear, you are blind to them because you are letting your duniya talk for you.

  • Rabi

    I think It`s very bad exemple!!!

  • FT

    Forget about his sexual orientation for a second but how can he justify being in a relationship (which may be of sexual nature) without being married? In a heterosexual relationship it is considered wrong since man and woman are not each others mahram. 

    • Ummzaksbest

      Imam Daayiee mentions being in a mutah marriage. While some scholars believe them to be invalid, that opinion is not universal.

  • Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal

    ASA, Ramadan Mubarak.  These are not stories we like to hear, and most of us are against any wrong as expressed in various comments concerning this.  I would like to draw our attention to the Qur’an, Suratul Shura 42:11 “(He is) the Creator of the heavens and the earth: He has made for you pairs from among yourselves and pairs among cattle: by this means does He multiply you: there is nothing whatever like unto Him, and He is the One that hears and sees (all things).  This verse is plan, Allah made partners to multiply, it alone suggest to the most uneducated individuals Allah did not create men and women to match in any manner that will be proven in no amount of time they cannot produce together.  Allah says in the Qur’an if you catch two men in lewdness flog them, in other words punish them.  Punishment does not today have to be physical, much of which wrong doers escape because we don’t have the law set up as such in this land.  In time with the establishing of fair and just modes in America, wrong doers will be punished for such acts.  So how do we deal with it mean while.

    I agree the writers should not be punished for revealing it but the same writers should now write as clearly to denounce the behaviour in all forms.  Number one we are not to have sex out of wedlock., number two we do not uphold the works of shaitan; to call him a Muslim is ok, Allah said He created all of us Muslim, He states Muslims will finde their selves in Hell Fire for the wrong that they do after coming in to the knowledge of who He is.  This man should not be called an Imam by any of us.  He is a tool for shaitan leading in ways that are wrong, that does not make him an Imam in our way of life.  Our Prophet Muhammad said the Muslims will do the things the Christians and the Jews have done.  This is to tell us what corrupted them will also work to corrupt us.  Our language to refer to him as an Imam will corrupt the believer of that, he is not an Imam, he is not even if he had the best looking facility with a wall to wall following of the same over a Masjid/Mosque, he is a wrong doer in a place similar to any other place they do wrong, it would not be a Masjid/Mosque, it would be more like the Scriptures say it would be a din of eniquity where every foul bird (spirit) frequents.  If we find a drug dealer, drug user, prostitute or what ever we would not call them a leader in Islam, a leader submitting their will to Allah, no we would say they are criminals and wrong doers and at the least the workers for shaitan, and we would beat them with words until they go away, truth hurls out the brains of falsehood.  So look at this man as what he is one who have deceived and now we know him, he is one that our Prophet said will come among us and because many of us don’t know and understand how to react to wrong in our religious life we go to far on either side.  Don’t waiste your time calling him names or hating him, but be pleased that Allah allowed the freedom of speech, and it caused him to testify against him self.  Allah said in the final hour their limbs will testify against them, so we must believe that this openness in America today is not condemming America it is showing its worse so we would know where it is.  Our Prophet said the shaitan is no longer in the things outside of us deceiving us, it is now with us, near us standing and working with us in our religious life.

    We the Islamic community have to give a clear picture to the world of our Prophet which is the success for the whole of humanity, but if we are extreme on etiher side, we show us and not our Prophet.  Thank you, Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal

  • Fufuberry

    why does my comment keep getting erased. i am trying to say that most or none of these articles have anything to do with mosques. and they just create controversy. poor way to title it. thought i’d be seeing the structures and inner beauty of mosques in this country

  • Asher_n

    Thanks for sharing this.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have a problem with you guys covering this story, but what I expect as a Muslim from an Imam is someone who holds himself or herself to the highest standard, this man cannot be called an Imam when he is clearly proud of his sins and even boastful of them. While one cannot condemn him for his feelings, he is boldly proclaiming his sin, most certainly the Quran is clear that a man is not to lay with a man. Just like adultery and sex outside of marriage are forbidden, one must control any urges they might have to commit an act which Allah has declared unlawful. I have to say that Muslims are often hypocritical on this issue, I wish they were as quick to condemn those Muslim men (some Imams) committing domestic violence, some engaging in illegal polygamous marriages, some fornicating to their hearts content and then rejoining the fold with open arms when they’re through. I find it amusing that many immigrants will try to tell you that there are “no gays in my country”, clearly living in denial.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have a problem with you guys covering this story, but what I expect as a Muslim from an Imam is someone who holds himself or herself to the highest standard, this man cannot be called an Imam when he is clearly proud of his sins and even boastful of them. While one cannot condemn him for his feelings, he is boldly proclaiming his sin, most certainly the Quran is clear that a man is not to lay with a man. Just like adultery and sex outside of marriage are forbidden, one must control any urges they might have to commit an act which Allah has declared unlawful. I have to say that Muslims are often hypocritical on this issue, I wish they were as quick to condemn those Muslim men (some Imams) committing domestic violence, some engaging in illegal polygamous marriages, some fornicating to their hearts content and then rejoining the fold with open arms when they’re through. I find it amusing that many immigrants will try to tell you that there are “no gays in my country”, clearly living in denial.

