Here’s the scheduled route of all the places we’re visiting on our journey. We’d love to meet you if we swing through your neck of the woods! But make sure you email us at 30mosques@gmail.com first because this route is subject to change. If we’re not scheduled to come to your area, email us too. Let us know what cool stuff we’re missing out on.

8/1/2011 Anchorage, AK
8/2/2011 Seattle, WA
8/3/2011 Corvallis, OR
8/4/2011 San Francisco, CA
8/5/2011 Honolulu, HI
8/6/2011 Las Vegas, NV
8/7/2011 Laramie, WY
8/8/2011 Sioux Falls, SD
8/9/2011 Minneapolis, MN
8/10/2011 Omaha, NE
8/11/2011 Des Moines, IA
8/12/2011 St. Louis, MO
8/13/2011 Little Rock, AR
8/14/2011 Houston, TX
8/15/2011 New Orleans, LA
8/16/2011 New Medinah, MS
8/17/2011 Atlanta, GA
8/18/2011 Islamville, SC
8/19/2011 Murfreesboro, TN
8/20/2011 Plainfield, IN
8/21/2011 South Charleston, WV
8/22/2011 Sterling, VA
8/23/2011 Baltimore, MD
8/24/2011 Dover, DE
8/25/2011 Paterson, NJ
8/26/2011 Hartford, CT
8/27/2011 Providence, RI
8/28/2011 Concord, NH
8/29/2011 Colchester, VT
8/30/2011 New York, NY


8/12 New York, NY
8/13 Augusta, ME
8/14 Boston, MA
8/15 Philadelphia, PA
8/16 Washington DC
8/17 Charlotte, NC
8/18 Atlanta, GA
8/19 Jacksonville, FL
8/20 Birmingham, AL
8/21 New Orleans, LA
8/22 Houston, TX
8/23 Oklahoma City, OK
8/24 Wichita, KS
8/25 Denver, CO
8/26 Santa Fe, NM
8/27 Phoenix, AZ
8/28 Los Angeles, CA
8/29 Las Vegas, NV
8/30 Salt Lake City, UT
8/31 Boise, ID
9/1 Bozeman, MT
9/2 Fargo, ND
9/3 Minneapolis, MN
9/4 Milwaukee, WI
9/5 Cedar Rapids, IA
9/6 Chicago, IL
9/7 Memphis, TN
9/8 Lexington, KY
9/9 Columbus, OH
9/10 Dearborn, MI

  • Edward Carter

    Which mosque in Seattle will you be at?

    • http://www.amanali.net Aman Ali

      Do you have a recommendation Edward? We heard cool things about the Bosnian and Cambodian communities, but we’re open to suggestions.

      • Ali Khaki

        I recommend this mosque in Seattle - http://www.iman-wa.org/cms/

      • Nisa

        Masjid Jaamiul Muslimeen in Seattle, WA! Meet up with Shaykh AbdulBary Yayha. He has amazing stories about teaching Islam to Vietnamese Muslims and he is the Imam of that mosque! You will love him! He is wicked funny, mA and has a gift of story-telling! :)  

        • xey

          Yeah, Shaykh Abdelbary Yahya came to Memphis to teach an Al-Maghrib course some years ago, and he is very sweet, masha’Allah, and so hilarious!

    • http://www.amanali.net Aman Ali

      Trying to hang out in with the Cambodian Muslim community

  • Mustafa

    Where will yall be in Laramie? I live in Casper, but would love to come say hello!

    • http://www.amanali.net Aman Ali

      Actually Mustafa, we might be going to Cheyenne

  • Siddiqui

    By the way, there’s no Mosque in Wheeling, WV. Not sure where you guys will go? 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VVQZPEZZBTSLT6NU6OQNRKOLY4 AllahCreatedMe

    When you come to California, stop by Santa Clara and San Jose! We have two masajid here and they’re are awesome! But the sheikh who leads the taraweeh at MCA is shaykh Sayyid Jibreel! He has a beautiful voice and does not like for anyone to record his voice, so hear him live. So much khushoo’ and he is shaykh Muhammad Jibreel of Egypt’s brother. :)

  • Erfaan

    MashAllah! You guys have started an unforgettable journey and I am enjoying every post that made. By the way when you come to Baltimore, where are you planning to spend the day & Iftar? I would like to meet and say salam.

    • http://www.amanali.net Aman Ali

      Still trying to figure that out, but at some point in the day we are likely going to swing thru the An Nisaa women’s shelter

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  • Sxmohsin

    I was just wondering if you guys contact these mosques beforehand? I was asking because I just talked to the mosque admins here in Little Rock, and we happen to be having a big function for iftar the day you guys are coming, and its neat you are coming but a lot of the admins setting up this event didn’t know!

    • http://www.amanali.net Aman Ali

      That’s really odd, I’ve had several email exchanges with the board there. Our visit hasn’t been confirmed but I’ve spoke to several people there in Little Rock

      • Sxmohsin

        Ok, I’m assuming its just a few people that I have spoken to that don’t know. Thanks! Looking forward to having you guys here :)  

  • http://twitter.com/faisalmirza Faisal Mirza

    Where in Houston(TX) will you be for iftar?