  • Fadimatou

    THIS IS NOT ISLAMIC. Ya Allah please protect us from such, have mercy on us and guide us towards you

  • Hushdawg

    I recently got this book by Linda “iLham” Barto entitled “Memoirs of a HIllbilly Muslim” I bought it on her website and I’d been waiting for it ever since I got her book “Ramadan Rhapsody” two years ago as an Eid gift.  Here is what she says about Homosexuality and Islam.  I typed out the section but I don’t have included all her end notes and the scripture and prayer that she has attached:


    “If any two men among you are guilty of such [lewdness], 
    Punish them both.  
    If they repent and amend, leave them alone.  
    Allah is the Most Forgiving and Most Compassionate.”
    (Inspired by Surah 4: 16)

    A Muslim brother from the Bronx told me the following story, which he says to have witnessed:  After the Friday worship service, a man tearfully addressed the ummah and asked for help.  He admitted to being, not only a homosexual, but also a child molester, having performed sexual acts with many boys.  Shocked and outraged, several men attacked the man and beat him to death in the mosque.  Having no sympathy for the pervert, the police falsified the report and concealed the murder, so that no one was charged.  Clearly, the attackers broke the command, “If they repent and amend, leave them alone,” and they did not represent God’s mercy and help in a time of repentance and plea for help.Scholars vary about the type of punishment required, but I agree with the scholars who say that verse 16 is a continuation of verse 15, so the punishment should be the same, which is indefinite house arrest.  I do not think that house arrest is reserved for immoral sinners simply experimenting with sexual deviances.  Such intentional sin cannot be tolerated as the whole of society has a right to be protected from the moral decadence and dreaded diseases spread by sexual depravity.  In the story of Lot (peace upon him) and the infamous cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, men blatantly demanded a homosexual orgy.  They had no remorse and no desire to control their lust and lustful behavior.  Ultimately, God completely annihilated the cities as Lot’s family escaped.  Lot’s wife turned to gaze upon her city, and she became, as described by the Judaic Bible, as “a pillar of salt.”  Her story is a sign that, once God begins leading us on a new venture, we must continue forward and not focus on the past.  A person must leave decadence behind and place hope in a healthier future.  Although acts of homosexuality are sinful and unhealthy, a person’s being a homosexual or lesbian is, in itself, is either a psychological disorder or a neurological defect.  Being a homosexual or lesbian is a difficult problem which must be met within a therapeutic setting.  A person with a sexually deviant nature must refrain from committing acts of immorality, but it is the responsibility of the faith community to help the person get appropriate clinical services.       Homosexual or lesbian tendencies can result when a person has been subjected to sexual abuse as a child.  A type of sexual concerns distress disorder, the condition may require years of counseling, and drugs can sometimes be used to lower sex drive.  Clinical hypnotherapy may produce significant positive results.  A Muslim psychiatrist uses the term “gender identity disorder” and recommends “psycho-therapy with the goal of helping them to be comfortable with the gender that is consistent with their chromosomes and anatomy.”Possibly the more common reason for homosexuality is the improper balance of hormones in the womb.  Every human embryo begins with a feminine brain.  The introduction of male hormones changes the brain to a male pattern.  When a boy embryo is exposed to enough male hormones to produce male sex organs, but not enough to fully develop the male brain pattern, his brain may remain feminine.  This can result in simply an effeminate heterosexual male or a homosexual.  If a girl embryo is exposed to too much male hormone influence, her brain may become male oriented while she physically remains female.  She may become a masculine heterosexual woman or a lesbian.  Other possible deviations include transvestitism, trans-sexuality, bisexuality, and non-sexuality, and these are associated with confusion and diffidence about the person’s true sexual identity.Islam should provide reform institutes offering behavioral modification therapy, drug therapy, and other types of intervention appropriate for addressing sexual deviances.  Electronic bracelets would allow patients or inmates to be monitored while attending work or school. Unfortunately, the advocates of “political correctness” try to prevent psychologists, psychiatrists, and scientists from pursuing avenues for treating sexually perverse problems.  When the problems are psychological, contra-homosexual therapy can help those whose sexual deviances have developed from psychosocial influences.  The gay rights activists, however, want to prevent psychologists and psychiatrists from helping patients succeed in behavioral modification.  The activists want the counselors to help the deviants “accept” their homosexuality and lesbianism as an “alternative lifestyle” and gain a sense of “gay pride.”Homosexuals and lesbians born with the wrong brain patterns benefit little from contra-homosexual therapy, but many have found freedom from “being trapped in the wrong body” by enduring sex-altering operations and subsequent hormone therapy.  Scientists are also discovering ways to detect and adjust hormone abnormalities in the womb so that prenatal homosexuality and lesbianism can be diverted.  This type of research and development, however, is met with controversy and aggressive aversion from those who do not want homosexuality labeled as a perversion, disease, or birth defect.Cruelty and hatred channeled into crimes against homosexuals and lesbians should not be tolerated.  Gay bashers also include those who would suppress or even outlaw psychological and medical help to those afflicted with sexual deviances.  Political correctness purports those deviances as natural, satisfying, and acceptable lifestyles.  Hollywood, it seems, would have us believe that half the people in the world are homosexuals and lesbians; but then, sexual deviants are classified as a protected minority. Homosexuals and lesbians should not have to suffer unfair discrimination, but also employers should not have to fear lawsuits as a result of curbing inappropriate or offensive on-the-job speech or activity (whether by homosexuals or heterosexuals).  The perverted mentality supporting “gay rights” is inculcated in public schools beginning as early as kindergarten with books such as Daddy’s Roommate and I Have Two Mommies, and some high schools sponsor gay clubs.  Parents should be able to suppress this type of education without being accused of prejudice and “gay bashing.”  Courageous Muslim doctors, counselors, scientists, and researchers are needed to work in opposition of “political correctness” and treat homosexuality as a dangerous defect rather than an “alternative lifestyle.”  Real gay rights should include the right to modern medical and scientific advances to prevent and cure homosexuality and end the subsequent plagues they bring upon society.  God (blessed and exalted is He) offers the answers; it is up to us to seek them.

    ************************************************************What Sister Linda says here rings true with my interactions of Muslims who say that they are gay.  They have said “This is my jihad and I have to overcome it with Allah’s guidance.  One I know very well is happily married with several children and he says that sometimes he is struck by the shaytaan tempting him toward homosexuality but his love for Allah and the love of the wife and children that he has keeps him on the straight way.

  • Abdoumora

    This phenomenon proves ones again the end of the life on this blasted earth. Such a person is the worst curse for this generation. Ya kâfir, the Hellfire will not miss U, I can assure U!

  • Brother

    hopefully Irene brings this trip to an early end

  • Khwaja Fasih

    “O my people!  Here are my daughters (i.e. the daughters of my nation); they are purer for you (if you marry them lawfully).  So fear God and degrade me not as regards my guests!  Is there not among you a single right-minded man?” (Quran 11:78)
    I respect all types of people and their beliefs but please,we mustn’t think that we should compromise the standard of Islam in order for others to except Islam or us. Let the people do and believe out of their free will, and let us set the limits and safe guard our “Deen” due to it be “our free will” and duty.

  • Daayiee

    Bassam and Aman, and Responders to the 30Mosque blog, as-salaamu


    The last several days of commentaries on your blog has been
    a very interesting display of where the American Muslim community responds to ideologies
    that are outside of their personal perspectives of what is “Islam”—is it based
    upon a living Quranic understanding for today, or is it locked within the
    habits of long dead believers of centuries past?  I was very glad to see the responders did not
    include only individuals who promoted a very narrow understanding of samesex
    orientation, but included a wide array of Muslim opinions that were not couched
    in diatribes of Islamic pabulum passed off as “crypt” note scholarship.  I find this is a clear sign that Muslims,
    whether moderate or progressive, find nothing of value within a taqleedii-orientation,
    thereby they seek an Islamic theology that encompasses the boundlessness of Allah’s
    possibilities for today and into the future.


    Quite often when I read the responses, I looked for their “reasoning”
    and I found lots of conjecture based upon no or little scholarship, which meant
    they were unable to articulate their reasoning for agreeing with whichever
    scholar they relied upon to provide their conclusion—there was no comparison of
    various views and at least acknowledging there are at least several different
    schools of thought.  There was lots of
    name-calling, lambasting, shaming and character assassination, but nothing
    else.  None spoke of utilizing Quranic
    sciences or ahadith sciences in their commentaries, nor did they speak to the Prophet
    Mohammad’s authentic Sunnah or Islamic legal history that states Prophet
    Mohammad never ruled on cases of sexual orientation.  What was also obvious was the lack of balance
    of evidence that reached a decision based upon probability—acknowledging the
    fact that different scholars will reach different conclusions and that there
    will be a diversity of views and perspectives among the jurists in their
    application of reason.  What is more
    important, these commentaries outright denied Allah’s potentialities because
    they were abundantly lacking the beauty of Islam—they offered oppression rather
    than justice; cold-bloodedness rather than compassion, and proffered cruelty
    rather than mercy—it caused me pause and ponder, “Is this really what Islam
    means to them?  My soul responded that
    this is a question for them to ponder in their days ahead, insha’Allah.


    In concluding my responses to this blog, for those who
    approached this subject with an openness to willingly disagree with my and
    other gay Muslim scholars’ conclusions, they were also willing to uphold the standard
    that no Muslim can truly know what is in another Muslim’s mind, heart and soul.
     I thank you and welcome further dialogue
    and conversation.  I never expected to
    have “total and complete” agreement with my opinion—particularly when 7 million
    American Muslims out of a worldwide group of 1.5 billion Muslims could proffer
    their view—but I did expect a minimum of civility and adab in discussion—any Muslim


    May Allah continue to guide and bless us all, Aameen.   

    • Brother

      Okay MR. “Gay Muslims Scholar”, answer this question, how do you justify sex outside of marriage? 

    • Adnan A.

      SalamAlaikum Brother, for you are indeed my brother in Islam and humanity.
      You are indeed a Muslim. Weather you are sinning or not is up in the air. Most Muslims would shun this topic altogether – the Ahmadinejad phenomena, “there are no Muslim homosexuals”, I would like to approach it from an open mind. My understanding of Islam lead me to believe that your life style is considered a major sin, and that it is better if you changed, and that if you continue despite all efforts, then the state is to proscribe punishment for you.Having said this, may I also add that, I have also know, and even from my own companions, who could probably drink anyone under the table, and also from amongst them, I know of some that are so good with women, that there is not one that could stand not going home with them. But all of these at the end of the day agree that what they are doing is a sin, and they just can’t bring themselves to change, either because their Imaan is not that strong enough, or they are so much under the influence of their environment that it is almost impossible to stop.However, NONE of these would ever propose to prove that this behavior is acceptable or somehow we should “revise” Islamic shariah to accommodate them. And of course we know of many of our so called “respectable” Ulema and Imaams that drink and commit zina behind the scenes, but none comes out to prove it is justified or somehow acceptable in the shariah of Islam.Therefore my brother, DO NOT attempt to REVISE Islam. Muslims, however, need to change themselves to be acceptable of all types, colors, cultures, behaviors etc that is prevalent in the Ummah.

      I started by saying I will keep an open mind, therefore my brother, please bring forth your proof that makes you think that your lifestyle is accepted in Islam.


      Adnan Ahmad.

    • Adnan A.

      SalamAlaikum Brother, for you are indeed my brother in Islam and humanity.
      You are indeed a Muslim. Weather you are sinning or not is up in the air. Most Muslims would shun this topic altogether – the Ahmadinejad phenomena, “there are no Muslim homosexuals”, I would like to approach it from an open mind. My understanding of Islam lead me to believe that your life style is considered a major sin, and that it is better if you changed, and that if you continue despite all efforts, then the state is to proscribe punishment for you.Having said this, may I also add that, I have also know, and even from my own companions, who could probably drink anyone under the table, and also from amongst them, I know of some that are so good with women, that there is not one that could stand not going home with them. But all of these at the end of the day agree that what they are doing is a sin, and they just can’t bring themselves to change, either because their Imaan is not that strong enough, or they are so much under the influence of their environment that it is almost impossible to stop.However, NONE of these would ever propose to prove that this behavior is acceptable or somehow we should “revise” Islamic shariah to accommodate them. And of course we know of many of our so called “respectable” Ulema and Imaams that drink and commit zina behind the scenes, but none comes out to prove it is justified or somehow acceptable in the shariah of Islam.Therefore my brother, DO NOT attempt to REVISE Islam. Muslims, however, need to change themselves to be acceptable of all types, colors, cultures, behaviors etc that is prevalent in the Ummah.