  • Miskeena

    Come to TOLEDO, OHIO!!! We have a large, established Muslim/Arab American community!!! 

  • Nader

    Which mosque in Richmond, Va?

  • Amina

    as-salaamu ‘alaikum,

    I know you get a lot of feedback about your route and location choices, but I just wanted to offer a possibility for next year (if you decide to do this again). It seems like you’re spending so much time in transit that you barely have time to see the places you stop — it almost doesn’t seem worth it sometimes to travel so far for just a few hours somewhere, especially if the masjid is empty that night or something….

    I was thinking another take on the 30 mosques concept could be to travel around, but spend two days in each location and visit two different mosques in each place. This could be either two different mosques in one city, or in two areas near to each other in the same state. Although you could only travel to half as many states this way, it might give more opportunities for in-depth experiencing and exploring of the Muslim communities across the country. And it might give you more time to rest — I can imagine how exhausting this trip is for you!

  • Rach

    There is a new Islamic Center that opened in Joplin, Missouri.  After the tornado devastation, it might be an  interesting stop for you guys on your journey.  Safe travels!

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  • http://twitter.com/amusingmuslimah Zee

    The All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS Center) in Reston, VA is one of the most exciting masjids I’ve ever been to. It’s a true community, incredibly welcoming! I’m a revert and have attended many masjids in the N. VA/DC/MD area and this one was like a warm blanket welcoming me from the moment I stepped foot inside. Would LOVE to have you all visit us!

  • aaa

    With Salaam and Ramadhan Kareem to dear Aman and Bassam, why don’t you come to our community called Manassas Mosque on your way from Richmond to Baltimore, so that I can pay my respect to your envious and exalting journey by washing your feet, as sometimes the feet of the motawwefeen/circumambulators of Ka’ba are washed by the water of Zamzam. With certitude in Allah (swt)’s pleasure with you and your interconnecting journey, aaa. 

  • Tawfiq

     you kno this is great and all but uhh i think next year u guys should step it…documentary maybe?? thatd be hella tight

    ohh and props for stoppn by in freakmont lol, yall need to show the west coast more love

  • Toronto Brother

    Hey guys
    Mashallah, what you guys are doing is truly awesome, alhamdulillah for your energy!Next year, would you consider making some stops in Canada?

    Inshallah, kudos again, I really love what you’re doing.

    -Brother in Toronto

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  • Luthfieludino

    From Indonesia with love – you  both are so blessed!

  • waseem


  • Jess

    Kingman, AZ is the place to be!

  • A868995

    Are you going to visit the Islamic Society of Baltimore on the 23rd? It’s a great community. So is the ADAMS Center in Reston, VA.

  • Nadimlpc

    Thank you for visiting The Community Masjid of Atlanta.  The community was very excited about your visit. May Allah protect you on your journey.

    Imam Nadim Ali

  • http://profiles.google.com/eaglescout1984 Ivan Herndon

    So, if you visit “The Mosque” [Landmark] theatre while in Richmond, would you count that as the 31st mosque? But seriously, I am anticipating your tale from Richmond. I went to VCU, where the student body is very diverse, and there are quite a few Muslims who attend our school.

  • Qamber

    best wishes with ur trip 

    Qamber Abbas 
    fan from 

  • Bhashmi

    MashAllah! Hope your trip is going well! Which mosque in Paterson,NJ and in NYC will guys visit? It would be nice to meet you guys.

  • Cheryl Kohs

    I can’t believe you’re not coming to Dearborn.  Really?  

    • Cheryl Kohs

      Yes, I know the itinerary says Dearborn, but the mosque you are going to actually says “Canton” on the google map.

  • Batool

    I was wondering why I hadn’t seen anything on NY. Saved the best for last ;]

  • sarah

    i can’t believe you’re skipping Oklahoma :(

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  • Riluvan

    Michigan is not in the map :(

  • Riluvan

    Michigan is not in the map :(

  • Riluvan

    oh sorry. Dearborn is there. Alright, didn’t see it.

  • Riluvan

    oh sorry. Dearborn is there. Alright, didn’t see it.

  • Aisha

    Thankyou, both my husband and I are reverts and are finding it really difficult to find a community that accepts us as we are. Most masajid in our area seem to want people from their own culture/country. We have pretty much been forced to go it alone. It is lovely to see other reverts are having a different more positive journey elsewhere in the USA.

  • Hassanquall

    Next time come down to San Diego! We have a huge Muslim community and Abubakr and Aflax mosques are always welcoming guests :D

  • Rasyid

    Best regards from your brothers from Indonesia, May Allah always be with you bro!

  • Maulana

    come to Indonesia, here are so many mosques to visit, you’ll gonna hard to remeber it one by one :)

  • Galib Ramathan

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  • weihan

    assalamu alaykum, the mosque you say you visited in Dearborn has the address of the canton mosque but ica is in Dearborn, the canton mosque is mcws, I think muslim center of western suburbs.

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