      I started by saying I will keep an open mind, therefore my brother, please bring forth your proof that makes you think that your lifestyle is accepted in Islam.


      Adnan Ahmad.

    • Adnan A.

      SalamAlaikum Brother, for you are indeed my brother in Islam and humanity.
      You are indeed a Muslim. Weather you are sinning or not is up in the air. Most Muslims would shun this topic altogether – the Ahmadinejad phenomena, “there are no Muslim homosexuals”, I would like to approach it from an open mind. My understanding of Islam lead me to believe that your life style is considered a major sin, and that it is better if you changed, and that if you continue despite all efforts, then the state is to proscribe punishment for you.Having said this, may I also add that, I have also know, and even from my own companions, who could probably drink anyone under the table, and also from amongst them, I know of some that are so good with women, that there is not one that could stand not going home with them. But all of these at the end of the day agree that what they are doing is a sin, and they just can’t bring themselves to change, either because their Imaan is not that strong enough, or they are so much under the influence of their environment that it is almost impossible to stop.However, NONE of these would ever propose to prove that this behavior is acceptable or somehow we should “revise” Islamic shariah to accommodate them. And of course we know of many of our so called “respectable” Ulema and Imaams that drink and commit zina behind the scenes, but none comes out to prove it is justified or somehow acceptable in the shariah of Islam.Therefore my brother, DO NOT attempt to REVISE Islam. Muslims, however, need to change themselves to be acceptable of all types, colors, cultures, behaviors etc that is prevalent in the Ummah.

      I started by saying I will keep an open mind, therefore my brother, please bring forth your proof that makes you think that your lifestyle is accepted in Islam.


      Adnan Ahmad.

    • Adnan A.

      SalamAlaikum Brother, for you are indeed my brother in Islam and humanity.
      You are indeed a Muslim. Weather you are sinning or not is up in the air. Most Muslims would shun this topic altogether – the Ahmadinejad phenomena, “there are no Muslim homosexuals”, I would like to approach it from an open mind. My understanding of Islam lead me to believe that your life style is considered a major sin, and that it is better if you changed, and that if you continue despite all efforts, then the state is to proscribe punishment for you.Having said this, may I also add that, I have also know, and even from my own companions, who could probably drink anyone under the table, and also from amongst them, I know of some that are so good with women, that there is not one that could stand not going home with them. But all of these at the end of the day agree that what they are doing is a sin, and they just can’t bring themselves to change, either because their Imaan is not that strong enough, or they are so much under the influence of their environment that it is almost impossible to stop.However, NONE of these would ever propose to prove that this behavior is acceptable or somehow we should “revise” Islamic shariah to accommodate them. And of course we know of many of our so called “respectable” Ulema and Imaams that drink and commit zina behind the scenes, but none comes out to prove it is justified or somehow acceptable in the shariah of Islam.Therefore my brother, DO NOT attempt to REVISE Islam. Muslims, however, need to change themselves to be acceptable of all types, colors, cultures, behaviors etc that is prevalent in the Ummah.

      I started by saying I will keep an open mind, therefore my brother, please bring forth your proof that makes you think that your lifestyle is accepted in Islam.


      Adnan Ahmad.

    • Rayan

      Zina zina zina zina.  Show that Zina is acceptable rather than ranting.

  • Tansen99

    Alhamdulillah, I thank you for covering this story and hope and pray readers approach this with an open mind. Muslims are just as diverse as any group in the United States and it’s important we understand that. We as Muslims shouldn’t be passing judgments on one another, leave that to Allah SWT for he is the ultimate judge. While god explicitly says in the Qur’an, the Old and New Testament that we should avoid homosexual relations that does not give us the right to consider this Imam a kafir or not worthy of being an Imam. All Muslims sin. The prayer of a person attracted to the same sex is a valid prayer (according to the Maliki school of thought.)  Why don’t we treat adulterers, fornicators, and thieves the same way? Those are sins just as punishable. Muslims have a stigma that is often culturally influenced and it’s important we break out from that and don’t dehumanize other people by imposing our ideas of what an ‘ideal’ Muslim should be.

    • Mujahid215

      And what is the Maliki ruling on someone who is openly propagating their sin?……

    • Danya

      This is a great comment.

  • Abdullahi_Said469

    Yo your not a imaam stop doing whtchu do B

  • Sharif Elshinnawi

    Is it more acceptable to be a murderer? Do we know what God’s judgements are on people? No. Im not a homosexual, but I am a Muslim and I do believe that we as brothers and sisters should never have a moment in our lives, especially during ramadan, where we even contemplate other’s sins and final resting places.

    There is a story my mother used to tell me and it goes something like this.

    A murderer walks through the desert in search of the Prophet Mohammad in order to find his faith, and be forgiven for his evil deeds. He finds another man traveling and tells him his story. “I have killed 99 men in my life. I want to be forgiven, I want a new life, I want Islam. Where can I find Mohammad? 

    The other man shocked by what he just heard immediately laughed at this request stating Mohammad would never entertain the idea of teaching you Islam. You are a murderer and will go to hell for what you’ve done. The murderer infuriated by what he was told did the only thing he knew how, and killed the man for laughing at his search for salvation. This was his 100th kill.

    He later saw another man on his journey and asked him the same question. Where can I find the man they call Mohammad. I have murdered 100 people and I seek forgiveness, I seek a new way. The man kindly and without judgement directed him to the path where he would find Mohammad. 

    The murderer ad travelled a long distance in the desert and it proved to be too big a task for his body to handle. He died in the middle of the path. Two angels came down to take his soul. One said this man will definitely go to hell for his mistakes in life. The other angel argued absolutely not! He was on his way to find the right path, Islam. As they argued over his fate. The Arch Angel Gabriel came down to deliver a message from God himself. 

    “Measure the distance between his body and Mohammad. If he is closer to Mohammad he shall find mercy from God. If he discloser to the last an he killed, he will be punished for his sins of murder. The angels then measured this distance and it turned out to that his body was closer to the last man he murdered. Seconds later a huge gust of wind (sent by God) flipped his body over and made him closer to our Prophet Mohammad ASWS…

    My point in sharing this with all of you is not to make you all believe that homosexuality is ok in Islam. Or to advocate for homosexual Imams. My point is that instead of judging this man for who he loves, pay attention to who and what he loves most. ISLAM & ALLAH. None of us know where we will go, none of us know how many sins we have accrued, so the last thing we should be doing is assuming we know how others will be judged. Islam is peace. Allah is Mercy. 

    Happy EID to all of you, love.


    • Mujahid215

      With all due respect, I would hope and pray your mother also told you the story of Satan; someone who was PROUD of his deviance and unremorseful…..

    • Youidiot

       Sticking your penis in another man is a lot nicer than sticking a knife in him.

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  • sister

    The fact that 30 mosques chose to write about this confuses me. It is very evident in the Qur’an that homosexuality is 100% haraam, and is by NO means acceptable in anyway. 

    And in order to be an imam, one must be practicing Islam as a correct example to his community, which this man fails to do because of his gay relationships. 
    Homosexuality is a very big sin in Islam, and it saddens me that 30 mosques chose to publicize this matter in a way that makes homosexuality seem not only acceptable as a muslim, but as an IMAM! 

    I understand that some Muslims may struggle because they have homosexual thoughts, but those who strive to what Allah (swt) loves will receive his guidance to what is halal. This man is committing a horrible sin that should be kept private instead of public. Instead of supporting this article, 30 mosques should help him by deleting this article and help make clear to him that yes, Allah (swt) forgives his worshippers, but only if they ask for his forgiveness and attempt to be close to him.

    Bottom line is, you cannot be act upon homosexual thoughts in Islam, and you absolutely cannot be an Imam as you commit not only zina, but zina as a homosexual. May Allah(swt) help this man find the right path and make the lawful clear to him and help him stop this sin. It’s articles like these that create huge misunderstandings that get out of hand before we can clear them up. 

    • Lolololol

       K but ur wrong lol

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  • Gohir

    I’m not really bothered about his sexuality,Live and let live! But can someone tell me where he got his Chappal (sandals) from? They are pretty sweet.

  • Brother

    There is no such thing as “Gay Pride” in Islam

  • Brother

    There is no such thing as “Gay Pride” in Islam

  • Bahri Rashid

    there is no way gay in islam ever never,are you crazy no way even i can see beer in your hand. you don’t even know what islam go learn from the gegning. this is a very big sin in the way who make you converted to islam who made you convert .he dosen’t even know himself.on way gay in islam never ever will happen.

  • MuslimBrother


  • billa

    Seriously?  Why is it that when I click on Sterling VA, i get this link.  Sterling is home to ADAMS center, where the president of ISNA teaches.  Dar ul Hijrah in Arlington could have been covered as well; this is where Anwar al waki was imam.  There are far more intriguing mosques in dc area.  In the above picture, gay guy is drinking beer.  He is not a legit imam, as you he does not promote halal ideals. Very sad that this article was published.  Please remove and replace with something that is positive. 

    • Mustafa

      ginger “beer” is a carbonated soda and non alcoholic.

    • Seriouslyyoureamoron

       Are you stupid or just an idiot?

  • seef

    343 comments? Wow, really touched a nerve here, guys. Probably ‘cuz the whole concept is so fucked up. Just to be clear, when I say fucked up, I’m sourcing it from the traditional sense, between a man and a woman, of course. Here’s hoping you don’t censor my comment because you find it offensive. 
    Allah has made the straight path of the upright VERY clear.

  • Zarha_786_hussain

    u complete idiot!!!!!!!!!!! how on earth can u be a muslim and be gay? u idiot have u read the quran properly!!!??!!! islam does NOT accept gays u moron!!!!! this thing that u got going on totally contradicts islam!!!! u idiot and u know it does!!!!! astagfirullah

  • ‘Umar

    “Do I necessarily have to agree with their beliefs and values? No, but I should respect it.”  -Incorrect.  We don’t respect things that Allah [swt] hates… things for which He [swt] has destroyed entire nations for….  I doubt the Prophet [s] would talk to a “Gay” Imam, and say, “Well, I don’t agree, but I respect it.”  That is absurd.  And this article is absurd.  And this “Imam” is a fool, and among the ignorant.  May Allah [swt] guide him from his filthy behavior, and save him from zandaqa…

    • Gay4lief

       Allah is gay and homosexual sex rules.

  • One Ummah

    I have never been a part of blog of any type before,  but for some reason, I feel that I need to discuss this issue.  There are stories in the Quran, that have been revealed to lead as examples.  There is more than one occasion the story of Prophet Lut and the town of sodom and it’s people are mentioned in the quran.  It repeatedly states that Allah swt sent down a severe punishment because the people in the town of sodom were committing acts of homosexuality, because of that he overturned the town to set down an example that this act is not correct.  I agree that people are sometimes born with different sexual preferences, however, it still is a great sin to commit this act.  It is up to the individual person, to correct this within themselves.  It is not correct to say that Islam accepts homosexuality either.  
    I have been doing my own research on this topic, however if anyone knows of any books that elaborate on this issue, I would be grateful.
    Please, can I ask that we try to unite as one ummah and follow the Quran and Sunnah as that is the best way.

  • Anonymous

    This article gives me hope for the world and the muslim community. The comments I have seen in reply to this wonderful article & person rip that hope away and make me weep for your religion.
    Most of the comments here illustrate every that is wrong with islam, you people should feel ashamed for your condemnation yet you wear your bigotry and evil hearts with pride.

    I am truly saddened by this.

    • Blqh

      Thanks but no thanks we are quite happy with our religion, without you and your gay movement trying to infiltrate it.  The fact of the matter is all the Abrahamic religions condemn homosexuality, through your mass media manipulation you’ve been able to stir up strife in the other religions, but I think you will find this wont fly in the Muslim community, even the American Muslim community doesnt stand for it let alone the rest of the world.  What makes Muslims different?  Its simple Islam is the only religion where the holy book is respected and not altered by man in anyway and is memorized to help guard against alteration.  Since the Quran is against homosexuality, no real Muslim will ever accept homosexuality as compatible with Islam.  You wear your perverse sickness with pride perhaps you should try to live a life that has a deeper meaning then satisfying your animalistic lusts and criticizing others who refuse to accept it.

    • Danya

      There is nothing wrong with Islam, but there is something wrong with some Muslims.
      Acceptance, tolerance, open-mindedness and modernity to name a few. I’m Muslim and I’m pro gay rights. I hope the future generations will shed from their old traditions and realize that God does not hate.

  • whithergold

    eerrrrrrrrrr?? :S really? :/

  • David

    I read about how a  Muslim boy was being used by his uncle at the very same time that a spot on the radio came on about gay marriage and his uncle stopped what he was doing and became very angry.
    These people are something else.

    • cookie


  • Mujahid215

    Wow…..there was more written about this openly gay Muslim man than ANY of the beautiful masajid that were visited. And why the picture of the Elmo doll?…..

    I’m sure everyone by now knows that we have gay, lesbian, transexual and transgendered Muslim, Jews and Christians. But to be open with such a lifestyle is completely and unanimously haram and sinful. He’s not even an Imam in a masjid so I really did not see the point of such an extensive interview. Especially since Daiyee found it humorous that he’s dating and openly engaging in zinaa (sex outside of marriage).

    Such a shameful article. I wonder what Bassam’s spiritual guide would say…..

  • Shahana Sudirman

    how is he an Imam when his core values are questionable? Mutah; temporary marriage? Marriage is between a man and woman. I have difficulty with this article.

  • S Sjah

    People need to understand that the potential for every sort of indecency is within us, and that satan will whisper to us in order to incite that potential. he will not stop, frankly that is life. God tests us with many things, be it our anger, our grief, or even our sexual inclinations. What needs to stop is when we ask ourselves “What do I want?”. We need to start asking “What does GOD want?”.

    i pray God grants us all guidance, peace.

  • Danya

    I’m happy that this man accepts himself for who he is, although he adds a little too much details about his private life, which should remain private. I really hate it how most gay Muslims aren’t honest with themselves and try to change themselves. I just really hope that someday they’ll be more accepted by their Muslim entourage.
    Equal rights for all ! Love is love.

  • francine

    This is truly beautiful, and as a convert myself I find some of my old habits hard to beat, this would result in me not praying because I felt like i was being two faced. Reading this, makes me remember that I didn’t convert because i was perfect, I did it because I knew I wasn’t perfect, and in everything I do, I need Allah.  

  • vie

    Subhanallah…Islam is not a joke and you cant simply bend the rules as how oyu want it to be…i am sorry for you and the life that you are leading…study the Holy Quran as it will lead you to the right path…dont misinterpret the meanings and adapt the content of the Quran according to your needs..Islam has nver allowed homosexuality….it is infact the thing that Islam hate the most…stop committing more sins and spreading wrong things….may Allah bless you and open your heart to accept His Hidyaah

  • Muslim Warrior


  • Templerknights

    How does this Imam makes peace with who he is(as Gay) in Islam? How has he come in terms with himself being gay and a to be a practising Muslim.  

  • Pinkrickjamespony

    I’m Muslim. I dated my husband before I married him. And by dating I mean we didn’t sit in the parlor with our parents asking each other about our engineering studies. We saw each other alone. We’re still hardcore Muslims. This Imam is even in a temporary marriage. Why judge? Sounds straight forward to me.
    Islam is a sex-positive religion. Muslims are encouraged to marry, indeed “it’s half the deen.” I’d say the Brother is on track, Mashallah. Preaching a lifetime of celibacy to young, healthy Muslims seems to be copying from non-Islamic tradition and practices.
    Inshallah I will meet this Imam someday. I look forward to it. May Allah make it easy for him and his zowj.

  • Khiel_2

    all i can say this! story is not end of life>>. just make you happy and sadness… if you stand your life today or now make sure round of people are good of you friend! and God is always in you’. not only me…………love and take care>>>>

  • Abujahlil19

    Allah says: “We also (sent) Lût: he said to his people: “Do ye commit lewdness such as no people in creation (ever) committed before you? For ye practice your lusts on men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds” [Sûrah al-A`râf: 80-81]

    “Whomever you find doing the act of Lût’s nation, then kill both parties.” [Sunan al-Tirmidhî]

    According to Medical and psychology, 
    Homosexual is a Sexual Orientation (preference). 
    Many researcher (but not all) suggested that sexual orientation isn’t been choose. 
    Many people (including Muslim) learn that Homosex is bad things, but sometimes they just can’t avoid the feeling.

    (As analogy, you learn that feces is dirty, 
    you learn Homosexual is dirty too. 
    But why we can avoided feces, but the Homosexual people seems to be immersed in their own feces?)

    As in Medical and psychological terminologies, 
    homosexual isn’t a sin. It kind of “lust” preference. 
    You should differentiate Homosexual and Anal Sex (Sodomy)

    I opposed Sodomy strongly, 
    but I didn’t opposed Homosexual, because it is a lust of human, 
    set by Human brain of Amygdala (limbic system) which are below the conscious mind. 

    Any kind of Sexual Intercourse (outside marriage) is a unlawful action, don’t care if “female-male” or “male-male” sexual intercourse. 

    Man-man Sexual ACTION should be punished. 
    But you can’t punish homosexual people just because he love another man(note: LOVE is FEELING).

    However, “lust” should be controlled before it TURNS TO ACTION. 
    It is a great test from God for LGBT people. 

    I didn’t heard any “feeling” or “preference” that should be punished. btw, the Sexual ACT should be punished…

  • Abujahlill19

    Aslamu Alikum Warahamathullahi Wabarakathu, Hope you are well Insha-Allah (:

    Homosexuality is forbidden in Islam. The people of Lot عليه السلام were the first on this earth to commit Sodomy and Subhana Allah, Allah sent angels in the form of human to destroy them for their wicked act. 

    Allah places no burden on his slaves and If people were born gay, then Allah would tell us in the Quran since He is our creator. If this was the case, then homosexuality wouldn’t be forbidden as Allah says in the Qur’an: ” On no soul does Allah place a burden greater than it can bear.” [Surah Baqrah (2:286). 

    Allah clearly states in the Quran that He created man and woman!

    O mankind! We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes that you may know one another. Verily, the most honorable of you with Allah is that (believer) who has At-Taqwa. Verily, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware (49:13).

    A man and a woman show completion, but a man and man can never complete each other or vice versa.
    Studies done on “LGBT” prove that it is the environment and people you deal with make some people think “They are gay” or “Lesbian” and the medical consequences of gays having different sexual partners are likely to develop HIV/AIDS, Syphilis and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)…Isthagfir Allah.

    Subhana Allah, we have the perfect guidance, yet some people wish to remain in darkness and follow Satan ~

    May Allah guide those who seek his guidance Amen ~

    Ok Someone once asked me during one of my presentations, “how would you deal if you find one of your friends was Lesbo (God Forbids)”

    - I told her, As Muslims, we are commanded to enjoin good on people and forbid bad. I would not abandon my friend on the spot, rather I would keep on advising her because she is my sister and she is my mirror. So we should advise these people and try to show them the right path. Not look down on them and harm. Respect them as a human BUT never accept their gayness or Lesbianism..because it would be going against the divine law.

  • Abujahlill19

    gAl]Bayhaqi reported in his book Shu`ab al]Iman on the authority of Abu ad]Dunya that Abd al]`Aziz ibn Abi Hazim
    related from Dawud ibn Bakr who related from Muhammad ibn al]Mukadir the following:
    gKhalid Ibn al]Walid wrote to Abu Bakr [seeking the legal ruling] concerning a man with whom another man had
    sexual intercourse. Thereupon, Abu Bakr gathered the Companions of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him,
    and sought their opinion. `Ali, may Allah be pleased with him, was the strictest of all, saying, ‘Only one nation
    disobeyed Allah by committing such sin and you know how Allah dealt with them. I see that we should burn the man
    with fire.f The Companions unanimously agreed on this.h This incident is also mentioned by al]Waqidi under the
    subject of apostasy at the end of the section on the apostasy of Bani Salim.]h

  • YAZZ


  • Sinatra Perryman

     Recently I was in a position where I was tested of my faith. I still struggle with just the belief of what is and what isn’t. Being a Homosexual, Black, Muslim and living in the south is one hard pickle to cure.
    Living in this world everyone has there own system of rules and regulations, but how can that be and ALLAH, (PBUH) is the King. Thinking about the strange looks I get when people ask me my religion or why have I not been to church lately, gives you a greater love for the ultimate GOD the one GOD and no matter what man has to say about me and the life I live. I will continue to serve ALLAH!

    There is no perfect man in this world today and will never be until you see the HALO above his head.Let judgement be for who we all seek.

    Sinatra Perryman.

  • zhaf

    the author said that “while I may not agree with his views, I respect them”
    It is not respect that they need, they really need guidance and true teaching.


    • Daayiee Abdullah

       Zhaf, salaam.  All individuals who wish to have others respect them, even if it is to be respected as a human being by another human being, then there has to be at least a mutual offering of same.  However, whether or not someone needs guidance is usually a very subjective point of view…I’m sure you need guidance in many subjects far beyond the one being discussed in this note.  As to true teaching(s), with at last five schools of Islamic theological teachings, which one do you support and which ones do you deny?  Finally, since it appears you just might not live in the West, you don’t understand the freedoms of such sovereignty–e.g., separation of religions and state, thus the greatest danger in truth is based upon how you see the world and the steps you would deem appropriate to “correct” a liberal movement…we’re talking Hitler and many Muslim despots over the past 100 years also held similar point(s) of view, e.g., leaders of Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, in recent times and the list goes on and on.

  • vika

    interesting topic :)
    I think personally, homosexual is wrong, sinful.
    but I do not hate gay people, I respect them.
    for me, homosexual is like another sins …. it is not something to be proud of.
    I think, gay Muslims like Imam, they know the sins they have committed. tell the world that he’s gay (told his story) that does not mean he’s proud to be gay, but told that people like him are exist.

    like i said, i don’t hate homosexuals… I hope Allah will lead these people to the right path :)

    i’m muslim from Indonesia, hope you understand my english :D

    • Daayiee Abdullah

      Vika, thanks for your comments.  Glad you make your statement as a “I” statement and you have that right.  However, I don’t think that you really respect gay people because you are judging them based upon what you have accepted as truth because you were taught it is “sinful” and have not done the needed research and study in Quran to prove such to be true…yes, it’s the Lut story and even numerous scholars of Islamic theological thought disagree with the mythology that has developed over the centuries about the Lut story. I am not a sinner as I have my relationship with Allah and it’s one that you cannot change nor influence because your “feather’s weight” does not sway Allah’s mercy, justice and love for his Creation…and that’s where the blessings come in, not from adhering to your comfort zone…yes, you need someone to make you comfortable so that you don’t have to think about them as being different.  However, you fail to remember that difference is a blessing for our communities of believers…not some uniformity as widgets or cogs in a wheel.  We are better in tawhid through unity…as different parts making up the whole is the benefit of our world and the next, not a narrowly proscribed view that Allah is best described in a two-dimensional form and that human beings are greater than their Creator.  Study and learn, brother and the world will take on a much broader view that is inclusive rather than exclusive as you see it now.  I await your response.

  • Roserandall10

     He is terrorizing the religion.

    • Daayiee Abdullah

       Roserandall10, salaam and ramadan kareem.  Interesting use of the word “terrorizing” as I see the real terrorism coming from the other side of the table in your dogmatic and highly orthodox point of view…with the ultimate goal to charge someone…other than yourself…with causing fitna and murder.  Interesting how the modern Quraish desires to attack those who choose to differ with the opinions of the “ruling” class that used subterfuge and hate-filled language to incite others to do their dirty work. May your Ramadan change to one of seeking peace and harmony rather than inciting hatred and murder. Flipping the script, dear Roserndall10, if I had drones…where would you be??? See how easy it is to continue the hatred which is more in your mind than in reality.

  • 123

    I am of Christian belief and I know alot of Muslims. Even I don’t believe in homosexuality. I mean if thats the case, where will all my Prince Charming’s end up? Mr. Daiyee is a Fruit cake and needs to model for Fruit of the Loom underwears. Go stuff your rectum with a stick. 

    • Daayiee Abdullah

       Salaam 123, and Ramadan Kareem.  Interesting commentary with a very highly charged emotion diatribe that shows that your fasting does not provide you with an adequate amount of nutrition to keep your delusions from exhibiting in your speech…or is it that you are not taking your medications as you should in an attempt to fast without regard to your medical needs.  Nonetheless, after a good meal and taking your medications, I’m sure you’ll come back to your senses and realize that you have a fixation on men’s underwear and forced anal probing…quite not unlike the heterosexual men of Sodom who raped for power and control–whether you’re a male or female…I learned some time ago there are women who will anal probe their boyfriends, husbands in order to maintain their relationships and dominance in their relationships/marriages… Interesting findings…and hope you enjoy yourself during Ramadan and the rest of the year.

  • BarackObama

    Homosexuality will be illegal in the U.S.A! And I approve this message. 

  • Rahman Amir

    im from DC and im a Muslim as well. its sad that someone simply being themselves can be seen as courageous. Love is love man. i LOVE women and i’ll never understand why a man could love another man, but i guess its not in my place to understand that kind of bond. respect. i would love to meet this Imam

  • ishh

    This is totally disgusting. He is not an Imam, and I’m really angry about what this man is potraying to the public on my religion. This man should go back and study well. He needs to know the history of prophet Luut (AS). He needs to know more about the Qur’an and stop this rubbish. He didnt study well after he converted I’m sure. May Alllah make him understand what he is “misguding” people. May ALLAh guide us to the right path isA.

    • tangdayi

      Ishh, your personal emotional diatribe(s) does allow you to blow off steam; however, in the big picture of faith as a Muslim, you need to learn it is not a “my religion” issue–it is “our religion.” Bottom line, it is Allah’s religion and Allah offers same to one and all. Where the majority of issues arise, it is when a person such as yourself pretends they know all there is to know about Allah and in their “all-knowingness” believe they sit in Allah’s seat of judgment. Allah is omnipotent–a state of being that is far too big for you to imagine you can fulfill the requirements–get a grip on reality and recognize this is Allah’s truth. As to study, you are so sure of what you don’t know, you avoid seeing the truth that you know only part of Allah’s omnipotence. As to judging who has been misguided, Quran asks each individual to look to the obvious…goodness is by the fruits of their efforts…LGBT Muslims worldwide continue to benefit from his and other Muslims good deeds. Allah has, does and will continue to guide all Muslims who have faith in Allah, not the fumings of a human being who believes he knows Allah’s judgment. Not difficult to see which one you are, don’t you agree.

  • Truthspeaker

    Gay is a sexual orientation that you might not choose to be. Being attracted to a girl if you are a girl and being attracted to a boy if you are a boy or both, might be feelings that you cannot stop, cannot control. Yes, we do need to remind ourselves that we do not choose who we fall for. However, just because we cannot control these emotions doesn’t give us an excuse to commit zina. Allah did say that man loves women but he also said to lower our gaze: what for?- to prevent from doing anything haram! The whole homosexual/ bisexual issue is the same. With the “same” I mean that although you might not choose to be what you are, if you know its wrong then seek help to stop yourself from committing the haram. Don’t come out in the open and publicize the whole issue as a normal because it isn’t ( it was adam and eve not adam and steve remember that!) and allah (SWA) might have planted these emotions and urges in you to test you (remember our whole life is a test, paradise isn’t an easy reward you need to work for it!) to see if your going to go with the flow like every other person that discover they are gay/lesbian or ask him to help you, he created you so allah (SWA) is capable of doing anything to you!

    And for this person, he is clearly confused and properly hasn’t looked into islam himself as we would have found out that it is HARAM!!!! There is not a verse that states that it is ok! So no one on this earth has any right, has the nerve, has the audacity to claim that homosexuality in ISLAM is right because it isn’t and the punishment for it is deserved but only if the person commits it with the intention that its right! If you come out and say that you are gay but not proud of it and feel that its right then you don’t deserve a death penalty but help but otherwise whatever happens on you is deserved upon you and saying this I am not judging anyone but just speaking the truth!

    • Daayiee

      Truthspeaker, al-hamdillah you have provided readers a great example of what not to do when one contemplate Islam as both one’s faith and one’s legal guidance. It is quite obvious you did not spend time reading the several hundred responses in this dialogue, thus you exhibit so many glaring errors in assessing what the Quran’s message on sexual diversity…so you judge from what you know not. I’m sure you spent time on the internet selecting cyber-pablum to substantiate your claims. Your loosely proscribed statement of someone “choosing” their sexual orientation indicates that you must have changed your sexual orientation at some point in your life, and you failed to explain how you did so in order to pronounce to the world your erudite thinking on the subject…so how did you change your fitra when Allah created you with temperaments and other attributes in the way you were born. I’ll leave you to do some homework by at least reading the materials here…I am sure I left more than enough commentaries to help educate you on what you know not. May I suggest you go play in the sandbox with the other kiddies and leave serious scholarship to the adults better trained in Islamic theological thought and shari’ah law. Toodles.

  • Sakinah Muhammad

    ASTAGFIRULLAH!!!!!! I am quite disturbed by this!!!!

  • Aodi

    I wanted to convert to Shi’a Islam some years ago. Even although I lived in a muslim majority state where homosexuality isn’t punishable. So it supossed to be easier, but then after further reading, I am sad that as a gay man this seems not work. Why because I must fight with myself and like live in 2 conditions.

  • Freedom2Be

    Thank you. A thousand times, thank you.

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